Monday, July 26, 2010

Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes

Marilyn keeps putting on her shoes and saying "ouch" with every step. I figured it was time to pack up all her shoes that were fitting snug. I just packed up a pair of black Sunday shoes, a pair of white Sunday shoes, beige leather striderites, pink leather striderites, multi colored sandals and brown leather T-straps. That seems like allot to pack away but none of the shoes are fitting her any more.
In the stash I was lucky to find two pairs of shoes that she'll fit into. She now has a pair of black crocks, and a pair of bedazzled sketchers. If her new Sunday shoes don't come before Sunday she'll be wearing crocs to church on Sunday.

These are the shoes that I ordered. They are striderite and they only cost 7 bucks. I figure it's worth the wait to get better quality shoes for the price that you would get just going to the store and picking something up.

Rise and Shine

This morning I was awaken by my 20 month old with her voice repeating the word "go" in a sing-song voice. When she says "go" like this it means that it's time to go. She managed to crawl out of her crib, put on some shoes and she found a jacket and put it on, then she crawled into my bed to wake me up. It was only 6:30 and I should of figured she wanted to wake up. I did think that she was cute all dressed up. I just wanted one more hour of sleep.
Later on when I was trying to go to the bathroom I was interrupted by a four year old wanting to tell me about the movie that he is going to see today at the theater. Seriously he walked right into the bathroom and started chatting away. I am glad that he is excited about the movies but at times I do want to be alone.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Dragging With My Horns and Tail.

I want to say that I am making all of this up so I don't get into trouble.
I was looking at some pictures on facebook of friends. I just clicked in the thumbnail thinking that one of my friends went to a drag club. When I clicked on it I thought it was no one that I knew. I have noting against drag queens. I love that they are able to flaunt their sexuality. I love confidence. I clicked on the next button to realise that the person that looked like a drag queen was one of my step sisters that I haven't spoken to in years. Ouch: I have a brutal mind.
The person that was standing next to her in the picture looked really feminine but had full on facial hair. The person was tagged in the photo so I clicked on the link. The person is FEMALE! Out of my curiosity I opened up some of her pictures. I guess the two of them are in a relationship. That is a way to find out someones relationship status. I guess she doesn't keep in contact with my step mom. Sad how things work out. I am not sure if she understands how much a mother really loves a child.
I feel guilty for judging her the way that I did. I don't believe who she is, is something negative so I don't want you to think that of her.
I deleted my myspace account that I was friends with her on. I think I am just now finding out that she has a Facebook page. I miss her. I don't know if I should make an effort to contact her or not.

Thank You Rebates!

So the other day I posted that I thought that we were negative 75 dollars in our bank account. Our bank charges 35 dollars for each bounced check. My husband checks the account balances over the phone so I think he wasn't paying attention on what they were saying about the 35 dollars. The 35 dollars were rebates that were going into the account. The checks were not put into the same category because the other checks that go into he account are direct deposit. So we only had 75 dollars in our account and we were not negative. We are still really close to broke so I still can't spend any money.
My hubby has been out of town and we have a rebate from Costco so we can go grocery shopping. The rebate check has his name on it and they won't let me cash it. It has been on our fridge for the past couple of weeks. I have the list of what I want to get over there.
We needed some fresh groceries, so I did the coin star thing the other day to pay for our groceries. I am hoping things will get better for the company that my husband work for so I don't feel as broke. Something a little bit odd: It seems like every time I go to the store it cost me eight dollars and change out of pocket. I went to Target for groceries and that is how much it cost. I didn't get much: milk, American cheese, fruit roll ups, soap, three greeting cards, some pop n'fresh, face wash, yogurt. I wanted to get some more things that I had coupons for but that never happened. They were closing and I just thought that the store closing was my sign that I really didn't need all off of the other things right then.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Caribean Pizza

I wanted Jerk Chicken and Texas wanted Pizza, so we had a compromise: A Caribbean style pizza and it was SO good.

If you want to try this yo will need:
an adult
One can of refrigerated crescent roll dough
1/4 cup salsa (I used fresh homemade)
1 chicken breast diced
1 1/2 Tbsp jerk seasoning
1/3 cup shredded cheese

Green onions and cilantro for garnish.

