Thursday, August 19, 2010


I gave myself a sharpi marker manicure on one hand. Then I realised after I was done with my left hand that I am for sure not a lefty. I am for sure that I'm not talented enough to do both hands and have both hands look good.
I did the manicure in the first place because my nails are growing. My nails hardly ever grow. Out of my excitement and boredom, I tried to make my nails cute.

Because of my lack of skill, I changed it up a bit and this is what they look like now.

This last one is just for fun. When I was loading up the pictures about a dozen pictures that I didn't take came up. I know exactly whose little toes those are because one of my children always wants to go bear foot, and the other always wants to wear shoes.


dannyscotland said...

They look cute! Good job. I'm like you, can't do diddly to my right hand. :-)

jen madsen said...

nice job.. it looks better then what i could do. I'm not a lefty either. I usually end up painting megan's nails and not mine.

Jen said...

Marilyn almost always has her nails painted. It's funny how your kid has a nicer manicure than you do when you are the one that gave it to them.

Evansfamily said...

You might be pregnant if your nails are growing....just sayin :)

Jen said...

Haha! I'm not pregnant. I am taking my thyroid treatments because my hair is falling out like crazy.