Saturday, July 17, 2010

Baby Face

I just want to keep on talking because I wasn't finished venting. Spencer left for work about a half an hour ago. I think the next Saturday that he'll have off is on Christmas.
Something sweet: Yesterday I was at a play date and one of the moms thought that I went to high school with her. I am almost ten years older than her. It made me feel like my smile wrinkles aren't that bad. I brought it up and KenPo and everyone thought that I was younger than I was. I thought that I looked my age, I guess I look a bit younger. People also think that Spencer looks young for his age. If they do the math of some of the things that he has accomplished in his life they guess 25 or 26. If they don't do the math then they guess younger, like I'm a pedophile kind of young. But then people say that I look older than him. I guess if he looks like he is 18 and I look like I am 20 that's fine. Both of us point out what makes up looked aged. One of the things that we point out is that we have two kids. Do kids make you look older?
The other day one of my friends that has seven children was in the store with all of her seven children because it's the summer time and all seven children are out of school, was stopped and asked how old she was and if all of the kids were hers. If you have seven kids you are going to be asked that. But then the worker in the store thought that she was too young to have kids those ages. The worker thought that she looked like she was 22. The mother with seven children is in her 30's. That's not too crazy because I know of a mom that is 22 and has seven kids. You can tell which mother doesn't believe in birth control.
About having tons of kids: some of my high school friends are now expecting number five. I know that I am in my late 20's, but five kids seems like a lot of work and I am not sure if I would be able to handle that many children at my age. I am sure that they can. God only knows what is best for the person. All of those Mamma's were blesses with ovaries that produce billions of eggs and are able to grow and pop out babies faster than china and some people are still trying to brew up and baby in a test tube and are paying a hundred grand just to have the experience of having their very own biological child with genetic likeness.
I don't know which one would be harder to handle: having 10 kids or having 10 miscarriages and seeing the mother with the ten kids and envying what the other mother has. This is the maternal instinct that drive some women crazy. Crazy as in the women that kidnap pregnant ladies and try to do cesareans on them to take the baby. CRAZY! I know how hard miscarriages are and I am not taking them lightly. Miscarriages put a hole in your sole. They are really hard to handle. You never truly understand them unless you go through one.
No I have not gone though a miscarriage recently. Do you want my view on them? Miscarriages put allot of stress on a person. First off you are all emotional because the hormones are all out of wack so you cry about every little thing already. Once a person finds out that they are expecting she'll start planing in her head what is to come and how her life is changing. The mother may be excited or may be scared. You imagine your like changing in the next year and the next 70 years. You dream of that person inside of you as a child and as an adult. You dream of their faces and their personalities. You think of the life of the person and what they will become if the future. You want the person to grow into a terrific person and you already want the best for them and you haven't even met them. Then one day it is all taken away and none of the things that you were planing are ever going to happen.


dannyscotland said...

Sounds like you had a rough day. I'm so sorry.
My good friend has been trying to have a baby for years now and has not had any luck. I hated telling her when I got pregnant with my daughter.
From your previous post, the money thing, we moms *always* get the blame when there's no money; I guess we aren't supposed to buy the groceries, but then of course, we get the blame when "There's nothing to eat in this house". We just can't win. I feel your pain. Hang in there. Tomorrow is a new day and I hope it will be a better one.

Jen said...

I woke up sick in the middle of the night and I just wanted to talk.
The money think is not really our fault, we just got stuck in the middle of a bad situation. He needed the van, they wouldn't take the company check or card, so it was up to us. We'll get paid back, but gosh it's rough.

Michele said...

hmm, i wonder if that 30 year old mom with 7 kids is someone i know . . haha! people always think i am the nanny or something. i guess i should enjoy it while i can.
i have to say (from personal experience)a miscarriage is a very hard thing to go through. between hailey and brooklyn i lost a baby boy at 20 weeks. we had been trying for so long, and i was so excited. i was devastated and it took a long time to get to where i am now. i think that is why i got pregnant with brooklyn right away (3 months later). heavenly father knew i needed her. as hard as it was, she is such a joy i can't imagine her not being here.