Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Damper on a Relationship.

I think some people may be out there to ruin Spencer's and my relationship. I pointed out some of the things that have happened to some other people to explain that not all people have the same views on relationship's. All of the things that I pointed out were out of gossip and I shouldn't of brought it up because I made the other people look bad. But there are some things that people shouldn't ever ask. Maybe they don't really think before they speak. I had one person ask me why I didn't date other people. They asked me this when I was married. I have so many reasons, I really didn't know how to respond. I still feel crushed about that comment and that was over a year ago. I think I was crushed because I am suppose to be close to this person.
Another thing that is really awkward is when my husband is away and I go out to dinner with a couple and they bring a friend of the opposite sex. Like it's a date or something. I wish there was a better way to avoid all of this.
It feels like some people are trying to sabotage my marriage. I love Spencer and I think that we are the only ones that are compatible for each other. I honestly have gotten sick of every other guy that I've been romanticly involved with.


dannyscotland said...

I am really new to your blog, but one thing that I noticed right away was your comment about your hubby getting old. I am 34 and my husband is going to be 50 in August. Now that is old! We have a 17 month old daughter and plan to have another child. When we met, he was in his early forties and I had no clue. I was 28. We certainly have our differences, too, but wow, no one has ever done anything so mean to me as they did to you. That's totally uncalled for. I think you should have a practiced response, like, "Excuse me?" And then just *wait* for them to explain themselves. As for the "date" thing, hm. Insist on sitting with the wife of the couple! Across from *her* husband! Maybe that will get them to figure it out. I'm sorry some people have been unkind to you. I hope they will stop. And don't worry, you aren't the only one out there with an "old" hubby!! :-)

Jen said...
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