Saturday, June 12, 2010

Long Term Loo

This is for everyone. I am trying to get a years worth of storage of everything. There is a lot of math involved and everyone has the day (or days) where they run out of something and then they have to run to the store to get a replacement. I am not quite to the goal of a years worth of stuff but I am getting closer.

In this video it shows my closet where I keep all of the random bathroom stuff. I looked at the video and at the beginning I look like the crept keeper. I have been a little bit sick and some people have pointed out that it shows. I look way better than I did last week so if you think I look like butt I'm sorry.
To quote my self, "You do need to clean your clothes. If you don't have a years worth of laundry detergent then your clothes will be dirty."
Ugh, I am such a mom. I repeat myself and what I said was kind of a duh moment. Yes for all of you that don't know: If you don't clean your clothes, your clothes will stay dirty.

The second video shows some of the stuff that we are storing our in our garage.
These are some of the things that you and I use on a regular basis that I am trying to get a year supply of:

Personal care items:

toilet paper
face cream
eye cream
face scrub
face wash
shaving cream
Cotton balls
tooth paste
teeth bleachers
hair removal (wax or nair)
hair die
hair products
over the counter medications
make up
first aid

If you have younger children or babies you may need:

baby soap
baby lotion
baby powder
diaper rash cream
body wash
medicine for them

Cleaning products:

floor cleaner
window cleaner
toilet cleaner
multi purpose cleaner
paper towels
green scrubbies
rubber gloves

If you make a list of everything it looks like a whole bunch of stuff (because it is). I don't recommend going out and buying everything all at once. Getting a years worth of stuff should take time. They way that you can start is by looking for sales and coupons. When you see an item that you would purchase on sale, get two instead of one and store it for later. Keep on doing this until you have a years worth. Rotate what you do have by using the oldest item first. Before you know it you will have a year supply of something.


jen madsen said...

Great list. I'm sure one of these days..Dan and i will have to start having our own year supply of food, cleaning supplies, ect. Since were currently living with his parents. We just use there food supply and replace what we use of there's. So we try and not use too much.

Jen said...

Go onto She's always posting deals for freebies. So when it is your turn to stock up on something, you can get it for free or almost free. I have gotten so many free things (food, toiletries, cleaning suplies and lots of other things). It makes me feel spoiled.
The whole thing shocks my husband because I make a list to go to the store with everything we are going to get, when we first check out the starting number will be over 100 bucks and then after coupons it goes down to around 35. It's super sweet.