Sunday, July 18, 2010


I found a cloth diaper that is under five dollars. It's named Dappi. Yes it's a teribl name. You heard me right about the price. It's not just an old school prefold like our grandmothers used. Prefolds do cost about three to five bucks a piece but this is not a tricky prefold. The reviews on this diaper are better than some of the 25 dollar diapers. They compair it to Kissaluvs quality. I think I paid 20 dollars for each one of my kissaluvs. I really want to try them to see if they are to par. They cost 2.99 a piece and they are made of a cotton and a poly blend. They don't come in any cute patterns, just white. I have a kissaluvs in hot pink and one that is in a retro flower print. I don't think it's worth paying more just to have the prints.
On the reviews Dappi received a 4.5 out of 5 stars. Can you guess what Happy Heiny's® scored? They got a whopping 2.5 stars. I think this brand would of gotten a better rating if they didn't shrink in the wash. That was the one down side.
On the site that I was looking at, the number one diaper is GroBaby. GroBaby is a good diaper: I have six GroBaby diapers just because after I tried them I found a sale on them. They were on sale for about 10 bucks a piece but with shipping and tax they came to about 14 a piece. They are easy to use but I think that the smartipants are still number one. Smartipants was their number four out of their two hundred and some odd different brands of diapers that the site had.
I also would like to try the new Bum Genius diapers. The new 4.0. Their new diapers look like they would work out well. I am on their waiting list. The Bum Genius diapers were rated number 2. Number 3 was thirsties diaper set. The Thirsties look a bit cheap to me, but eh, if they work, why not. Sposoeasy was number 5. Heck, this is the first time that I've heard of Sposoeasy. They look just like Bum Genius to me. I guess they are a good diaper. I am not going to go through all of the diapers. It's a really long list. Those are some of the best diapers.
Most of the diapers on the list I have never heard of so I am googling each one to see what they look like and how each one is different.
The Dappi so far is the cheapest diaper that I have found. I would love to try these to see how they work.

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