Saturday, July 17, 2010

In Need of a Money Tree and a Shrink

I have been up for the past couple of hours. I'm awake because I don't feel so hot. It's a Saturday too. Isn't Saturday suppose to be the funnest day of the week? I guess it's not suppose to be fun for me because it feels like I need to puke.
I started thinking about my teeth. I have crazy dreams that my teeth falling out. I really do need to go to the dentist. Well, not just go to the dentist; I need to get my teeth fixed. I think I have three or four cavities. For sure I have one tooth that needs to be filled because I think the filling fell out of it. It feels nice and sharp. I keep on putting my tongue on it just to feel how sharp it is.
The reason that I haven't gone to the dentist is because we don't have insurance to cover dental. A simple filling cost about 500 bucks. That is all of the money that I have saved up for my shelves that I want to put in our garage. This whole thing makes me want to cry. All of my hard work saving the money for something that is so material is going to go to something that I have to have. I guess I shouldn't be so upset because I told Spencer that I really didn't need the shelves I just wanted them. I also told him that I could hold out for another year without shelves just in case we move. And of course he said that he was going to use that money to build up the business outside of California.
I guess that I am awake because I am a little bit stressed too. Yesterday we were overdrawn in our checking account by 75 dollars. I know that doesn't seem like much. We were over drawn because our nephew decided to park in a reserved parking spot and got the work vehicle towed. The impound yard would not take checks or American express that the company would pay for, but they did take our visa that did not have enough money in the account. And another reason that we are overdrawn is because my husband paid for a business dinner. Yeah! Now we have NO spending money at all for the next two weeks.
For some reason I am the one that gets the fingers pointed at because we have no money left. Are you for real? I was the one that bought groceries and toiletries, and stuff for the office and kept everything under 50 bucks for the whole two weeks. All of the other spending that I have done was paying bills. Wait, I went to Taco Bell and spent 6 dollars on me and the kids, but I used my gift card from Kleenex. I know it's not his fault that he went over. Both of those things that he paid for he wasn't suppose to pay out of his pocket.
To add more stress to my life my husband wants a puppy for his birthday. Yes, you heard me right: he wants a puppy. We lost our dogs a couple months ago. Both of our dogs were picked up within the hour of getting out, and yet there has been a black mutt roaming the streets of our neighborhood for weeks. I think someone had it out for our dogs because they were adopted so fast. I don't want to get another dog while we live in this house. I am afraid that if we get the same kind of breed of dog the same thing will happen while we are living here. I do want another dog like Ginger. Does anyone in the Western United States have a Black Mouth Cur that they would be willing to give away? How about a house swap?
Crap! Now I have a migraine coming on. I need to stop stressing about everything.

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