Friday, September 3, 2010

I Just Need to Breathe

I changed my whole title because it wasn't as fitting as I wanted for what I was posting. I am finally posting that I did that because I got bored enough.
Wait, I have something else to say! MY SON HAS BEEN SUCH A TERROR! My son has been rubbing off on my daughter too. You know, just those days where it's one thing after the next: Full pop can in the silverware drawer. Crushed almost all of my dried roses to make a "milkshake" with a brand new thing of yogurt. Full bag of Cheetos in the sink taking a bath. Color crayon mural on the closet door. Going to the store with the kids to have one of the dragging feet while I am pushing the shopping cart and having that child yell "NO" at strangers. Then having those strangers give you advice how to raise your child (Trust me, I've tried way before they gave me the advice and if it worked then I wouldn't be in the situation!) Toilet paper machete on our popcorn ceiling. Kids saying that they are hungry, me making them their food, just so they can yell that they are not hungry. Finding an open cake mix in a closet with a spoon in it. No naps. Children following me around crying because dad wants to give them spankings for acting the way they are.
My dad tells me that I would always do crap like this when I was a kid. Whenever I tell my dad anything that the kids have done that drives me crazy he tells me something that I did when I kid that was almost exactly the same. When my dad was a kid he would do the terrorizing things to his parents and the one before that was my grandfather. My dad got all girls, five girls and out of all of us two are were terrors when we were kids. The two of us that were terrorist as kids grew out of it and have kids of our own. So far my sister that was a terror with me does not have a terrorist of her own.
I guess karma is just biting me in my butt. I am just waiting for the day that my kids have kids of their own. I am thinking that for some people the terror skips a generation. We'll find out. For right now I need to take a deap breath.

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dannyscotland said...

Yep, just keep breathing! And don't let the kids see you "sweat". They can sense our fear! ;-)