Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Christmas Shopping

This morning I got an attachment from freebies to deals. The link to freebies2deals is right above. There is a coupon code for 50% off of graveyardmall that works in the clearance section! The code is shipbyseptember17. The kids are finally going to get a wagon that they can ride in. The code gave an additional half off to make it 75% off but with the shipping it came to 65% off.

I already have scooters for the kids from my Disney Movie Rewards. I think they are going to be from mom and dad though because Texas has seen the scooter that I got for Marilyn and he keeps on asking if he can play with it.

So at this rate I will only need to buy candy for Christmas. Two years ago we didn't have a budget for Christmas and got whatever family wanted (It didn't seem that bad then). I think this year it will be 75 for each of the kids, and 5 dollars for extended family members (Spencers side of the family draws names and they have a budget of 35). So all together that comes out to a 330 dollar budget. I am praying that they have the little George Forman's on sale for five dollars on black Friday again.
I haven't bought Texas' Christmas present yet because last year he wanted one thing and when we went to Bass Pro to see Santa, he saw all of the toys and wanted a remote controlled car instead.
Something else: we try to do a Secret Santa every year. Most years we go out of our way and spend 100 dollars per a person. This year I kind of want to find an angel tree and snag all of the tags so I know what the kids want for Christmas. I just kind of want to do that, I probably won't do it. This is just my own opinion but there are families out there that just want handouts and I don't want to do any of those kinds of families and it feels like every time we ask for a name that is what we get. What I really want to get nice gifts for abused children. I want to get them clothes, a blanket, a bag to hold everything in, and a toy to comfort them. That is what I really want to do for Secret Santa.

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dannyscotland said...

I love the angel trees. My school used to do one (secretly) for kids in the school, and the teachers would get stuff. One lady's husband would dress up as Santa and deliver the gifts and food. I wonder if a local school would be interested in something like that?