Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What Not To Do.

Just a random list of things that people should not do... EVER! Most of the people that do these things don't ever realise that they do it.

*Post a picture of your wedding day, years after you got married thinking that you are the cutest couple ever. Then have the picture up all year without changing it.
*When people seem like they forgot how to dress. For example: Wearing a sheer one sleeve top with a lunch-lady bra.
*Getting a cheap tattoo and hoping that it will turn out well. If you don't have enough money for a good tattoo then you probably haven't thought it through.
*Brag about how your kids are better than everyone else. If you do this your kids are terrors.
*Brag about how your kids are cuter than everyone else. Most of the time the parents that do this are not attractive and they have freakishly ugly looking children. Yes, I said it and now you know the truth about your kids.
*Treat your pets better than your kids. Please stop dressing up your dog like a princess.
*Pretending like you are every ones best friend.
*Owning cats.
*Wearing a thong was ok five years ago but I think it was just a fad. Now it just looks silly on anyone. Their are so many other sensible options. They have spanks now that will hide those panty lines so you don't need to worry about a gust of wind and flashing everyone your thong. Ugh, ok, just learn how to wear the right kind of undies or do without.
*Trashy people that constantly talk about how some really good looking and taken person of the opposite sex wants to ogle their goodies. What they really need to do is not ever talk about the opposite gender wanting you. Most of the time the other person is just being nice because they think the person has no friends.
*Getting really bad plastic surgery that you cant stop staring at.
*People that are always totally pissed off at everyone that is different or has some odd quark. I get a huge kick out of people that are weird. Free entertainment.
*Oh and last thing, writing blogs on what not to do.

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jen madsen said...

Oh Jen! You are too funny! I agree with all of those.. except one..i've owned a cat, when i was little. Dan is allergic to them. Most people are weird and crazy..though very entertaining at the same time.