Sunday, June 27, 2010

Artsie Fartsie

For all of you that don't know: I can paint and draw. I can draw really well. Right now at this moment I am in the mood to make some art work. I want it to look like one of the old golden books that I had when I was a kid. I kind of want the picture that I am making to look like my daughter. I am not even sure where any of my drawing pencils are anymore. The last time I drew something out on a whim, that I can think of is way back before Texas was born. Texas is now four years old. Everything else that I have drawn have been commissioned so it's not really art. I don't know what it is but I wouldn't call it art. Art has feeling and emotion in it. Drawing a portrait of a couple might have feeling but there isn't emotion.
Something else that is kind of sad: I went to school for art. Yes, I am good enough that a school paid for my tuition because they wanted me to go to their school to paint and draw. The only time that there is emotion in my drawings is when I am in the mood to draw. When drawings get repetitive the emotion starts to disappear.
I guess I will get my butt in gear and start drawing before I forget how to.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It kind of bothers me when there are moms that are so super duper that they make all of their own baby food, have a super clean house, they go on two play dates a day, they are super fit and run marathons, do only cloth diapering to save the environment, they use stainless reusable water bottles all of the time, they have a doctorate but they choose to stay at home, they never gossip and they are always super nice to everyone. Where do these people come from? MARS!?!?!
Wow, these ladies have no room for fault. Do they ever sleep? I will admit that I am jealous of them because I want all of that. I'm real. I have crumbs under my kitchen table. I only put my daughter in those fancy cloth diapers when she starts to get a rash from the other diapers. I buy bottled water when I get thirsty. I don't find time to go running. I don't let people walk all over me, if anyone does this I am automatically not your friend. So I have something that those other moms have right there. Woop-Woop! Well, I guess it's time for me to vacuum those crumbs that are under my table so someone else will think I am that perfect mom.

Monday, June 21, 2010

More Blah Blah Blah on Some Crazy Bass Budget

I was reading a blog and it said that you should keep spending on clothes to 500 dollars a year. Who spends that much on one person!?!?! I would honestly love to spend that amount on clothes a year per each person. It probably seems like I spend that amount but I have been keeping track. So far to date I have spent 180 on clothes for the whole family. That is only 30 dollars a month, or a dollar a day. So that is about a quarter a person a day. I buy in advance for the season after so most of the things that I have gotten are jackets and jeans for the winter, some shoes to grow into and really cute dresses that Marilyn doesn't really need, I just thought that she would look really cute in them. I really haven't gotten any summer clothes yet for the kids this year because of the whole buying in advance thing. Another reason is that I really can't handle the thought of paying twenty dollars on a pair of shorts that the kid will grow out of and only wears for three months.
I haven't walked into the Carters or OshKosh outlets over here for months (sense September) because I don't want to be tempted to buy random items of clothing. They are reasonably priced but the kids really don't need all of those things right now. I could justify it by telling myself that Texas needs shirts for next year, but when I go in I will probably only get Texas four shirts and then because I use a coupon that I need to spend 50 dollars on I use the rest of the 38 dollars on random things. Random things meaning more clothes for Marilyn. Marilyn is the one that gets hand-me-downs so maybe I shouldn't even buy her clothes. Wait, half of the hand-me-downs that she gets don't fit her right.
This is just like the Rachel Ray forty dollars a day. Only the people that make over one hundred ta year could afford to eat like that.
Now I would like to hear someone say that they spend a whopping two-thousand dollars a year on their family's clothes. Wait, wait, wait... I'll ask my little sister what she spends on clothes a year.