Toast the dough until it is fully cooked according to directions on the can
Cook the chicken with the Jerk seasoning in a frying pan until fully cooked
Top the crust/cooked dough with salsa, then cheese, then your cooked chicken
Place back into the over until cheese is melted
Remove and serve topped with the cilantro and green onions.


One of the old men from church has a garden with a ton of zucchini. My hubby made a trade and now we have 15 pounds of zucchini. The trade was that I would bottle some of it with our pressure cooker. I went to bottle some fagioli soup and we only had three jars. That's awesome: we have 15 lbs of zucchini, no money for more jars, so we need to eat the remaining 10 pounds of zucchini that I haven't cooked yet before it rots.

Here is Marilyn in the outfit that she picked out with some of the zucchini.

My last three jars. I used a pressure cooker for three jars.

The remaining soup I put it in the crock pot and we had it for dinner last night. The kids loved it.

Fagioli Recipe

1 lb ground beef
1 med onion chopped
2 tbsp spaghetti sauce seasoning (I use the old spice island recipe for the seasoning)
2 cloves garlic
- brown all of these ingredients above in a pan

a stalk of celery diced
2 med-large carrots chopped
1 cup of diced potato
2 cups squash or zucchini

a small can tomato paste (my hubby doesn't like the tomato chunks, but you can use whatever you want)
2 cups chicken broth
1 cup water
1 can white beans (I rinse them)
1 small can of v8
parsley, salt and pepper to taste

-throw everything into a crock pot and cook for about 4 hours on low. Feeds 8.

Monday, July 19, 2010

8 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Use Coupons

This morning this was the article that was posted on the front page of yahoo. I think couponing is worth it. I do admit that it takes time. I have done the whole "I don't need it but it will make me money if I get it". I love high volume coupons. But the one the fits me so well was number seven. I have done that so many times. My husband doesn't mind. I guess he is just glad that he doesn't have to go to the store when I use the coupons.

by Amy Fontinelle
Monday, July 19, 2010

"Couponing seems to be a time-tested strategy used by moms everywhere to stretch the household budget. But there are many reasons why using coupons won't necessarily help you come out ahead. Here are eight reasons why the savings generated from coupons aren't always worth the costs of collecting and using them.

1. You have to buy a newspaper.

This doesn't apply to any free coupons you happen to get along with products or in the mail, but once you pay for a newspaper, you've lost money. You then have to make up for that loss by using enough coupons to break even. Then, you have to use even more coupons to come out ahead. And that doesn't even account for the value of the time you spend clipping and organizing them.

2. Clipping coupons takes time.

Yes, you can do it while you watch TV and turn "unproductive" time into "productive" time. But there are a lot of things you can do while you watch TV - mop the floor, prepare a week's worth of meals or actually let yourself relax and not do anything for once. Your time might be better spent on another activity.

3. Getting a newspaper invites lots of additional advertising into your home.

Advertising is powerful stuff - this is part of the reason why companies offer coupons in the first place. You might actually end up buying more stuff by having all those ads around, negating any savings you get from coupons. The same is true if a coupon compels you to venture into a store you wouldn't otherwise visit.

4. Many of the coupons will be for things you neither need nor want.

Unfortunately, coupon circulars aren't customized to your shopping habits. If you are a die-hard bargain hunter, if may be hard for you to turn down a good deal, even if it means buying something you weren't planning on getting anyway. However, from a financial perspective, buying more than you need or want just doesn't make sense.

5. Coupons can tempt you to spend your grocery dollars on things you shouldn't.

Coupons don't always market the healthiest foods. This might mean that they'll lead you to buy things that aren't very good for you. Anyone can see that clipping coupons that tempt you to purchase sugary cereals and fatty or salty snacks isn't the greatest thing for your health. If your idea of a healthy snack is more "I'll have an apple" and less "I'll just have one serving of potato chips," you're unlikely to find much in the coupon circulars at all that will interest you. The "fruits and veggies" section of your coupon organizer is going to be a lonely place. Do you really want an incentive to bring more junk food into the house? Plus, if you have a monthly grocery budget that you stick to no matter what, coupons will only get you more food or different food - they won't truly save you any money.

