Friday, July 9, 2010

Where Did My Babies Go?

Seriously? I was going through another batch of clothes that are too small for my kids and both of them have grown out of another size. Marilyn is now a 2T and Texas is in size 5 and 6. I look at Marilyn and think that she's tini-tinie. I guess that she is about average hight, and her arms must be super long. Today she has been running around in a 2T hoodie that fits her perfectly: she won't take it off.
Texas is going through a phase where he only wants to wear shorts. He tried on some 4T pants the other day and they were too short. I know that he's grown out of 5T shirts because my cousin pointed out that his pajama top was a little bit snug.

Marilyn has sprouted through four sizes so far this year. She's just catching up. On her one year birthday she was in a size 3-6 months or maybe a 6-9 months. The coat that she wore to my dads house was 9 months and she was swimming in it. I think I got the coat for five bucks on clearence over at Gymboree. I got lucky. I bought the jacket to gift it because it was a super good deal. All of the other clothes that we got for her for her first winter were 18 months and 2T. I thought that because my son was in those sizes when he was 8 months, I thought that she would too be in the same sizes. I'm so foolish :P

I looked through the stash of clothes that I have for my kids and I think Marilyn is ok on clothes. I need to get her some Sunday shoes and that is about it. I got some hand-me-downs from my little sister (hoping that they would fit). My neice and Marilyn are shaped so different. Marilyn has a longer torso so her rootbeer belly hangs out.
Texas may need some more clothes. He has three shirts and five pairs of pants and a jacket in the stash. No undies to grow into: Most of the undies that he wears are in 2T. I think it's time to pack those puppies up.

Because of this growth spurt, there will be a girl that will get some brand new winter hand-me-downs. I think It will be my neice Zoƫ if I'm not willing to get knocked up in the next year or so.

All of this is kind of making me stress out about money. I'm doing all of the budgeting in my head for the rest of the year has I type this.

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dannyscotland said...

Oh, they grow too fast! My daughter is in 18 month clothing at age 18 months, but for knit pants/shorts I get her the next size up because of the cloth diapers. They are bulkier than the disposables that today's baby clothes are designed for. I'm thinking about another baby too, but probably not til next spring. I plan to hold on to all my daughter's things until I do have another baby and see if it's a boy or girl. If it's a boy, then I will weed out and give away the stuff I can stand to get rid of. It's so hard to even think about giving away her clothes!