So I asked my sister and she said that their was no way that she spent 500 dollars a year on clothes because she is a "bargain shopper". Her and her daughter have tons of clothes! Then I asked her about how much a month she spent on clothes and it changed to about 80 dollars a month. She's so funny! I love my little sister.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


I have been looking at some of my post. It feels like I am such a pozer and someone before has said the same thing. So here is something different:
The many uses of K-Y® Brand INTRIGUE™. I did get some of the things strait off of the KY site so please forgive me. This personal lubricant is made out of dimithicone that is similar to silicone. It acts like a viscous liquid, similar to the texture of honey. Dimethicone is used in manufacturing cosmetics, drugs and is the main ingredient in silly putty. They use this chemical as a anti-foaming agent (in cooking oil) and an anti-caking agent in food. Now I will get to the many uses:

Oil stains: If got some oil on your clothes uses some K-Y and scrub a little to help release it. Similar to baby oil, K-Y® Brand INTRIGUE™ Premium Personal Lubricant may leave a residue on some natural fabrics, like cotton. You can remove this residue by applying a clear alcohol (i.e. nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol), rubbing the fabric with a white towel and washing immediately after. Or, you can remove the residue with dry cleaning.

Removing sicker gunk: Get out a cotton ball and put a dab of this kind of K-Y on it and rub that goop off.

Hair smother: The same main ingredient of other brands like Friz-Ease, just doesn't have all of the perfumes.

Lotion: Dimethicone is used widely in skin-moisturizing lotions where it is listed as an active ingredient whose purpose is "skin protection and is normal makes up 15% of the moisturizer.

Rain-x: Just water some of this good ol' K-Y down, polish your windshield with it and watch the beads of water run off.

Squeaky doors: no need to go out and get a bottle of WD40 if you can just get some warm K-Y mixed up with some acitone (nail polish remover). Dab some on and take away the annoying squeak.

Herbicide: I guess it works if it was on wikipedia and just don't know how it works. I think it's mixed with something else.

Lice removal: Just in case you get lice. I'll keep all of the other comments to myself. I guess lice hate the chemical that is found in this stuff and steer clear of it. It doesn't kill the eggs. They will just find another home.

Now that you know what a bottle of K-Y can do, go out and get a bottle, tell your significant other that you got a bottle and then tell him or her why you got it.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Long Term Loo

This is for everyone. I am trying to get a years worth of storage of everything. There is a lot of math involved and everyone has the day (or days) where they run out of something and then they have to run to the store to get a replacement. I am not quite to the goal of a years worth of stuff but I am getting closer.

In this video it shows my closet where I keep all of the random bathroom stuff. I looked at the video and at the beginning I look like the crept keeper. I have been a little bit sick and some people have pointed out that it shows. I look way better than I did last week so if you think I look like butt I'm sorry.
To quote my self, "You do need to clean your clothes. If you don't have a years worth of laundry detergent then your clothes will be dirty."
Ugh, I am such a mom. I repeat myself and what I said was kind of a duh moment. Yes for all of you that don't know: If you don't clean your clothes, your clothes will stay dirty.

The second video shows some of the stuff that we are storing our in our garage.
These are some of the things that you and I use on a regular basis that I am trying to get a year supply of:

Personal care items:

toilet paper
face cream
eye cream
face scrub
face wash
shaving cream
Cotton balls
tooth paste
teeth bleachers
hair removal (wax or nair)
hair die
hair products
over the counter medications
make up
first aid

If you have younger children or babies you may need:

baby soap
baby lotion
baby powder
diaper rash cream
body wash
medicine for them

Cleaning products:

floor cleaner
window cleaner
toilet cleaner
multi purpose cleaner
paper towels
green scrubbies
rubber gloves

If you make a list of everything it looks like a whole bunch of stuff (because it is). I don't recommend going out and buying everything all at once. Getting a years worth of stuff should take time. They way that you can start is by looking for sales and coupons. When you see an item that you would purchase on sale, get two instead of one and store it for later. Keep on doing this until you have a years worth. Rotate what you do have by using the oldest item first. Before you know it you will have a year supply of something.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Wearing Organic

Because I have been posting a gazillion times a day, you probaly got the drift that my hubby has been out of town. He said that he'll get back tonight around 8:30ish. YEAH! The other reason that I have been posting like crazy is because I have some wicked cramps and I don't want to move.

