Sunday, September 26, 2010

I haven't been on here for a, um, long time.

So this is a update on everything. I have been super busy and I know where all of my time has been going.
First off, last week we got a puppy. If I don't have enough on my plate. I let my hubby talk me into getting a puppy.
Texas is also doing a co-op preschool with three other moms teaching. My day to teach is tomorrow.
We are still doing play dates every week.
I was chosen to host a Durex party ;) I was chosen to host a kleenex party before. Yeah for free stuff.
I am still doing lots and lots of couponing to cut the grocery bill down.
I have been making lots of bows. People have been asking me where I have been buying them so I am going to teach a class on how to make bows.
Our vacuum broke the same day that we got the puppy. I went to a vacuum shop and they wanted 32 dollars for just the brush. Dude, for three dollars more I can buy a new vacuum! Thanks Target for having vacuums for 35 dollars.
We have had the puppy for a week and the puppy still isn't house trained. She also howls whenever she is lonly.
Spencer and I let Texas name the puppy. Her name is "Peaches Wally".
We are still doing Kenpo. Spencer has been doing really well in the class and he was asked to be in a professional fight. It's next week and it's only a minute long but he is still exited that he was asked.
My little sister was proposed to last week also. The guy seems nice. She wants to get married in Decamber. No she is not pregnant, we are mormon lol. She also wants me to make all of the flowers by hand. I am going to try to have all of the flowers done by thanksgiving.
My other little sister is finaly going to bless her baby. Her baby is now three, so she's not really a baby any more. Normally they try to have babies blessed when they are newborns.
I think I have everything. I should take pictures of the bows and some of the flowers so you can see what they are turning out like. I think I've updated you on all of the big things. Of course there are other things like Spencer going fishing when I am having a bad day (grrr!). But all of these things are just life.

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