Friday, July 23, 2010

Thank You Rebates!

So the other day I posted that I thought that we were negative 75 dollars in our bank account. Our bank charges 35 dollars for each bounced check. My husband checks the account balances over the phone so I think he wasn't paying attention on what they were saying about the 35 dollars. The 35 dollars were rebates that were going into the account. The checks were not put into the same category because the other checks that go into he account are direct deposit. So we only had 75 dollars in our account and we were not negative. We are still really close to broke so I still can't spend any money.
My hubby has been out of town and we have a rebate from Costco so we can go grocery shopping. The rebate check has his name on it and they won't let me cash it. It has been on our fridge for the past couple of weeks. I have the list of what I want to get over there.
We needed some fresh groceries, so I did the coin star thing the other day to pay for our groceries. I am hoping things will get better for the company that my husband work for so I don't feel as broke. Something a little bit odd: It seems like every time I go to the store it cost me eight dollars and change out of pocket. I went to Target for groceries and that is how much it cost. I didn't get much: milk, American cheese, fruit roll ups, soap, three greeting cards, some pop n'fresh, face wash, yogurt. I wanted to get some more things that I had coupons for but that never happened. They were closing and I just thought that the store closing was my sign that I really didn't need all off of the other things right then.


dannyscotland said...

I'm glad your bank balance wasn't negative!

Jen said...

Me too. I even called the bank to see what was going on.