At this point I should probaly start calling these kinds of post inventory. These cute little dresses in the picture are made by Kate Quinn. They are a bit pricey. I know lots of mommys that love to have their children having the cutest clothes that no other child has. The problem with this is that most moms don't have the money to go and get expencive clothes. I know I get most of my kids clothes from the outlets. I am lucky enough to live right by a OshKoshBigosh outlet and a Carters outlet. Every so often I see something that I really like from another place for my children and I will splurge (or wait until it goes on sale, if it sells out then I'll survive). The reason that these dresses cost so much is because they are organic.

I don't know who buys organic clothes all of the time. If you do or if you know anyone who does let me know about it. I'm courious about these kinds of people. I will be honest and I ordered a Kate Quinn dress for my little girl. This will be the first peice of organic clothing that she has ever owned. My son is four and I have never gotten him any organic clothing (maybe he had organic onsies, I'm not sure about it though).

Now what's the point of organic shoes? Would they make your feet stink less? These ones are made by Kuuru (which means cool in Japanise). They are cute, organic, and not recycled. I can see how recycled shoes would have a better inpact on our earth, but what would organic do?

(cute little piggies)

I will admit that I like the look of upscale childrens clothes. Even if I do like the looks of the clothes I am still going to look at the clearenc rack. Oh, and the only time that I do buy upscale clothes is when I get it for about the same price as Walmarts prices. Maybe the reason that I only go to Walmart once a year is that their prices are high for the quality that they are selling.

That's Not a Dress

The Skort. It's like a mullet for your legs. Business in front and party in the back♥

Poor Gwyneth Paltrow. That's not a dress it's a shirt. To be honest I have seen teenage girls dresses like this at the mall. They think it's cute but it looks like they forgot their pants. What the hell, she has some nice legs so she can get away with it.

The second thing that is not a dress. This is called a romper. Rompers should only be worn on babies and on toddlers. They look silly on grown adults. I do have freinds that wear them. They still look like they are trying to dress like a little child.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Garbage for Dinner

I think everyone has the times when they look in the fridge, the fridge is full but you still say there is nothing to eat. So what you can do is make a casarole out of some of the things that you have. If you are able to do this then you don't need to go to the store to spend more money. "A penny saved is a penny earned". Back to the food. I have heard this mixture called garbage casarole.
I guess I will name the garbage casarol that we had tonight creamy chicken tamali casarol.
It was quite good. What it had in it was:

One can of cream of mushroom soup
about 3/4 a can of corn with the fluids drained out
10 old tortillas that were torn up
1/2 a cup crumbled mexican cheese
a can of diced green chilies
about a cup of sour cream
about a cup of cooked diced chicken
2 tablespoons chili powder
2 tablespoons taco seasoning
1 tablespoon cilantro
garlic and onion powder to taste
One sprig of green onion chopped

I mixed everything together and topped it with 1/2 cup mozerella cheese (or 4 string cheeses)

I put it in the oven at 350 for about 15 minutes until the cheese was melted. I served it with plain tomato sauce for the kids and I had mine with salsa. It was delish.

A What Sprayer???

Bidet!!! I am so immature. My dad is on here every once is a while so I should say right now, dad if you are reading this please stop before you read to much and embarrass me.

Here is the link to where they are:

What are they? If you have never seen a bidet it looks like a toilet with two sink knobs to turn it on and off. It is not a doggy drinking fountain. The water is to spray off the junk on your junk. When my hubby and I were out in Italy we had one in our room but I never used it because I was afraid to touch those bidet towels.

