Sunday, September 26, 2010

I haven't been on here for a, um, long time.

So this is a update on everything. I have been super busy and I know where all of my time has been going.
First off, last week we got a puppy. If I don't have enough on my plate. I let my hubby talk me into getting a puppy.
Texas is also doing a co-op preschool with three other moms teaching. My day to teach is tomorrow.
We are still doing play dates every week.
I was chosen to host a Durex party ;) I was chosen to host a kleenex party before. Yeah for free stuff.
I am still doing lots and lots of couponing to cut the grocery bill down.
I have been making lots of bows. People have been asking me where I have been buying them so I am going to teach a class on how to make bows.
Our vacuum broke the same day that we got the puppy. I went to a vacuum shop and they wanted 32 dollars for just the brush. Dude, for three dollars more I can buy a new vacuum! Thanks Target for having vacuums for 35 dollars.
We have had the puppy for a week and the puppy still isn't house trained. She also howls whenever she is lonly.
Spencer and I let Texas name the puppy. Her name is "Peaches Wally".
We are still doing Kenpo. Spencer has been doing really well in the class and he was asked to be in a professional fight. It's next week and it's only a minute long but he is still exited that he was asked.
My little sister was proposed to last week also. The guy seems nice. She wants to get married in Decamber. No she is not pregnant, we are mormon lol. She also wants me to make all of the flowers by hand. I am going to try to have all of the flowers done by thanksgiving.
My other little sister is finaly going to bless her baby. Her baby is now three, so she's not really a baby any more. Normally they try to have babies blessed when they are newborns.
I think I have everything. I should take pictures of the bows and some of the flowers so you can see what they are turning out like. I think I've updated you on all of the big things. Of course there are other things like Spencer going fishing when I am having a bad day (grrr!). But all of these things are just life.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Beckwith Estate

My dad rents out his HUGE house. He lives in a town called Palmyra NY. It's a small town that gets tourist durring the summer. The rest of the year it's pritty slow. He created a facebook page to get the word out that he rents out his house.

We went out to visit my dad for Christmas. It was nice. For the house being so old the house is HUGE! It's a cute little town that he lives in. Lots of old shops and some Amish live not too far away. They have a Menonite store not too far away from the town if you want to buy some amish food and see some of the things that amish and Menonites use. It was a nice trip. I think I bloged about my trip back in January.

There is only one Hotell in the whole town and that place gets booked fast. So if you are thinking of going to the west side of New York, My dad has a few rooms. Click on the "like" button to become a fan, and on that page it has a link to his blog that has more pictures.

Friday, September 10, 2010

I do have some crafty skills...

I just don't use my skills as often as I should.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Laudry Soap

I feel so weird posting this. I started making laundry soap. I have a year supply of other "free and clear" laundry soap, but Marilyn is allergic to almost all of our soap so she is getting special treatment just because I would rather not rub creams on her morning and night.

All that the soap has in it is:

1-2 inches of a shredded Zote bar (or any oil free bar like Ivory) cost about $1
1 cup baking soda: cost about $3 for the big box
1 cup washing soda: cost about $3 for a huge box
1 cup borax: cost about $3 for a big box
2 table spoons oxiclean: cost about $5 for a tub

I just mix off of the ingredients in a container. I keep this laundry soap dry and I use it as a powder because I see it as a hassle to boil all of the ingredients. At first the zote will be really soft and look stringy in the detergent but after a couple of days with all of the other ingredients, the zote will dry up and start to crumble so it will look more like a normal laundry soap.
For all of the ingredients it cost less than 20 dollars, but per recipe it cost less than three bucks. Each load of laundry: less than 5 cents. Most other laundry detergent cost about 10 cents a load. For Dreft or another gentle laundry soap, there is no way that you are going to find something for 5 cents a load.
I use about 2 tablespoons per a wash and all of the clothes come out looking clean and smelling great. This recipe helps remove yellow stains (like all of the pit stains on my white shirts) wich is awesome in my opinion. And the baking soda takes out all of the smells. I was doing a mixture of Oxiclean and baking soda before for presoaking diapers, now I just make this soap and use it with a gallon of water to soak the diapers.
For my fabric softener I am still using about a tablespoon of vinegar in the wash. I've heard that you can use watered down hair conditioner as fabric softener, but that sounds iffy to me because of all of the perfumes that they put into most conditioners. I guess it would work, I just don't want to try it.
I hope this is helpful for all of you economically cautious, environmently cautious, and paranoid people out there. Wow, I just described myself in three short phrases. Enjoy people!

