Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Good Day For Free!

This morning there was a knock at the door. I heard the truck drive off so I knew that there was a package. I told Texas that he could bring it inside and open it. At the very top there was this:

At first I thought that this was a binder to help plan the party. I was wrong. It's an art kit:

Texas was so excited. He kept on asking who sent it, and if it was his birthday. I told him that Kleenex sent it and want us to have a party. Now he is twice as excited. I let him and Marilyn use it while I did dishes and there is going to be a party. Kleenex made me look like the nicest mom ever.

I signed up for a house party. Well I signed up for a few house parties and Kleenex choose me to throw one of their parties. The sent me this huge box of the new Kleenex hand towels and a 10 dollar visa gift card. I feel so spoiled!

Now here is the annoying part. . .

I never take picture of the free things that I get so here I go. This wasn't quite free. It was 8 dollars and change out of pocket. After the rebates it will be free :) Thank you RiteAid and P&G for all of the coupons and rebates. Without the coupons this would of been over 100 dollars. I looked like a fool going through the check out three times. It may waste time but it saves money.


dannyscotland said...

Free or almost free--totally worth multiple checkout trips! Have fun at your party!

Jen said...

Totally! I still need shampoo for my year storage. Maybe I can get to the point where I wont need to walk into a store for a year. That would be awesome.

jen madsen said...

cool! My kids would be excited for all the art stuff as well. 8 dollars all that is so worth it.

Jen said...

Sofar with the rebates I have gotten 2 dollars back. So now it's costing 6 dollars. :) I have white teeth now!