What can they be used for?
First thing they can be used to spray off the nether lands after you sit on the John, if it's that time of the month for the ladies it can give you a nice rinse or after you have S-E-X you can wash off the dirty.
The can be used for child messes. All of us have seen some TV show where the little boy has a pet frog and always plays out side and comes into the house with foreign matter all over the place. They even do this when they eat. Some the the things that they get on their face I am not sure if I fed it to them. Just take the kid, strip him or her down and hose off all of the clothes into the toilet.
More poo. The sell these things marketed has diaper sprayers and charge you extra. Why not get a nicer one that fits your decor. You just spray the poo into the toilet.

Ok, so the just of it is that whatever you do not want to wash out in the shower because it's all lumpy, and you know that you will need to clean the lumps out of the shower later on a diaper sprayer may be a good option.

Picture stolen from Bathroom Sprayers dot com.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So the first video is of what I have or what you will need. I looked through lots of videos and some people do not soak cloth diapers and just let them sit stinky in a hamper. The best video on Youtube that showed how to wash diapers was howcast. When you are washing the diapers it reminds me of the days where I had to test the chlorine of our pool. You do not want the diapers to have too much base and you don't want your diapers to be acidic, you want it to be just right.

So the first step is to get off all of the debris. I use disposable liners that you can flush down the toilet. Some people are ok with scrubbing poop off of the diapers. I also have a diaper sprayer that has not been hooked up yet because I haven't needed it yet. Don't be nasty and put poop in your washer!
I have a bucket that when ever there is a dirty diaper, it gets thrown in. The diaper doesn't go anywhere but the bucket. The bucket is about 1/4 cup oxyclean and baking soda in a gallon of water. The baking soda and oxyclean doesn't take out all of the smells so I sometimes put a small squirt of seventh generation dish soap in there.
The next thing is to dump out all of the nasty water. If there was any poop on the diapers you may need to rinse out all of the diapers and this is where a diaper sprayer comes in handy.
Dump them in the wash with laundry soap, vinegar, and laundry booser (I used tide). I have seen people that use bleach, borax or oxyclean as a laundry booster. I would not use shout as a laundry booster, it has a thick film that is not gentle on skin. I use shout for my hubby's work stains. I don't use bleach because it breaks down fibers faster. The vinegar is to take out the baking soda which you need to do so your child doesn't get any infections. I start the wash with the concoction of cleansers on cold. After the cycle is done I run it through a couple more cycles until I can't smell the tide and that makes me feel like they are clean enough.
To dry them I throw them in the drier. I have tried to let them line dry and they take too long.

Sorry that I wasn't able to rotate the videos. was able to teach me many things about cloth diapers when I was on the debate of switching over.

The Diaper Stash

I only have 10 cloth diapers so I get to wash them everyday. During this video most of the diapers were in the bucket waiting to be washed so that is why there's a ton of inserts and no diapers on the shelf. The assembly that I do from bottom to top is: diaper cover, soaker, liner. If you listen in the video I forget the names of some of the things. I think I forgot because all of this is new to me. The disposable liners I use when I think that my little one is going to poop so I don't need to scrub poop off of all of those diapers. I really don't want to find the time for that. One of the huge pros about the cloth diapers is that my little girl hasn't gotten any diapers rashes sense we started.

Hate Mail

"Go to hell. I spend as much time as I can wih my son. Yes other people watch him while I am at school and work, I don't have a fucking rich stuck up husband to pay my bills and take me to Hawaii. Nathaniel likes playing with his friends.I'm not going to be a bitch like you and isolate him his whole life."

That email was from about two years ago. It came out of the blue when I told her that she could get a better guy. I didn't say why to her I just kept it short and sweet but I did it because on the guys facebook pictures showed that he was a cheater.
To clarify we have only gone to Hawaii once and our friends invited us so all that we had to pay for was food and the air fair. We were able to stay in military housing so it was an affordable vacation. My husband works hard for what we have. Being a wife and mother is just as hard because you are the one that needs to make sure that everything is running smoothly. A mother is not a part time job. I get to pay the bills, go on play dates, cook for the family, feed the family, clean, budget, shop. I am sure the list goes on and on. And it's ok for me to isolate Nathaniel because I am not his parent, she is. Aunts are not that important, mothers are. Not everyone has an Aunt.

