Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Laudry Soap

I feel so weird posting this. I started making laundry soap. I have a year supply of other "free and clear" laundry soap, but Marilyn is allergic to almost all of our soap so she is getting special treatment just because I would rather not rub creams on her morning and night.

All that the soap has in it is:

1-2 inches of a shredded Zote bar (or any oil free bar like Ivory) cost about $1
1 cup baking soda: cost about $3 for the big box
1 cup washing soda: cost about $3 for a huge box
1 cup borax: cost about $3 for a big box
2 table spoons oxiclean: cost about $5 for a tub

I just mix off of the ingredients in a container. I keep this laundry soap dry and I use it as a powder because I see it as a hassle to boil all of the ingredients. At first the zote will be really soft and look stringy in the detergent but after a couple of days with all of the other ingredients, the zote will dry up and start to crumble so it will look more like a normal laundry soap.
For all of the ingredients it cost less than 20 dollars, but per recipe it cost less than three bucks. Each load of laundry: less than 5 cents. Most other laundry detergent cost about 10 cents a load. For Dreft or another gentle laundry soap, there is no way that you are going to find something for 5 cents a load.
I use about 2 tablespoons per a wash and all of the clothes come out looking clean and smelling great. This recipe helps remove yellow stains (like all of the pit stains on my white shirts) wich is awesome in my opinion. And the baking soda takes out all of the smells. I was doing a mixture of Oxiclean and baking soda before for presoaking diapers, now I just make this soap and use it with a gallon of water to soak the diapers.
For my fabric softener I am still using about a tablespoon of vinegar in the wash. I've heard that you can use watered down hair conditioner as fabric softener, but that sounds iffy to me because of all of the perfumes that they put into most conditioners. I guess it would work, I just don't want to try it.
I hope this is helpful for all of you economically cautious, environmently cautious, and paranoid people out there. Wow, I just described myself in three short phrases. Enjoy people!

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dannyscotland said...

Why do you feel weird posting this? It's so cool! I have always wondered how companies made laundry soap. I hope you'll post again about how it is doing with the cloth diapers. My paranoia is about ruining mine.