Sunday, June 13, 2010


I have been looking at some of my post. It feels like I am such a pozer and someone before has said the same thing. So here is something different:
The many uses of K-Y® Brand INTRIGUE™. I did get some of the things strait off of the KY site so please forgive me. This personal lubricant is made out of dimithicone that is similar to silicone. It acts like a viscous liquid, similar to the texture of honey. Dimethicone is used in manufacturing cosmetics, drugs and is the main ingredient in silly putty. They use this chemical as a anti-foaming agent (in cooking oil) and an anti-caking agent in food. Now I will get to the many uses:

Oil stains: If got some oil on your clothes uses some K-Y and scrub a little to help release it. Similar to baby oil, K-Y® Brand INTRIGUE™ Premium Personal Lubricant may leave a residue on some natural fabrics, like cotton. You can remove this residue by applying a clear alcohol (i.e. nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol), rubbing the fabric with a white towel and washing immediately after. Or, you can remove the residue with dry cleaning.

Removing sicker gunk: Get out a cotton ball and put a dab of this kind of K-Y on it and rub that goop off.

Hair smother: The same main ingredient of other brands like Friz-Ease, just doesn't have all of the perfumes.

Lotion: Dimethicone is used widely in skin-moisturizing lotions where it is listed as an active ingredient whose purpose is "skin protection and is normal makes up 15% of the moisturizer.

Rain-x: Just water some of this good ol' K-Y down, polish your windshield with it and watch the beads of water run off.

Squeaky doors: no need to go out and get a bottle of WD40 if you can just get some warm K-Y mixed up with some acitone (nail polish remover). Dab some on and take away the annoying squeak.

Herbicide: I guess it works if it was on wikipedia and just don't know how it works. I think it's mixed with something else.

Lice removal: Just in case you get lice. I'll keep all of the other comments to myself. I guess lice hate the chemical that is found in this stuff and steer clear of it. It doesn't kill the eggs. They will just find another home.

Now that you know what a bottle of K-Y can do, go out and get a bottle, tell your significant other that you got a bottle and then tell him or her why you got it.


jen madsen said...

cool! I did not know that a k-y had so many uses..

Jen said...

I thought it would be funny. I just re-read the post and there are a bunch of typos.