Thursday, August 26, 2010

Just Because She's Spoiled

Marilyn is the most stuborn little girl I have ever seen. She will seriosly scream for two hours because she wants chips instead of her dinner. If she doesn't have her baby doll or her bear at night it is the same thing.
When we were at the family reunion, Marilyn kept on taking one of my neices baby dolls and claming it as her own. I hept on hearing "NO!" and "MINE!" in her little voice. Those words were folowed by a fast little pitter-patter of her little feet. After the little pitter patter there I was snatching the doll away, folowed by death screaches, then folowed by my sister in law finding another doll and handing it to Marilyn.
Marilyn does this to get her way, and it works. Daddy gives in. Now daddy wants to buy her another baby doll for her birthday. She has a baby doll but the daddy wants me to find a baby doll just like her other one but a couple inches smaller. Sounds like a chalenge!
Oh and Spencer also wants me to find a doll stroller that wont fall appart. They had a deal on but I passed it up hoping that I can find a better deal on black friday.

Aside that I found some super cute flowers. Not saying where because they were still expecive, but I couldn't pass them up. My freinds tell me that Marilyn has alot of hair assories but that is because I make almost all of them. I also like to have bows that match every outfit, the same with shoes. The home made bows and flowers are so much better than the store bought ones that I have: They cordinate with more outfits and I don't really need to worry about it getting lost because they cost pennies to make (about 25-50 cents per flower and about 10 cents per headband).

Here are the ones that I bought. Do you see what I mean? They are super cute. I want to see one close up to see how they are made and then I want to try to make one.

Here is my Miss Marilyn wearing one of the headbands that I made♥

... and then a bunch of headbands that I made for my cute little neice. I need to go and get some more silk flowers. I think all of those headbands cost about three dollars to make.


dannyscotland said...

I'm becoming addicted to hair clippies, too. My daughter will finally wear them and now she asks for them when she gets dressed! I've started making my own, too, but I like the felt animals (those are little girl's favorites, too) so they're taking a bit more practice. I love the ones you just bought.

Don't worry about the tantrums. It's normal. Just try to be as consistent as you can, and eventually she'll outgrow them. Or so I'm told!

jen madsen said...

those head bands are cool. I like the red one a lot. my girl is stubborn as well. If it was up to her she would have cherrios three times a day. She has to sleep with her favorite blanket and teddy bear every night.