Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tide: Are You For Real?

I was washing the poopy diaper inserts with Tide stian release. Someone commented on how their child was alerigic to the stuff. Well sure enough, yesterday my daughter had a nice splotchy rash that was in the shape of a rectangle. The same rectangle shape that the insert is. I just wanted white inserts, and what I got in return was a red splotchy bum.
I havn't used the rectangle inserts for a while because they are made of terry cloth and are hard to scrub all of the dirt out of. In most of the diapers that need those kind of soakers I just insert a trifold. And because of this I am now finding out that my daughter is alergic to Tide.
Now I get to wash all of the inserts that I am unsure of being washed in Tide in some boiling hot vineger water. Ahhh! I would like to hit Tide right now: Hit them with my car.

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