Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ta Dah!

There is a site called Babysteals.com and every day at 9am Mountain standard time they have a different deal going on and today they had gro baby diapers. They were one of the better brands that I tried out so I ordered some more. When they come in the mail I will be up to 12 diapers. The cost was 42.85 for a set of three with the soakers and everything. The normal price for these things are normally 80 bucks for the same thing. Awesome!
I really do like all of the boutique sites. You do need to keep an eye out for what you are looking for. I am such a freak of nature that I keep a list of random things that I need or want to buy that are material items so I don't go over board on a miniature shopping spree and get my kids random things that they don't need (My husband does that because he grabs whatever and then he comments on how ugly it is). Here are some of the good sites that are always changing:

Babysteals.com: just has things for babies and mommies to be.

Kidsteals.com: Has things for toddlers and children

scrapbooksteals.com; I don't what this one is for.

BTrendie.com: This site is suppose to have a little bit of everything but it's mostly little girl clothes. By invite only, go to link right below and get a 10 dollar credit:


And Zulily.com you also need to sign up for an account. It is a site for parents and children. So far it has good variety of everything. Code for 10 dollars off of your first order is babies10. If I send you a request I get a 10dollar credit if you sign up so comment before you make an account:


I am telling myself that I am thankful for coupons because if it weren't for me using coupons and promos I wouldn't even be able to afford to buy my kids clothes at a thrift store (and we would still be eating chicken stew every night). I must be one of the cheapest people ever.... wait, no... ok, I am.
More good news: our car is paid off so now the only debt that we have is our house. So if we keep our utilities down our budget is now about $423.00 a month! I know that is about $105 a week but that is way better than it was two years ago. Now it's a normal number for food, gas, clothes and baby sitters. We are back to having a normal budget. I think I am going to keep on budgeting and maybe if we keep on going we can get that yacht.


dannyscotland said...

Have you checked out www.babyhalfoff.com? They work the same way, a deal a day, always half off or more. Sometimes they have diapers, but always mom/baby stuff. They have really great customer service, too. I've ordered all kinds of things from them: Pedoodles shoes for my daughter, a Baby K'Tan sling, and some Katydid Diapers.

Jen said...

www.babyhalfoff.com has some good things. Thanks for letting me know about them. They are based out of Gilbert which is only a couple hours away :)

jen madsen said...

those are some super cute cloth diapers!