Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dapi Update

The Dapi is the most affordable cloth diaper on the market that I have found other than the good old trifold diapers. They cost about 3 bucks a piece. I bought one to try it out thinking that it would be like the kisaluv brand because some of the reviews said that. They have no anti leak or water barrier on the diapers so you do need some kind of water proof pants to go over them. They are like the trifold diaper without the pins.
I washed them and they shrunk: They shrunk a lot. It was a large and I would say that the size now is in between a small and a medium because I washed them in hot water before putting them on my babies bum. Because they shrunk so much the Velcro rubs on my baby's skin :(.
These diapers did give me a good idea though. Now I kind of want to buy some trifolds, cut them to be contoured, and put a waterproof layer on the outside and some snaps and voila: a all in one diaper! Now all I need to do is get my sewing machine that has been broken for the past couple of years fixed and get some suplies to make them.


jen madsen said...

too bad the cloth diaper shrank.Though your idea sounds great! I would defently do that.

dannyscotland said...

I have always wanted to try my hand at making a cloth diaper but I am too lazy. I did find that my local Joann's store carries three colors of PUL fabric (waterproof and used in lots of diaper covers/AIOs/Pocket diapers). If you have a Joann's nearby, they might have some.
I hope if you make one you'll share some pictures of it. :-)

Jen said...

They do have a JoAnns! I get their coupons too :)