Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gilt-ty Pleasure

I guess someone that I sent the link to to liked something that they had because I had another credit for 25 bucks. I just got 20 pairs (or 40 socks) of Little Miss Matched socks for 95 cents. That is the price of shipping and all.

So here is the link again:

If you invite a friend, on their first order you get a credit of 25 dollars. The prices at are a little bit high, but about half the price of the manufacture site. These boutique sites have items that hardly ever go on sale and that is why they only have them for a couple of days. You may find brands like Right Bank Babies or Elephantito on this site for 50% off or more (so you are getting Wal-Mart prices on Rodeo Drive clothes).

I am pritty excited about all of the socks!

I also just got a "groupon" for gap. I talked myself into the groupon because I gave my Carters punch card to one of my friends because I didn't want to spend another 60 dollar there just to get 10 dollars back. She was saying that she needed more winter clothes for her little girl so I just gave it to her. I think I got everything that I wanted from Carters. Gap has clothes in my size so maybe I can get myself some new jeans.

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dannyscotland said...

Wow, that's great that you got such a good deal on those socks. Little Miss Matched has some really cute stuff for sure.