6. The same coupons tend to be offered over and over again.

After a few months of coupon clipping, you'll realize that you're repeatedly clipping the same coupons. This might work for you if you use the same products repeatedly, but it's not so great if you prefer variety and experimentation. You often won't use all the coupons you clip by their expiration date, so you'll have to toss that yogurt coupon that expired on June 30 only to clip another identical one that doesn't expire until July 31. This is time consuming - not to mention aggravating. The redundancy of coupons is especially annoying if the coupons are for items you don't even want to buy.

7. You might become a slave to coupons.

It can be very difficult to buy something without a coupon once you get used to using coupons. Knowing that you can get ice cream for $2.50 might make it difficult for you to spend $4 on it even though many times, it would be worth it to spend the extra $1.50 rather than pine for ice cream and cast longing glances at your freezer every night for three weeks until your next coupon arrives. You might also find yourself making more trips to the grocery store in order to purchase things only when you have coupons for them.

8. Shopping takes longer.

If you have to hunt up and down the aisles in search of the item you have a coupon for, you'll spend more time at the store. This could also lead you to spend more money, potentially negating the savings you're working so hard to accrue.

The Bottom Line

Yes, you can save a lot of money with coupons, especially when you combine them with sales. However, there are some drawbacks to coupons that must be taken into account. Perhaps the most dedicated coupon clippers can overcome these hurdles and still achieve overall savings. If you're not one of them, there's no need to start clipping."

Sunday, July 18, 2010


I found a cloth diaper that is under five dollars. It's named Dappi. Yes it's a teribl name. You heard me right about the price. It's not just an old school prefold like our grandmothers used. Prefolds do cost about three to five bucks a piece but this is not a tricky prefold. The reviews on this diaper are better than some of the 25 dollar diapers. They compair it to Kissaluvs quality. I think I paid 20 dollars for each one of my kissaluvs. I really want to try them to see if they are to par. They cost 2.99 a piece and they are made of a cotton and a poly blend. They don't come in any cute patterns, just white. I have a kissaluvs in hot pink and one that is in a retro flower print. I don't think it's worth paying more just to have the prints.
On the reviews Dappi received a 4.5 out of 5 stars. Can you guess what Happy Heiny's® scored? They got a whopping 2.5 stars. I think this brand would of gotten a better rating if they didn't shrink in the wash. That was the one down side.
On the site that I was looking at, the number one diaper is GroBaby. GroBaby is a good diaper: I have six GroBaby diapers just because after I tried them I found a sale on them. They were on sale for about 10 bucks a piece but with shipping and tax they came to about 14 a piece. They are easy to use but I think that the smartipants are still number one. Smartipants was their number four out of their two hundred and some odd different brands of diapers that the site had.
I also would like to try the new Bum Genius diapers. The new 4.0. Their new diapers look like they would work out well. I am on their waiting list. The Bum Genius diapers were rated number 2. Number 3 was thirsties diaper set. The Thirsties look a bit cheap to me, but eh, if they work, why not. Sposoeasy was number 5. Heck, this is the first time that I've heard of Sposoeasy. They look just like Bum Genius to me. I guess they are a good diaper. I am not going to go through all of the diapers. It's a really long list. Those are some of the best diapers.
Most of the diapers on the list I have never heard of so I am googling each one to see what they look like and how each one is different.
The Dappi so far is the cheapest diaper that I have found. I would love to try these to see how they work.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Lesson to Learn

This video is suppose to be about second chances. Yahoo has a whole channel that is just about people getting a second chance. I saw this and thought that this guy could teach me something. Not something about being green. I think everyone is their own degree of green without having to make an effort. The man in the video taught me something about being humble. He realised that he doesn't need everything that he had and his time is more important than stuff. Ignore the cheesy music in the background of the video and just look at everything that this man has and how happy he seems.
Then I think of everything that we have in our house and everything that we really don't need. I wonder what it would be like if we got rid of everything and just had only the basics. Most of the junk that is around our house is just stuff. I have told my husband that when we move I want to downsize our home and get rid of everything and start from scratch, only getting the things that we need. He doesn't like the idea but I think it's a great idea. Packing to move is just a chore. Why pack when you can sell every thing and use the money to get new things? We would look really silly only have food storage to unpack into a new home. I have dreams. I guess one of the big dreams is that everything in the house has a place. I guess that is never going to happen.

