Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Old Dogs.

I was really bummed about this whole thing and I was feeling like a terrible person because of this. The whole thing started when Thunder our Jack Russel Terrier kept on picking fights with other dogs. She really loves attention from anyone but it got to the point where our other dog ripped off Thunders ear. This was on May 13th.
I called my husband crying when Thunder got her ear ripped off and we decided that we would get rid of Thunder. So I started praying on how we would do that. I know that I would reject all of the offers that I would get from Craig's list.
Then on the 24th of May, someone left the dog run open and then our yard gate was left opened. We did the whole searching thing to find out the next day that the pound picked them up. The fine for an unregistered dog is a grand. Because the cost was so much we were going to wait for our dogs to go up for adoption and then we were going to try to adopt Ginger back and leave Thunder to be adopted by someone else. I couldn't even go into the pound because I was so shaken up.
The time was up for adoption and the first day our dog Ginger gets adopted. Gets adopted by another family. She was so sweet and I figured that she would get adopted fast. The put her breed down as a shepherd-lab mix when she is a full bred cur.
I was still stressing out that they would put Thunder to sleep but I found out today that she was also adopted out and not put to sleep.
My husband is upset that his birthday present from two years ago was adopted out and he wants new dogs right now. I am so not ready for new dogs. I did pick out the perfect breed for us when I picked out Ginger so we will get more Black Mouth Curs. I just need some time to get over all of this.

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