Monday, August 16, 2010

What have you been missing?

Here are some of the pictures of the chicken stew that I made. All of it was eaten. Everyone loved it. I posted the recipe last week when I made the stew but I am posting pictures now. I guess I will update that post too so it will have pictures.

I got a haircut on Saturday. I gave the lady the picture of how I wanted it and she cut it much shorter than the picture. When I got home my husband confested that he didn't like it. I put the flat iron to it and he said that it looked better.

I got the Toobydo baithing suit for Marilyn in the mail today. It fits too. She had two other baithing suits that she could wear, but one of the suits was too small and left dents in her sholders and the other was too big and wide. The big one I think will always show her nips. Her new one fits her long torso much better.

Oh, The day has been going along slowly. I have a four year old that needs a nap and a one year old that was waken up by the four year old durring her nap. So I've had two chidren that have been throwing fits all day. The younger one isn't has bad as the older one.


dannyscotland said...

I think the haircut looks nice, but it only matters if you like it. I'm sorry they didn't cut it correctly. Since I haven't been following your blog for long, I've never seen pics of your kids, and they're just as cute as can be!

jen madsen said...

well i like your new haircut. nice smile though..ha! your stew looks yummy! sounds like another day in paradise. hang in there tomorrow will be much better.