Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Sweat Shop Friday.

I went Black Friday shopping. I am sure that everyone knew that already. I went with a couple of my sisters right at midnight. We went to Walmart and stocked up on what was left at their store. We got there right at midnight so some of the things that were door busters were already gone.
After we went to walmart we decided to go to the mall because they were suppose to have some good deals there. The mall was insane! Last year when my sister in law was working there she said that there was no one. This year there were lines starting at the register and going out the door in all of the stores that we had on our list. So we decided not to get anything at the mall.

On our way out these are the friends that we met. They told us that we could take their pictures if we didn't buy anything from the mall. Good thing that the lines were too long.
The signs got me thinking. I think I am pro sweat shop. It gives people in other counties jobs. Most places that you purchase are made outside of the US. Think about it. Even your food is grown in Central America. We told the guys that we are tree huggers and we put our kids in cloth diapers. But our cloth diapers were made in sweat shops. I will be using each cloth diaper at least 20 times and there is more energy put into all of those disposables and the disposables just go into a landfill. You choose your battles.

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