Thursday, August 5, 2010


Sorry for not being on here in forever. I have some family in town so I have been entertaining her and her daughter the past few days.
I just wanted to let you know about another one of those cool shopping sites.

If you sign up through this link and buy something you can give me a 25 dollar credit :P Ok for real though: Right now they are having a crazy good sale where if you buy any children's item, you get a 25 dollar credit to use for later.

I tried to copy the picture of what I got but it wouldn't let me so here is a link:

They were out of the red bathing suit so I got it in blue. Oh, and there is no way that I would spend 40 dollars on a bathing suit for Marilyn. It cost 10. Then I am getting the 25 dollar credit. Yeah for me :)


dannyscotland said...

Cute swimsuit!

Jen said...

I think so too. With my 25 dollar credit I ordered a couple of lunchboxes.