Friday, September 3, 2010

I Just Need to Breathe

I changed my whole title because it wasn't as fitting as I wanted for what I was posting. I am finally posting that I did that because I got bored enough.
Wait, I have something else to say! MY SON HAS BEEN SUCH A TERROR! My son has been rubbing off on my daughter too. You know, just those days where it's one thing after the next: Full pop can in the silverware drawer. Crushed almost all of my dried roses to make a "milkshake" with a brand new thing of yogurt. Full bag of Cheetos in the sink taking a bath. Color crayon mural on the closet door. Going to the store with the kids to have one of the dragging feet while I am pushing the shopping cart and having that child yell "NO" at strangers. Then having those strangers give you advice how to raise your child (Trust me, I've tried way before they gave me the advice and if it worked then I wouldn't be in the situation!) Toilet paper machete on our popcorn ceiling. Kids saying that they are hungry, me making them their food, just so they can yell that they are not hungry. Finding an open cake mix in a closet with a spoon in it. No naps. Children following me around crying because dad wants to give them spankings for acting the way they are.
My dad tells me that I would always do crap like this when I was a kid. Whenever I tell my dad anything that the kids have done that drives me crazy he tells me something that I did when I kid that was almost exactly the same. When my dad was a kid he would do the terrorizing things to his parents and the one before that was my grandfather. My dad got all girls, five girls and out of all of us two are were terrors when we were kids. The two of us that were terrorist as kids grew out of it and have kids of our own. So far my sister that was a terror with me does not have a terrorist of her own.
I guess karma is just biting me in my butt. I am just waiting for the day that my kids have kids of their own. I am thinking that for some people the terror skips a generation. We'll find out. For right now I need to take a deap breath.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Christmas Shopping

This morning I got an attachment from freebies to deals. The link to freebies2deals is right above. There is a coupon code for 50% off of graveyardmall that works in the clearance section! The code is shipbyseptember17. The kids are finally going to get a wagon that they can ride in. The code gave an additional half off to make it 75% off but with the shipping it came to 65% off.

I already have scooters for the kids from my Disney Movie Rewards. I think they are going to be from mom and dad though because Texas has seen the scooter that I got for Marilyn and he keeps on asking if he can play with it.

So at this rate I will only need to buy candy for Christmas. Two years ago we didn't have a budget for Christmas and got whatever family wanted (It didn't seem that bad then). I think this year it will be 75 for each of the kids, and 5 dollars for extended family members (Spencers side of the family draws names and they have a budget of 35). So all together that comes out to a 330 dollar budget. I am praying that they have the little George Forman's on sale for five dollars on black Friday again.
I haven't bought Texas' Christmas present yet because last year he wanted one thing and when we went to Bass Pro to see Santa, he saw all of the toys and wanted a remote controlled car instead.
Something else: we try to do a Secret Santa every year. Most years we go out of our way and spend 100 dollars per a person. This year I kind of want to find an angel tree and snag all of the tags so I know what the kids want for Christmas. I just kind of want to do that, I probably won't do it. This is just my own opinion but there are families out there that just want handouts and I don't want to do any of those kinds of families and it feels like every time we ask for a name that is what we get. What I really want to get nice gifts for abused children. I want to get them clothes, a blanket, a bag to hold everything in, and a toy to comfort them. That is what I really want to do for Secret Santa.