Thursday, June 10, 2010

A What Sprayer???

Bidet!!! I am so immature. My dad is on here every once is a while so I should say right now, dad if you are reading this please stop before you read to much and embarrass me.

Here is the link to where they are:

What are they? If you have never seen a bidet it looks like a toilet with two sink knobs to turn it on and off. It is not a doggy drinking fountain. The water is to spray off the junk on your junk. When my hubby and I were out in Italy we had one in our room but I never used it because I was afraid to touch those bidet towels.

What can they be used for?
First thing they can be used to spray off the nether lands after you sit on the John, if it's that time of the month for the ladies it can give you a nice rinse or after you have S-E-X you can wash off the dirty.
The can be used for child messes. All of us have seen some TV show where the little boy has a pet frog and always plays out side and comes into the house with foreign matter all over the place. They even do this when they eat. Some the the things that they get on their face I am not sure if I fed it to them. Just take the kid, strip him or her down and hose off all of the clothes into the toilet.
More poo. The sell these things marketed has diaper sprayers and charge you extra. Why not get a nicer one that fits your decor. You just spray the poo into the toilet.

Ok, so the just of it is that whatever you do not want to wash out in the shower because it's all lumpy, and you know that you will need to clean the lumps out of the shower later on a diaper sprayer may be a good option.

Picture stolen from Bathroom Sprayers dot com.

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