Monday, July 12, 2010

The Price is Right, Biotch!

I will tell how much it cost before the sale and my coupons then the total cost of all of this and of what I spent on all of this.

$50.56 is what all of this would of cost if there were no coupons and no sales.

Because I returned one item and rebought it for an extra savings of 2 dollars, this all cost $8.20

The Sharpie Markers before the sale cost more than everything that I spent out of pocket. Sorry that the picture is sideways: It won't let me rotate.

I am proud of myself. I told my hubby how much I spent and he said it was good that I returned one thing to use an extra coupon. We have needed some of these things for a while now and I've just been procrastinating until back to school sales for them.

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jen madsen said...

wow! that is such an awesome price for all of that.