Monday, July 26, 2010

Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes

Marilyn keeps putting on her shoes and saying "ouch" with every step. I figured it was time to pack up all her shoes that were fitting snug. I just packed up a pair of black Sunday shoes, a pair of white Sunday shoes, beige leather striderites, pink leather striderites, multi colored sandals and brown leather T-straps. That seems like allot to pack away but none of the shoes are fitting her any more.
In the stash I was lucky to find two pairs of shoes that she'll fit into. She now has a pair of black crocks, and a pair of bedazzled sketchers. If her new Sunday shoes don't come before Sunday she'll be wearing crocs to church on Sunday.

These are the shoes that I ordered. They are striderite and they only cost 7 bucks. I figure it's worth the wait to get better quality shoes for the price that you would get just going to the store and picking something up.


dannyscotland said...

WOW!! How did you score those for only $7??? That is a great find! Go you!

My daughter has a pair of church shoes, a pair of sneakers, and a pair of brown semi-dressy shoes. These she will wear. Sandals, she will NOT wear!

Jen said...

I got them at kidsurplus dot com. They just came and they are too big. I guess Marilyn will need to wear crocs to church :|
They are 6.99 on the site and at the time they were having a 20% off, so with shipping they were still 6.99.