Friday, November 19, 2010

International Make Someone Feel Uncomfortable Day

So many weird things were happening and I told my husband about them. I think it might be normal to have one weird thing, but it was one weird thing after the next.
First off: There was a guy on the side of the road, hitch hiking, while pulling up his pant leg to show some skin. I automatically looked around to see if he had any friends around him and he was alone. It was so weird!
Then when I was in Target, there was a lady in a neck brace, in one of those electric power chairs, with her dwarf boy friend. I wouldn't of thought anything about it until he go up on her lap and started kissing her in the middle of the isle. Something like that is SO not NORMAL!
Then after that when I was walking out of Target, there was a group of handicapped adults (Handicapped enough that they would need hospice care) sitting by the bench outside smoking some doobies. I am not sure if they got the memo, but that made me feel really uncomfortable that their caretaker lets them have smoke breaks.
I told my husband how weird it was. I also said that all of those things are normal for the town that we live in but three things in one day is weird!
After the day has ended I look on my facebook page and see that I was invited to join the "International Make Someone Feel Uncomfortable Day". Jokes on me.


dannyscotland said...

I've never heard of International Make Someone Feel Uncomfortable Day. And those are some seriously weird things you saw!

Jen said...

I KNOW!!!!