Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Review: Diaper Winner.

If you were reading before, I started using cloth diapers. I said that I would let everyone know which one I thought was the best. And the winner is: SmartiPants!

This is a all in one, pocket diaper. What is different about this pocket diaper is that there is an opening in the front and in the back. Because there is an opening on both sides it is easy to get the soaker (the cushening that soaks up the pee) in and out of the diaper. Some of the other pocket diapers it was dificult to let the soaker lay flat and then after the baby pees the diaper is super soggy on one side. Because the way that the SmartiPants are made they are also easy to clean.
The price is affordable for these diapers. They run about 15 dollars compared to 20 dollars for most of the other diapers.

Now here comes the looser. Happy Heinys. They come in cute patterns and they are popular so I though that I would try them out. They are also a one size diaper: that's nice. Here is the down side to them. They leak because it's hard to get the soakers to lay flat in their huge pocket. the elastic doen't seem secure so if the baby's poop isn't solid you'll have a mess. They don't fit well because the velcro is too square and doen't hug the baby's curves like it should. The velro is rough and feels like it will wear out in about a year. The cost is about 20 dollars a diaper. And the last problem with this diaper is that my baby has no problem slipping out of this diaper once she pees.

Most of the time those cute prints are covered up and I think it is way worth it to have a diaper that is easier to use. If you want a cute print I would go for any other diaper than Happy Heinys.


jen madsen said...

The looser cloth diaper looks a lot like the one my sister in law has for her kids. I really think you made an excellent choice. Her cloth diapers always look big and saggy on her son especially. They stink as well.. even after she changes his diaper.. Ugh!!

Jen said...

I have a cousin that had kids like that. I am not sure if she uses soap on her kids. She also will wait until her kid is pooped until she changes them. She makes me feel like I'm a clean freak.

Sam's Minions (aka parents- Angie and Brian) said...

I'm a huge fan of SmartiPants too. They are wonderful. I have converted 3 people to them from disposables.

dannyscotland said...

Hi, I'm new here. I totally agree with your ratings. I looooove Smartipants diapers. I had only one or two Happy Heinys, and I agree they are the loser of the bunch. I thought they were really stiff, too. I only used them on my daughter a couple of times. I prefer solids, too, because in winter, they are always covered, and in summer, prints are too hard to match!

I'm looking forward to hearing more of your diapering and other stories.