Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Gilt Credit

Ok, so the other day I posted about the site Gilt. When I placed the order through them they were having a promotion where if you ordered any children's item you would get a 25 dollar credit. So I bought a 10 dollar item that day. Sure enough, once the credit can be used most of the items on the site are over 30 dollars. I waited a couple of days until they got some things in that were more affordable. When I was looking Texas saw these lunch boxes and wanted one.
I looked online for just generic lunchboxes like the ones that I had when I was a kid. I even called my mom and asked her how much they cost back when I was in elementary school. Back then they were about 10 dollars and they came with the thermos. Now they are 20 and you need to buy a thermos separate from the dang thing. So they come out to 40 bucks for both the box and the thermos. That is too much money to spend on something that you replace every year.
Another reason that I am justifying getting this: Most of the time that we go to the park, all of my sons friends bring lunches, and because his little lunch bag isn't big enough, I pack the rest of our lunch in a used grocery bag. If I don't pack a lunch we go and get some fast food (which is bad for my wallet and bad for our health).

So this is the "Lunch Box" that we got: The Goodbyn lunchbox. It is more of a food storage container. It is really cute. It comes with stickers to decorate the front of the thing. There are little sections so there is no need for a gazillion plastic baggies and there is a bottle that fits in the middle so less trash there too. I'm going to be so green :P

Hopefully I will be motivated to use this thing just like using my reusable water bottles. The water bottles paid for themselves the first trip to an amusement park. So I am sure that these lunchboxes will save us money after the first couple of uses. These things retail for about 25 dollars. They are on sale over at Gilt for 15 and then I had my 25 dollar credit.
I looked up the tupperware lunch set that they have and it retails for the same price: $25. It comes with a tumber, sandwitch container, a snack container and a bag. The bigger one cost more. For thermos brand lunch boxes it's not too bad. Prices from $7 (for just the bag, not a box). When you try to find ones with the thermos is when it get pricy. Wow, the weirdest things make me feel poor.

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dannyscotland said...

That is so cute! What a fun lunch box. I got a lunch box for myself (I always packed my lunch when I was teaching because I don't like the cafeteria food) several years ago that looks like a puppy dog face. My 2nd and 3rd graders thought it was great. I liked it, too, and I still have it. Now my daughter uses it sometimes. Oh, it came from Target, and I think it cost about $15, but I'm not sure. It may have been less than that. I doubt I would have paid more than that for a lunchbox.