Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Spencer's best friends grandpa past away. His funeral is this Friday. So we get to cancel all of our plans to go out to Utah. Hey you can spell funeral with out fun.
My little sister is coming out to California because one of her best friends is getting married this weekend. So I am going to miss her. She will be here and I will be there.
I had to mix up all of my weekend plans. My kids are going to miss a birthday party. Texas good Friend that moved away six months ago is going to be in town. I had to reschedule all of kenpo classes and the double date that I had planed for the weekend has gone down the crapper.
I am going to try to make the best of our trip out to Utah. This weekend will be the my husbands family reunion so we'll try to make it to part of that. I am hoping that Spencer and I can go on a date to my favorite restaurant in the whole wide world: The Bohemian. I also hope to meet my new niece Zoƫ.
Tonight Spencer, the kids and I went to Target with some coupons and got a bunch of snacks and juice boxes for the trip. I figure that gas station junk food cost twice as much or more. We got an awesome price on the juice boxes. An 8 pack for less than a dollar each. They are normally three bucks a 8 pack. My friend traded me some coupons (YES!). I also had coupons for some of Spencers favorite snack: Bugles, and chex mix. And the kids got some of their favorites: fruit roll ups. I had a budget and I stayed in budget even though Spencer did sneak in some ice cream and hot fudge (I saw him sneak it, if I thought that we would need to use the card I would have him put it back).
I said that I was going to finish packing today. I only am a quarter of the way done. I should get off of the computer and get my butt in gear.

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dannyscotland said...

I'm sorry this happened. Have a safe trip.