Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Marilyn's Going to be Two!

Marilyn is going to be two in November. I just ordered her birthday present online. I know it's a few months in advance but I've been watching the prices for everything go up the past couple of weeks because the holiday season starts at the end of August believe it or not. I found this out when I worked in retail.
I told my husband that Marilyn really doesn't need another baby doll because she got one last year. He used the line that she would like another one more like her cousins doll. Don't act surprised because I know I have told you before that Marilyn is spoiled.
I got the doll at Toyscamp.com because they had free shipping and their prices are pretty low for the brands that they carry. I also went to RetailMeNot.com and found a promo code for 25% off. The same doll at ToysRus is over 45 dollars with the shipping. I think I did ok getting the doll for less than 30. The little mommy from fisher-price are 35 dollars at ToysRus for heavens sake!
We are also looking for a baby doll stroller that is affordable and won't fall apart in a week. Most of the doll strollers that look like that are not going to fall apart are over 20 dollars. If anyone knows of a more affordable doll stroller let me know. I am starting to debate on getting one from ebay for just the frame and making a new seat.
The doll is cute, it's the same brand as her other baby doll, about the same quality of the American Girl Bitty Baby doll but less money. I am sure that it will hold up to lots of love.


dannyscotland said...

I like the new title. My daughter will be 2 on December 26th, so talk about shopping issues! Have you looked at Lakeside.com or ltdcommodities.com? If you search the site for "doll" they have a set of doll accessories that I think I remember were pretty inexpensive. I got a doll from them called "La Newborn" and she is the absolute cutest thing. At first the smell bothered me (supposed to smell like a nursery) but it has dissipated. She really looks newborn. Anyway, these two sites (ltd is cheaper on some items) have a lot of strange stuff, but some name brand stuff sometimes, too. So it might be worth checking out.

Jen said...

Thanks :) I will check it out!