Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So the first video is of what I have or what you will need. I looked through lots of videos and some people do not soak cloth diapers and just let them sit stinky in a hamper. The best video on Youtube that showed how to wash diapers was howcast. When you are washing the diapers it reminds me of the days where I had to test the chlorine of our pool. You do not want the diapers to have too much base and you don't want your diapers to be acidic, you want it to be just right.

So the first step is to get off all of the debris. I use disposable liners that you can flush down the toilet. Some people are ok with scrubbing poop off of the diapers. I also have a diaper sprayer that has not been hooked up yet because I haven't needed it yet. Don't be nasty and put poop in your washer!
I have a bucket that when ever there is a dirty diaper, it gets thrown in. The diaper doesn't go anywhere but the bucket. The bucket is about 1/4 cup oxyclean and baking soda in a gallon of water. The baking soda and oxyclean doesn't take out all of the smells so I sometimes put a small squirt of seventh generation dish soap in there.
The next thing is to dump out all of the nasty water. If there was any poop on the diapers you may need to rinse out all of the diapers and this is where a diaper sprayer comes in handy.
Dump them in the wash with laundry soap, vinegar, and laundry booser (I used tide). I have seen people that use bleach, borax or oxyclean as a laundry booster. I would not use shout as a laundry booster, it has a thick film that is not gentle on skin. I use shout for my hubby's work stains. I don't use bleach because it breaks down fibers faster. The vinegar is to take out the baking soda which you need to do so your child doesn't get any infections. I start the wash with the concoction of cleansers on cold. After the cycle is done I run it through a couple more cycles until I can't smell the tide and that makes me feel like they are clean enough.
To dry them I throw them in the drier. I have tried to let them line dry and they take too long.

Sorry that I wasn't able to rotate the videos. was able to teach me many things about cloth diapers when I was on the debate of switching over.


bidetsprayerman said... has the best selection of Diaper/Bidet Sprayers which are actually hand bidet sprayers meant to be used to clean yourself, not a diaper originally. Great way to save allot of money on toilet paper and help the environment. They even have some stainless steel models that come with a 5 year warranty = the best in the industry!

dannyscotland said...

I have read a lot about washing diapers. I use a diaper sprayer to wash off the poo, then all the diapers go in a dry wet bag. When I wash them every other day or so, I do one cold rinse, a hot wash with bumGenius detergent, and another rinse. I hang dry or line dry. I have read other places that don't recommend using vinegar, but as long as it's working for you, then that's all that matters. I used to use Tide, but my daughter kept getting a little infection, and I finally figured out that the Tide had built up too much on the diapers and I spent *literally* two days, several hours each day, boiling my diapers and super-mega-burning hot washing the PUL covers. Oh. My. Goodness. I hope I never have to do that again!

Jen said...

bidetsprayerman, For my sprayer I just jimmy rigged one with a kitchen sprayer, some hoses, a valve, and a t fitting. If anyone asks for one I'll let them know about you.
dannyscotland, My husband is alergic to the normal tide but he hasn't had a problem yet with the new tide stain release. It's weird. I should line dry mine but I am too lazy.

jen madsen said...

I really like your washing method of the cloth diapers. Much more sanitary of the way a sister in law of mine does for her kids. The line drying does take way too long..that's what she does and the diapers are always so hard and stiff afterwards. YUCK!!

Jen said...

Jen- I have heard a "green" way to dry your clothes and make them softer without using any harsh fabric softners is using tenis balls. It does make some noise. They also make fabric softner balls (they look like blue balls with nubs all over them).
Another green way is to use vinegar in the wash. It takes off all of the stiff debris.
Maybe you should let her know about these options.