Monday, June 21, 2010

More Blah Blah Blah on Some Crazy Bass Budget

I was reading a blog and it said that you should keep spending on clothes to 500 dollars a year. Who spends that much on one person!?!?! I would honestly love to spend that amount on clothes a year per each person. It probably seems like I spend that amount but I have been keeping track. So far to date I have spent 180 on clothes for the whole family. That is only 30 dollars a month, or a dollar a day. So that is about a quarter a person a day. I buy in advance for the season after so most of the things that I have gotten are jackets and jeans for the winter, some shoes to grow into and really cute dresses that Marilyn doesn't really need, I just thought that she would look really cute in them. I really haven't gotten any summer clothes yet for the kids this year because of the whole buying in advance thing. Another reason is that I really can't handle the thought of paying twenty dollars on a pair of shorts that the kid will grow out of and only wears for three months.
I haven't walked into the Carters or OshKosh outlets over here for months (sense September) because I don't want to be tempted to buy random items of clothing. They are reasonably priced but the kids really don't need all of those things right now. I could justify it by telling myself that Texas needs shirts for next year, but when I go in I will probably only get Texas four shirts and then because I use a coupon that I need to spend 50 dollars on I use the rest of the 38 dollars on random things. Random things meaning more clothes for Marilyn. Marilyn is the one that gets hand-me-downs so maybe I shouldn't even buy her clothes. Wait, half of the hand-me-downs that she gets don't fit her right.
This is just like the Rachel Ray forty dollars a day. Only the people that make over one hundred ta year could afford to eat like that.
Now I would like to hear someone say that they spend a whopping two-thousand dollars a year on their family's clothes. Wait, wait, wait... I'll ask my little sister what she spends on clothes a year.

So I asked my sister and she said that their was no way that she spent 500 dollars a year on clothes because she is a "bargain shopper". Her and her daughter have tons of clothes! Then I asked her about how much a month she spent on clothes and it changed to about 80 dollars a month. She's so funny! I love my little sister.


jen madsen said... funny! kids clothes are too expensive these days. I always go for target or old navy clearance clothes. I'm not sure how much we spend on clothes a year. It's no where near 500 dollars. there are some months where we don't buy any clothes. For some reason my son has more clothes then my daughter does. I think this is strange. I don't understand how parents can spend so much money on there kids clothes when there just going to grow out of them 2 months later.

Jen said...

The Old Navy that is in Sandy Utah is way cheaper than the ones out here in California.
I did the math on the clothes and for a weeks worth of clothes if you get walmart prices ($5 shirts, $10 pants) it's about 200 dollars a year if the kid wears the clothes for the full year. That 200 dollars includes the price of socks, undies, shoes and jackets.
I think the parents that overspend like crazy justify what they are buying for one reason or another and they overlook the price. I justify $5 blue jeans and $1 shirts when my kid doesn't need them, but it's to stock up for next year when they will need it.