Baby Face

I just want to keep on talking because I wasn't finished venting. Spencer left for work about a half an hour ago. I think the next Saturday that he'll have off is on Christmas.
Something sweet: Yesterday I was at a play date and one of the moms thought that I went to high school with her. I am almost ten years older than her. It made me feel like my smile wrinkles aren't that bad. I brought it up and KenPo and everyone thought that I was younger than I was. I thought that I looked my age, I guess I look a bit younger. People also think that Spencer looks young for his age. If they do the math of some of the things that he has accomplished in his life they guess 25 or 26. If they don't do the math then they guess younger, like I'm a pedophile kind of young. But then people say that I look older than him. I guess if he looks like he is 18 and I look like I am 20 that's fine. Both of us point out what makes up looked aged. One of the things that we point out is that we have two kids. Do kids make you look older?
The other day one of my friends that has seven children was in the store with all of her seven children because it's the summer time and all seven children are out of school, was stopped and asked how old she was and if all of the kids were hers. If you have seven kids you are going to be asked that. But then the worker in the store thought that she was too young to have kids those ages. The worker thought that she looked like she was 22. The mother with seven children is in her 30's. That's not too crazy because I know of a mom that is 22 and has seven kids. You can tell which mother doesn't believe in birth control.
About having tons of kids: some of my high school friends are now expecting number five. I know that I am in my late 20's, but five kids seems like a lot of work and I am not sure if I would be able to handle that many children at my age. I am sure that they can. God only knows what is best for the person. All of those Mamma's were blesses with ovaries that produce billions of eggs and are able to grow and pop out babies faster than china and some people are still trying to brew up and baby in a test tube and are paying a hundred grand just to have the experience of having their very own biological child with genetic likeness.
I don't know which one would be harder to handle: having 10 kids or having 10 miscarriages and seeing the mother with the ten kids and envying what the other mother has. This is the maternal instinct that drive some women crazy. Crazy as in the women that kidnap pregnant ladies and try to do cesareans on them to take the baby. CRAZY! I know how hard miscarriages are and I am not taking them lightly. Miscarriages put a hole in your sole. They are really hard to handle. You never truly understand them unless you go through one.
No I have not gone though a miscarriage recently. Do you want my view on them? Miscarriages put allot of stress on a person. First off you are all emotional because the hormones are all out of wack so you cry about every little thing already. Once a person finds out that they are expecting she'll start planing in her head what is to come and how her life is changing. The mother may be excited or may be scared. You imagine your like changing in the next year and the next 70 years. You dream of that person inside of you as a child and as an adult. You dream of their faces and their personalities. You think of the life of the person and what they will become if the future. You want the person to grow into a terrific person and you already want the best for them and you haven't even met them. Then one day it is all taken away and none of the things that you were planing are ever going to happen.