"This is for everyone else, because I've finally realized my sisters true colors and yeah it hurts but I'm moving on.
You see, when everyone got married that one year, I made huge sacrifices. I flew from Alabama to Utah with an infant. I had to run through airports to catch flights. I had to go through a random search on my way to your wedding. I had to strip Nathaniel to a diaper, have a diaper bag and car seat searched, and be patted down. I was just the random person. But what really sucks is I could have saved hundreds of dollars. You see, about the time everyone got engaged, Rachel got engaged too. She got married about 2 weeks after you. I don't remember who announced their engagements first, to me it didn't matter. I couldn't afford or physically handle another trip & wedding with an infant. I told her my sisters were priority. Evidentally I should have gone to hers and not yours, she is still my best friend, and you treat your family like garbage.
And another thing, evidentally Randy didn't notice Marilyn choking. Despite what you need to tell yourself to make yourself feel better about being a bitch, Randy is not psycho. He was probably off in his own world. If he had headphones on, I can guarantee he didn't hear her. If he was playing on his DS, he wouldn't notice a parade walk right in front of him. I don't know the circumstances cause I just heard this through the grapevine, but Ive seen Randy around kids.
And last thing, I didn't just block you from FB. I blocked you the day I found out about the choking incident. Its been a week or two.
I'm suppose to apologize for blocking you on FB, but I'm NOT sorry. I'm sorry I put up with your crap so long. I'm sorry I'm not as perfect as you think you are. And I don't want to be. And I'm sorry you think my family is so screwed up. And lastly, I think you need to apologize to YOUR family for treating them the way you do. Especially your mother!"

This one was from about a week ago. I get these emails too often. I called my mom asking her if she felt like I treated her bad and she said that she was sorry that I got the email. Right before all of her acting up I told her that I didn't think it would be appropriate for me to make her wedding cake topper. I kept it at that. My mom said that my sister is way upset because we are not going to her wedding. I can say so many mean things. This makes it so I don't want to go even more. One of the main reasons that we are not going is because of fiances. We just can't afford to go out whenever anyone pleases. It cost about 300 bucks or more just to go up there. She gave me about a month and a half notice for the date but nine months ago she said that she was going to have the wedding the same week of my cousin Tanya's wedding. I went to Tanya's wedding while my husband stayed home and worked. I feel like Tanya made more of an effort. Tanya and her now husband had a set date for their wedding for a year. And I told her when she asked me to come that I would. They were living a courting lifestyle and were able to set a good example for my children to see. I can not say the same for my sister. I do want to influence my children to choose the right. Once my sister learns morality, I will then feel like she has learned.
Randy is not a phycho: he's a lazy, fat, un-alert, boy with no ambition that feels like he deserves things that other people have that he has not earned. And yes, I am an OVERPROTECTIVE PARANOID BITCH! (The emails that randy sent me said that I was paranoid... oops, I wasn't suppose to put his name. Now you know.)
She did go to my wedding but that was her choice. My kids get carsick, that is way worse than striping down a baby to a diaper in a airport that has central air. I think it's way worse to ask the gas station worker for a hose to wash out a car seat and then give a baby a bath in the bathroom sink.
I guess I should be happy that I have less drama now because the whole fact that she isn't talking to me. I feel sorry for her son. That is a whole other story.

To be honest I am alittle bit crushed about the whole thing but I talked it over with my husband and I think he is right about the whole thing. About not being around people that drag you down. It is always better to be around uplifting people and maybe I should make a goal to do that. I love my freinds. When some of my freinds come out to California I have a better chance of seeing them of when my family comes out. I know I have said this before but I really do need to make more of an effort for the people that uplift me.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Damper on a Relationship.

