Friday, August 27, 2010

More Flowers

Spencer took Texas to "work" yesterday. He called me, I could hear Texas' voice and Texas' friend, Wyatt in the background. Spencer took the kids fishing. The day before Texas was a terror and I needed a break. It was just one of those days where you get one chore done and while I was doing that one chore, four more chores were created by two little tornado's. Two little tornadoes that kept on throwing fits and driving their mother crazy!
It was a nice break having Texas go fishing. I was able to have some "me" time. I was able to put the house back to normal. The house still isn't clean, but it's normal. I was also able to make some flowers. I imagined them to look better than they came out. I really should start selling them. I guess Marilyn can wear a different one each day, but that is a whole bunch of headbands... Ok, here I go. The flowers are for sale, send pictures to your friends and family, I'll do custom orders. Small flower headbands cost $1.50, large flower headbands cost $3.00.

This baby was such a good model. She stayed still and didn't even blink!
They came out cute don't ya think? (well, all but the daisy. The daisy looks too retro)


jen madsen said...

cute head bands. you are very talented. they all look awesome.

dannyscotland said...

I think they look good, even the daisy!