Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It kind of bothers me when there are moms that are so super duper that they make all of their own baby food, have a super clean house, they go on two play dates a day, they are super fit and run marathons, do only cloth diapering to save the environment, they use stainless reusable water bottles all of the time, they have a doctorate but they choose to stay at home, they never gossip and they are always super nice to everyone. Where do these people come from? MARS!?!?!
Wow, these ladies have no room for fault. Do they ever sleep? I will admit that I am jealous of them because I want all of that. I'm real. I have crumbs under my kitchen table. I only put my daughter in those fancy cloth diapers when she starts to get a rash from the other diapers. I buy bottled water when I get thirsty. I don't find time to go running. I don't let people walk all over me, if anyone does this I am automatically not your friend. So I have something that those other moms have right there. Woop-Woop! Well, I guess it's time for me to vacuum those crumbs that are under my table so someone else will think I am that perfect mom.


dannyscotland said...

I don't think those other moms really do all those things. Unless they're celebrities, and then someone else is probably doing it for them, anyway. I have a *lot* of crumbs, not just under my kitchen table, but all over my downstairs, there's a bottle of vanilla somewhere loose in my house that my daughter was playing with and has lost, I haven't vacuumed upstairs in months because my daughter is scared of the noise, I don't run anywhere except to the grocery store (ha ha, I'm so punny), I only make baby food that is a mix of fruit and green beans because my kid won't eat green veggies otherwise. I do use cloth diapers full time though. But I let the laundry pile up a lot. :-) I don't think anyone can be a real supermom. Actually, I take that back. I think any mom who loves her kids completely, and does the best for them that she can is a Supermom.

And as for crumbs: in 50 years, what will be more important, the crumbs or the time we spent with our children? Yeah. Those crumbs can just sit there. :-)

jen madsen said...

Yep I hear ya! I envy those type of moms sometimes too. I wish I was the kind of mom who could afford to put my kids into karate, soccer, basketball, camps, ect. Then fund the time to run and have the money for 5k's and buy and wear all the new and happenen clothes. Instead I have to find free or very cheap things for my kids to do 99 percent of the time. I don't like to clean.. Some days I put it off as long as I can. then I think spending more quality time with kids is so much better then running around with my head cut off.. I'd rather just be me when it really comes down to it. Instead of trying to please everyone else.

Jen said...

HaHa. You two are too sweet and 100% normal. I guess there are some moms that envy me because I have a son that likes to use cleaning gadgets (I have to hide them so they don't get broken). They might even envy me because my kids eat their veggies.... a bottle of vanilla is nothing, just wait until your kid looses your toothbrush because they were using it lol. YOu can't get mad about that one because they were brushing their teeth.
Jen, Kids don't care what it says on thier tags until they are in Jr High. I would love to get hand-me-downs. My son has never gotten any because everyone that's older is smaller than him, and all of my nephews that are bigger have younger brothers. I was told a few months back that I was no longer going to get any for my daughter because they are going to get handed down to someone else. The whole me not getting hand-me-downs makes me feel less guilty about boxing the clothes up and putting them in storage for our next kid.