I think some people may be out there to ruin Spencer's and my relationship. I pointed out some of the things that have happened to some other people to explain that not all people have the same views on relationship's. All of the things that I pointed out were out of gossip and I shouldn't of brought it up because I made the other people look bad. But there are some things that people shouldn't ever ask. Maybe they don't really think before they speak. I had one person ask me why I didn't date other people. They asked me this when I was married. I have so many reasons, I really didn't know how to respond. I still feel crushed about that comment and that was over a year ago. I think I was crushed because I am suppose to be close to this person.
Another thing that is really awkward is when my husband is away and I go out to dinner with a couple and they bring a friend of the opposite sex. Like it's a date or something. I wish there was a better way to avoid all of this.
It feels like some people are trying to sabotage my marriage. I love Spencer and I think that we are the only ones that are compatible for each other. I honestly have gotten sick of every other guy that I've been romanticly involved with.

Ta Dah!

There is a site called and every day at 9am Mountain standard time they have a different deal going on and today they had gro baby diapers. They were one of the better brands that I tried out so I ordered some more. When they come in the mail I will be up to 12 diapers. The cost was 42.85 for a set of three with the soakers and everything. The normal price for these things are normally 80 bucks for the same thing. Awesome!
I really do like all of the boutique sites. You do need to keep an eye out for what you are looking for. I am such a freak of nature that I keep a list of random things that I need or want to buy that are material items so I don't go over board on a miniature shopping spree and get my kids random things that they don't need (My husband does that because he grabs whatever and then he comments on how ugly it is). Here are some of the good sites that are always changing: just has things for babies and mommies to be. Has things for toddlers and children; I don't what this one is for. This site is suppose to have a little bit of everything but it's mostly little girl clothes. By invite only, go to link right below and get a 10 dollar credit:

And you also need to sign up for an account. It is a site for parents and children. So far it has good variety of everything. Code for 10 dollars off of your first order is babies10. If I send you a request I get a 10dollar credit if you sign up so comment before you make an account:

I am telling myself that I am thankful for coupons because if it weren't for me using coupons and promos I wouldn't even be able to afford to buy my kids clothes at a thrift store (and we would still be eating chicken stew every night). I must be one of the cheapest people ever.... wait, no... ok, I am.
More good news: our car is paid off so now the only debt that we have is our house. So if we keep our utilities down our budget is now about $423.00 a month! I know that is about $105 a week but that is way better than it was two years ago. Now it's a normal number for food, gas, clothes and baby sitters. We are back to having a normal budget. I think I am going to keep on budgeting and maybe if we keep on going we can get that yacht.

Old Dogs.

I was really bummed about this whole thing and I was feeling like a terrible person because of this. The whole thing started when Thunder our Jack Russel Terrier kept on picking fights with other dogs. She really loves attention from anyone but it got to the point where our other dog ripped off Thunders ear. This was on May 13th.
I called my husband crying when Thunder got her ear ripped off and we decided that we would get rid of Thunder. So I started praying on how we would do that. I know that I would reject all of the offers that I would get from Craig's list.
Then on the 24th of May, someone left the dog run open and then our yard gate was left opened. We did the whole searching thing to find out the next day that the pound picked them up. The fine for an unregistered dog is a grand. Because the cost was so much we were going to wait for our dogs to go up for adoption and then we were going to try to adopt Ginger back and leave Thunder to be adopted by someone else. I couldn't even go into the pound because I was so shaken up.
The time was up for adoption and the first day our dog Ginger gets adopted. Gets adopted by another family. She was so sweet and I figured that she would get adopted fast. The put her breed down as a shepherd-lab mix when she is a full bred cur.
I was still stressing out that they would put Thunder to sleep but I found out today that she was also adopted out and not put to sleep.
My husband is upset that his birthday present from two years ago was adopted out and he wants new dogs right now. I am so not ready for new dogs. I did pick out the perfect breed for us when I picked out Ginger so we will get more Black Mouth Curs. I just need some time to get over all of this.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Random Happyness

I thought that the last two post were big ol drags so I thought that with both of my kids sick today and causing havoc I would give everyone something more upbeat.

