Monday, November 1, 2010


I know that I have not been on here in forever. I have been busy. I was also feeling sick. Sick enough that it makes it hard to do the every day things.
Just a background check on me. I have all of this crazy "unhealthy" blood running through my veins.
In 2003, I had sinus surgery because I was always getting sick. Not hypochondriac sick, sick enough that they tell you to go home from work because they are affraid of you getting everyone else sick.
Later on that year, I had a really bad head ache. I went to the doctor, he sent me to a Optomologist and he that thought that I was deathly ill. After a bunch of x-rays and CAT scans they said that I just had migraines.

After giving birth to my son I was told that everything should be back to normal after 9 months. I weighed more than when I was pregnant with my son after nine months, and my hair was still falling out. I was dieting and exercising. I never exercised or dieted before. I found out that I had hypothyroidism a couple years later.

I made an appointment with a new doctor that is a little bit out there. After all of my blood work coming back crazy as ever. This doctor told me that he is pretty sure that it's not my diet that is causing my blood results to be so bad (almost all of the other doctors told me that it could of been my diet. Even when I was on a vegetarian diet!). I know there is no way that it could be my diet, or lack of exercises. There are days where I work out 4 hours, and I still take care of my family! The doctor told me that I have an auto immune disease that is causing everything to be out of wack. He wants to charge me more that I can afford for the "treatments" that he wants to give me when he told me strait up that he is unsure if they will work or not.
This doctor gave me a book about what is going on with my body. He thinks I have an auto immune disease called Hashimoto's. One of the main things is being gluten intolerant. I have always eaten bread and I never thought to just cut out gluten. I have not had gluten for the past three days and my waste line is getting thiner. I am not cutting carbs. My bloodsuger is starting to feel like it is getting back to normal. My vitamins feel like they are going back in wack.
I am still taking my handful of vitamins a day. I am just thankful that I am starting to feel better.


dannyscotland said...

Oh my gosh, that's so awful! I am sad to hear that you may have an autoimmune disease. They are the worst. I went through a time when they thought I had lupus because my hair had gotten really thin and I had a lot of joint pain, but when they retested me when I got pregnant, they said I don't, so now I don't know. I hope that some doctor somewhere will charge you a fair amount to help you deal with whatever is going on with you, and help you to find some relief from it.

Jen said...

I cut out gluten and I am feeling much better. I have an autoimmune disease for sure. I am glad that they figured it out so I am able to feel better.

Anonymous said...

Jen, so sorry to hear that you were diagnosed with Hashimoto's and that you;re having such a hard time! I actually had Hashimoto's myself and used natural means to put it into remission. Now I work as a Holistic Health Counselor and teach others to do the same. Would love to chat with you more about what you're going through! :)

jen madsen said...

I'm am so sorry to hear this. Though now i'm very relieved that with cutting out the gluten, that you're feeling much better.