Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ugh. This is why I don't like some people.

This guy bothers me. What happened before all of the emails was that he stole some little girls from the park thinking that they might of been my nieces shoes but they were two and a half sizes too small and I pointed that out. He took them from the park when there were other children there and then after he took them he wouldn't return them. I yelled at him saying that he needed to return them. I returned them and there wasn't a child left playing at the park. Here is the email that he's sent me and the ones that I have sent back:

"i am writing to tell you that i did not like the way you treated me at grandma carsons for one your not the boss of me and 2 im not a kid i am an adult and i expect to be treated that way. if you want me to do some thing you ask you dont order me around. another thing if you would have asked in a nice way i would have said ok one sec my turn is next let me take my turn and i will go. now i am not sending you this message to harp on you at all im just sending you this message to explain how i deal with things and so you know me a little bit better. if you treat me the same way as before you will get the same response or even a more harsh of a response. i do not show respect to those who dont earn it. this is how i am and will never change. i hope we can have at least an under standing now. sending you good wishes."
This is from the other person.
I'm going to point out how he says that he doesn't show respect to those who don't earn it. In November this person sat two feet away from a choking one year old that was my daughter, while I was doing dishes, I stopped and ran into the other room to her seeing that this guy was sitting two feet away I asked him if he was going to do anything and he said it wasn't his kid. I shouldn't be shocked anymore by the actions or lack of action from this person but he still shocks me.

"I did ask you and two hours later you still hadn't returned the shoes. If those were my kids shoes and they went missing and two hours later they were still gone I would of though that they were gone for good. It just shows your kind of character. In the meantime I'll stick to my business."
For real. Does he not understand this concept? He took some two year olds shoes and wouldn't return them after he said that he would.

"it was 45 min and you were pulling attitude the whole time. and the first time i did not respond to you because beeb jumped in and said lets wait and see and i didnt know bris size. look im not here for an argument or an apology im simply seeing if i can work things out between you and me so we dont have that problem again that is all if im just wasting my time then i guess it would be best for us to keep to our selves like you had said at first."
That sure sounds like he wants an apology. He's waisting his time because now I really don't trust him and he is trying to manipulate me trying to get me to think that he is a good person. If I were his boss he would be fired.

"[other persons name], I treat you like a child because you act like one."
That was me just seeing what he would do. I feel like he is less responsible than my four year old so I do treat him like a child. I am such a bitch!

"how do i act like one??? the one who acted childish wasn't me. i want the one copping the attitude the whole time and like i said if your not going to be nice then why should i do some thing or even listen to you. and all i did was tell you to chill because i didn't like the way you were treating me and you treated me like a child from the start so dont give me that i act like one especially when you haven't been around me enough to know who i am and how i act. personally i was going to wait and talk to you at grandmas but i figured i should wait until you were cooled off. and i have also told you i dont give respect to those who disrespect me."
email from the other person, and I thought that my gramer was bad. Tiss, Tiss, Tiss, listen to that tone of voice. He's still talking? I still respect myself for not being a bum. I really can't stand you. So I would of never cooled off. I would of punched you even if I have gone to anger management, it would be so worth it to go again just for that one moment.

"When ever I see you, you give me the same impression and now you are the one that is asking for an apology when you were the one that was irresponsible. I DON"T OWE YOU RESPECT! YOU HAVEN'T EARNED IT!"
That's me pissed off. All that he has done is point fingers at me when he can't correct his own problems. I could say so may foul things abou this guy.

"no i didnt say you owe me respect and i know its earned but you can still be nice. and i already said im not looking for an apology im just seeing if we can work this out thats all. now it dosnt happen verry often but there are some people that disrespect me and i dont go persuing a apology i go and try to be friends with them to see if maby i can gain another friend. im saying i would like to be friends i dont care really that you disrespected me. im past that point and now i just want to see if i can gain a friend. thats all. im doing this because im not some one who wants to make enemies especially with family. now i know im not quite family yet but i would still like to be friends. and this is why im trying to work this out with you........ any way its up to you."
What the hell? He should know by now that I am not going to be nice to him. All that he's been doing is pissing me off. Now he wants to be buddies while saying that I disrespect him. You can read all of the crap that he just said about me. I haven't responded back because he's all "it's up to you". All of this just fills me with rage and makes me want to punch the guy in the face. I even told my mother in law about this guy and I commented on how I have rage issues and he told me for something like this it's normal. My mother in law is super sweet and I wasn't expecting that from her.

"you know jen you have just showed that you are a horrible judge of people. now im not 100% sure what all you said but i have nothing against you or your family so why you would think i would try to harm any one in your family is beyond me but if you think i would try to harm any one you are paranoid. and i will tell you what if you want to actually know what goes on with me then come talk to me and get the facts instead of assuming that i am trying to do some thing when im not. and use this as proof that you dont know me so if you want to get to know me come talk to me instead of trying to observe when you have nothing to go off of for back ground info to prove your thoughts."
I think it's ironic how I don't say anything and then he judges me more. What I said is that I don't trust the guy and I think that he is irresponsible because of the experiences that I have seen. And because of these emails I have said a lot more like: I think he's a bum, he pisses me off, he bothers me and I don't like him. All that I have said are the things that I have "observed".
I find nothing wrong with being paranoid. I would rather keep my children safe then have harm come to them. Yea, I don't think I will talk to him anytime soon in the near future. I think any logical person would think the same as me. I am thinking that I will get a couple more emails from him before I email him back. I'm not going to email him back because I'll just stir up some contention.
It also irritates me that everything that he said that he wasn't going to do in the first email he does in one of the other emails. The whole time when reading his emails the thought that comes to mind is, "is this guy for real?".


jen madsen said...

Yeah! hmmm crazy! really sounds like that guy has major issue's.. I'm sorry Jen that your having to go threw with that. Life is too short, if someone wants to put you threw all that drama! We moms have to be protective of our kids.

Jen said...

So true. I think any logical mother out there would stand up to protect a child. This guy seems like he wants me to put him before my children or any other child which seems so wrong on so many levels.