Friday, June 11, 2010

Wearing Organic

Because I have been posting a gazillion times a day, you probaly got the drift that my hubby has been out of town. He said that he'll get back tonight around 8:30ish. YEAH! The other reason that I have been posting like crazy is because I have some wicked cramps and I don't want to move.

At this point I should probaly start calling these kinds of post inventory. These cute little dresses in the picture are made by Kate Quinn. They are a bit pricey. I know lots of mommys that love to have their children having the cutest clothes that no other child has. The problem with this is that most moms don't have the money to go and get expencive clothes. I know I get most of my kids clothes from the outlets. I am lucky enough to live right by a OshKoshBigosh outlet and a Carters outlet. Every so often I see something that I really like from another place for my children and I will splurge (or wait until it goes on sale, if it sells out then I'll survive). The reason that these dresses cost so much is because they are organic.

I don't know who buys organic clothes all of the time. If you do or if you know anyone who does let me know about it. I'm courious about these kinds of people. I will be honest and I ordered a Kate Quinn dress for my little girl. This will be the first peice of organic clothing that she has ever owned. My son is four and I have never gotten him any organic clothing (maybe he had organic onsies, I'm not sure about it though).

Now what's the point of organic shoes? Would they make your feet stink less? These ones are made by Kuuru (which means cool in Japanise). They are cute, organic, and not recycled. I can see how recycled shoes would have a better inpact on our earth, but what would organic do?

(cute little piggies)

I will admit that I like the look of upscale childrens clothes. Even if I do like the looks of the clothes I am still going to look at the clearenc rack. Oh, and the only time that I do buy upscale clothes is when I get it for about the same price as Walmarts prices. Maybe the reason that I only go to Walmart once a year is that their prices are high for the quality that they are selling.


dannyscotland said...

I have no idea what the draw of organic clothing is so I'm curious to see if anyone posts here with some info. The only organic clothes my daughter had was a set of a onesie and overalls that someone gave her.

I love the upscale clothing, too, but like you, I can't afford it. Mostly I shop at consignment shops and Target. I have 3 consignment shops near me, and I love going there. It's exciting to buy brand-name clothing for a tiny fraction of the original cost. Most of it is in such good shape, too, since kids grow so fast. They barely have time to wear stuff out. We have outlets not far, but far enough that I don't go often.

jen madsen said...

cute girl dresses! those shoes are very cute! I like the look of upscale kids clothes too. though i can't afford it.. got to look for the sales..