Friday, June 4, 2010

Random Happyness

I thought that the last two post were big ol drags so I thought that with both of my kids sick today and causing havoc I would give everyone something more upbeat.

I love it when my kid wears shorts and rain boots. He does this almost everyday. It's like he is expecting a flood. Too bad we didn't name him Noah.

I love it when I see little girls dress up like princesses and punk rockers every day. Little kids should be aloud to make a statement.

I like to wave at the day time hookers. I know that this is a little bit warped but I like their sense of being free and not caring what others think about them. I guess the people that dress like pirates all of the time fall into the same category. I really don't and won't ever understand them but I like the way they are.

I like it when people notice that I small cleaning chores that normally no one notices. For example the other day my son thanked me for changing his sheets and then went on to say that he must of been really good.

When my kids want to eat the healthiest thing on the fast food menu. I feel so accomplished that my kids would rather eat fruit than anything fried.

The messes that my kids make right after I cleaned up shows their creativity. I figure that my house will always be a mess and I will just need to keep on teaching my children the best that I can to keep the house semi clean. I also love that all of my trials so far is just karma punching me in the face. All the things that I would do was karma punching my dad in the face. Now he's is the one laughing.

I like the smell of fresh coffee. I don't like the bitter flavor so I don't mind if you drink it.

Cooking alcohol out of food. I have been searching for stout ice cream and it's rich full flavor. I love terimisu. I love clams in wine sauce. Who ever thought that cooking the alcohol out would brought such a great flavor.

When I find awesome deals on anything!!! When I was younger I hated to shop and I found out that I just don't like shopping with my mom. I love my mom with all my heart, I just don't like shopping with her because we have different opinions on everything.
(I bought this cute little dress for 20 bucks and that price was with the shipping. It's silk, not satin and at other boutiques they sell it for much more. Yeah me!)

I laugh with people pick their nose. I don't know why I start cracking up. I just think it looks so funny. My daughter will pick her nose and lick her finger like a lolly pop and when I say, "Yuck, don't do that!" her reply is "Gross" and both of us giggle. I really am not helping her with this problem. I hope I'm not raising my kids to be the stinky kid.

I love the feeling when you work really hard all day long and at the end of the night you just crash out.

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jen madsen said...

I'm sorry your kids have been sick.. hope they feel better real soon! That dress is so cute!! It's funny how the littlest things brings us such happiness. I love having those very productive days and being able to crash at the end of the day.