In Need of a Money Tree and a Shrink

I have been up for the past couple of hours. I'm awake because I don't feel so hot. It's a Saturday too. Isn't Saturday suppose to be the funnest day of the week? I guess it's not suppose to be fun for me because it feels like I need to puke.
I started thinking about my teeth. I have crazy dreams that my teeth falling out. I really do need to go to the dentist. Well, not just go to the dentist; I need to get my teeth fixed. I think I have three or four cavities. For sure I have one tooth that needs to be filled because I think the filling fell out of it. It feels nice and sharp. I keep on putting my tongue on it just to feel how sharp it is.
The reason that I haven't gone to the dentist is because we don't have insurance to cover dental. A simple filling cost about 500 bucks. That is all of the money that I have saved up for my shelves that I want to put in our garage. This whole thing makes me want to cry. All of my hard work saving the money for something that is so material is going to go to something that I have to have. I guess I shouldn't be so upset because I told Spencer that I really didn't need the shelves I just wanted them. I also told him that I could hold out for another year without shelves just in case we move. And of course he said that he was going to use that money to build up the business outside of California.
I guess that I am awake because I am a little bit stressed too. Yesterday we were overdrawn in our checking account by 75 dollars. I know that doesn't seem like much. We were over drawn because our nephew decided to park in a reserved parking spot and got the work vehicle towed. The impound yard would not take checks or American express that the company would pay for, but they did take our visa that did not have enough money in the account. And another reason that we are overdrawn is because my husband paid for a business dinner. Yeah! Now we have NO spending money at all for the next two weeks.
For some reason I am the one that gets the fingers pointed at because we have no money left. Are you for real? I was the one that bought groceries and toiletries, and stuff for the office and kept everything under 50 bucks for the whole two weeks. All of the other spending that I have done was paying bills. Wait, I went to Taco Bell and spent 6 dollars on me and the kids, but I used my gift card from Kleenex. I know it's not his fault that he went over. Both of those things that he paid for he wasn't suppose to pay out of his pocket.
To add more stress to my life my husband wants a puppy for his birthday. Yes, you heard me right: he wants a puppy. We lost our dogs a couple months ago. Both of our dogs were picked up within the hour of getting out, and yet there has been a black mutt roaming the streets of our neighborhood for weeks. I think someone had it out for our dogs because they were adopted so fast. I don't want to get another dog while we live in this house. I am afraid that if we get the same kind of breed of dog the same thing will happen while we are living here. I do want another dog like Ginger. Does anyone in the Western United States have a Black Mouth Cur that they would be willing to give away? How about a house swap?
Crap! Now I have a migraine coming on. I need to stop stressing about everything.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tide: Are You For Real?

I was washing the poopy diaper inserts with Tide stian release. Someone commented on how their child was alerigic to the stuff. Well sure enough, yesterday my daughter had a nice splotchy rash that was in the shape of a rectangle. The same rectangle shape that the insert is. I just wanted white inserts, and what I got in return was a red splotchy bum.
I havn't used the rectangle inserts for a while because they are made of terry cloth and are hard to scrub all of the dirt out of. In most of the diapers that need those kind of soakers I just insert a trifold. And because of this I am now finding out that my daughter is alergic to Tide.
Now I get to wash all of the inserts that I am unsure of being washed in Tide in some boiling hot vineger water. Ahhh! I would like to hit Tide right now: Hit them with my car.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Famous Dave's

I started to "Like" Famous Dave's on Facebook just so I could get a coupon for a buy one get one entree. The last Famous Dave's that I went to was out in Utah. The one in South Jordan Utah is good. I went to the one that is out in Redlands California and I am glad that we had a coupon. It was a fun date trying to eat the tough tri tip, and smothering all of the flavor of the food out with their six different flavors of sauce. It made it a great activity. The food was edible but I don't think it's worth 15 bucks a person.
FYI: If you are ever feeling fat; just go into a Famous Dave's (or a Home Town Buffet). It made me feel like a super model.


It's the fish. On Saturday Spencer went fishing. He caught a bunch of sea bass (I think we have about 10 lbs). The boat caught over 700 fish that night. That was a great night for fishing. Now we have a bunch of fish to eat. Last night we had fish tacos with avacado and black beans. Tonight we are having fried fish with with a dill crust, vegies and diced red potatoes. I need two more meals. Any ideas?

Snow White Scooter

One of my friends posted pictures of when she got this same thing. I have been procrastinating at bit.

My mom and my aunt gave me a bunch of codes from their movies and I submitted it for a scooter. This is going to be a present for Marilyn. I wouldn't count this as free because it takes some work to get it and the movie codes that you need, you need to buy movies or ask someone with movies if you can have thier codes.
To prove how much it cost me I am posting a recipt again.

Thanks Mom and Aunt Karen for all of the codes♥

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Price is Right, Biotch!

I will tell how much it cost before the sale and my coupons then the total cost of all of this and of what I spent on all of this.

$50.56 is what all of this would of cost if there were no coupons and no sales.

Because I returned one item and rebought it for an extra savings of 2 dollars, this all cost $8.20

The Sharpie Markers before the sale cost more than everything that I spent out of pocket. Sorry that the picture is sideways: It won't let me rotate.

I am proud of myself. I told my hubby how much I spent and he said it was good that I returned one thing to use an extra coupon. We have needed some of these things for a while now and I've just been procrastinating until back to school sales for them.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Good Day For Free!

