Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Lesson to Learn

This video is suppose to be about second chances. Yahoo has a whole channel that is just about people getting a second chance. I saw this and thought that this guy could teach me something. Not something about being green. I think everyone is their own degree of green without having to make an effort. The man in the video taught me something about being humble. He realised that he doesn't need everything that he had and his time is more important than stuff. Ignore the cheesy music in the background of the video and just look at everything that this man has and how happy he seems.
Then I think of everything that we have in our house and everything that we really don't need. I wonder what it would be like if we got rid of everything and just had only the basics. Most of the junk that is around our house is just stuff. I have told my husband that when we move I want to downsize our home and get rid of everything and start from scratch, only getting the things that we need. He doesn't like the idea but I think it's a great idea. Packing to move is just a chore. Why pack when you can sell every thing and use the money to get new things? We would look really silly only have food storage to unpack into a new home. I have dreams. I guess one of the big dreams is that everything in the house has a place. I guess that is never going to happen.


dannyscotland said...

Oh, if only I could get my husband to give up some of his stuff. He has so much, it's not even funny. He's like a semi-hoarder, really. He doesn't go out looking for stuff, but once he has it, it takes a crowbar, some duct tape (to tie his hands), and several strong men to get it away from him. Frustrating for me, because I like to purge now and then.

beckwithmansion said...

I like Jay's little home. I think minimal living is what I used to like about backpacking. But, now that I'm older, I do love my comforts.