I love it when my kid wears shorts and rain boots. He does this almost everyday. It's like he is expecting a flood. Too bad we didn't name him Noah.

I love it when I see little girls dress up like princesses and punk rockers every day. Little kids should be aloud to make a statement.

I like to wave at the day time hookers. I know that this is a little bit warped but I like their sense of being free and not caring what others think about them. I guess the people that dress like pirates all of the time fall into the same category. I really don't and won't ever understand them but I like the way they are.

I like it when people notice that I small cleaning chores that normally no one notices. For example the other day my son thanked me for changing his sheets and then went on to say that he must of been really good.

When my kids want to eat the healthiest thing on the fast food menu. I feel so accomplished that my kids would rather eat fruit than anything fried.

The messes that my kids make right after I cleaned up shows their creativity. I figure that my house will always be a mess and I will just need to keep on teaching my children the best that I can to keep the house semi clean. I also love that all of my trials so far is just karma punching me in the face. All the things that I would do was karma punching my dad in the face. Now he's is the one laughing.

I like the smell of fresh coffee. I don't like the bitter flavor so I don't mind if you drink it.

Cooking alcohol out of food. I have been searching for stout ice cream and it's rich full flavor. I love terimisu. I love clams in wine sauce. Who ever thought that cooking the alcohol out would brought such a great flavor.

When I find awesome deals on anything!!! When I was younger I hated to shop and I found out that I just don't like shopping with my mom. I love my mom with all my heart, I just don't like shopping with her because we have different opinions on everything.
(I bought this cute little dress for 20 bucks and that price was with the shipping. It's silk, not satin and at other boutiques they sell it for much more. Yeah me!)

I laugh with people pick their nose. I don't know why I start cracking up. I just think it looks so funny. My daughter will pick her nose and lick her finger like a lolly pop and when I say, "Yuck, don't do that!" her reply is "Gross" and both of us giggle. I really am not helping her with this problem. I hope I'm not raising my kids to be the stinky kid.

I love the feeling when you work really hard all day long and at the end of the night you just crash out.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What Not To Do.

Just a random list of things that people should not do... EVER! Most of the people that do these things don't ever realise that they do it.

*Post a picture of your wedding day, years after you got married thinking that you are the cutest couple ever. Then have the picture up all year without changing it.
*When people seem like they forgot how to dress. For example: Wearing a sheer one sleeve top with a lunch-lady bra.
*Getting a cheap tattoo and hoping that it will turn out well. If you don't have enough money for a good tattoo then you probably haven't thought it through.
*Brag about how your kids are better than everyone else. If you do this your kids are terrors.
*Brag about how your kids are cuter than everyone else. Most of the time the parents that do this are not attractive and they have freakishly ugly looking children. Yes, I said it and now you know the truth about your kids.
*Treat your pets better than your kids. Please stop dressing up your dog like a princess.
*Pretending like you are every ones best friend.
*Owning cats.
*Wearing a thong was ok five years ago but I think it was just a fad. Now it just looks silly on anyone. Their are so many other sensible options. They have spanks now that will hide those panty lines so you don't need to worry about a gust of wind and flashing everyone your thong. Ugh, ok, just learn how to wear the right kind of undies or do without.
*Trashy people that constantly talk about how some really good looking and taken person of the opposite sex wants to ogle their goodies. What they really need to do is not ever talk about the opposite gender wanting you. Most of the time the other person is just being nice because they think the person has no friends.
*Getting really bad plastic surgery that you cant stop staring at.
*People that are always totally pissed off at everyone that is different or has some odd quark. I get a huge kick out of people that are weird. Free entertainment.
*Oh and last thing, writing blogs on what not to do.