Saturday, September 11, 2010

Beckwith Estate

My dad rents out his HUGE house. He lives in a town called Palmyra NY. It's a small town that gets tourist durring the summer. The rest of the year it's pritty slow. He created a facebook page to get the word out that he rents out his house.

We went out to visit my dad for Christmas. It was nice. For the house being so old the house is HUGE! It's a cute little town that he lives in. Lots of old shops and some Amish live not too far away. They have a Menonite store not too far away from the town if you want to buy some amish food and see some of the things that amish and Menonites use. It was a nice trip. I think I bloged about my trip back in January.

There is only one Hotell in the whole town and that place gets booked fast. So if you are thinking of going to the west side of New York, My dad has a few rooms. Click on the "like" button to become a fan, and on that page it has a link to his blog that has more pictures.

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