This morning there was a knock at the door. I heard the truck drive off so I knew that there was a package. I told Texas that he could bring it inside and open it. At the very top there was this:

At first I thought that this was a binder to help plan the party. I was wrong. It's an art kit:

Texas was so excited. He kept on asking who sent it, and if it was his birthday. I told him that Kleenex sent it and want us to have a party. Now he is twice as excited. I let him and Marilyn use it while I did dishes and there is going to be a party. Kleenex made me look like the nicest mom ever.

I signed up for a house party. Well I signed up for a few house parties and Kleenex choose me to throw one of their parties. The sent me this huge box of the new Kleenex hand towels and a 10 dollar visa gift card. I feel so spoiled!

Now here is the annoying part. . .

I never take picture of the free things that I get so here I go. This wasn't quite free. It was 8 dollars and change out of pocket. After the rebates it will be free :) Thank you RiteAid and P&G for all of the coupons and rebates. Without the coupons this would of been over 100 dollars. I looked like a fool going through the check out three times. It may waste time but it saves money.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Where Did My Babies Go?

Seriously? I was going through another batch of clothes that are too small for my kids and both of them have grown out of another size. Marilyn is now a 2T and Texas is in size 5 and 6. I look at Marilyn and think that she's tini-tinie. I guess that she is about average hight, and her arms must be super long. Today she has been running around in a 2T hoodie that fits her perfectly: she won't take it off.
Texas is going through a phase where he only wants to wear shorts. He tried on some 4T pants the other day and they were too short. I know that he's grown out of 5T shirts because my cousin pointed out that his pajama top was a little bit snug.

Marilyn has sprouted through four sizes so far this year. She's just catching up. On her one year birthday she was in a size 3-6 months or maybe a 6-9 months. The coat that she wore to my dads house was 9 months and she was swimming in it. I think I got the coat for five bucks on clearence over at Gymboree. I got lucky. I bought the jacket to gift it because it was a super good deal. All of the other clothes that we got for her for her first winter were 18 months and 2T. I thought that because my son was in those sizes when he was 8 months, I thought that she would too be in the same sizes. I'm so foolish :P

I looked through the stash of clothes that I have for my kids and I think Marilyn is ok on clothes. I need to get her some Sunday shoes and that is about it. I got some hand-me-downs from my little sister (hoping that they would fit). My neice and Marilyn are shaped so different. Marilyn has a longer torso so her rootbeer belly hangs out.
Texas may need some more clothes. He has three shirts and five pairs of pants and a jacket in the stash. No undies to grow into: Most of the undies that he wears are in 2T. I think it's time to pack those puppies up.

Because of this growth spurt, there will be a girl that will get some brand new winter hand-me-downs. I think It will be my neice Zoë if I'm not willing to get knocked up in the next year or so.

All of this is kind of making me stress out about money. I'm doing all of the budgeting in my head for the rest of the year has I type this.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Short Vacation

We left on a short vacation on Friday. I know that it's only Thursday. We drove 24 hours to get to Huston Texas. It was lots of fun. Houston Texas smells like barbecue and everyone is super polite. I was surprised to her a homeless person say, "excuse me", instead of, "Get off of my f*&%ing sidewalk!". It was like a whole different world.
We were able to see and do lots of things. We went to an alligator park, to the aquarium and to a fast food drive through that had prime rib.

The gator park was exciting! This guy freaked me out a bit by standing up right when I was about to take the picture. I was about three feet away from it.

This is the picture right before it got up.
The most exciting thing I saw at the park was a bird that had a crawdad in it's mouth; I tried to take a picture of it and it started to fly away. Stupid me turned off my camera at the same moment a gator snapped at the bird flying away from me. It was awesome to see.

Um. We ate at the aquarium because we were told that it's not worth going inside because of how small the place is. The food wasn't that great but Texas loved watching the fish.

Houston, Texas has barbicue eveywhere. The place smells like barbicue in the morning. You can get really nice cuts of meat in drive thru's. Everything grilled that we had out there was awesome.

On Independence day Texas and Marilyn decited to go swimming in their nice festive clothing; I didn't get any pictures of them in their cute clothes. We were able to wach fireworks ontop of my sister in laws parking garrage.

On the way home Spencer was able to work a little bit out in Texas. It's a long drive out there and back but I gotta say that it was well worth it.