Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Our Environment

Environment? I have all of these things that I am allergic to and I keep them out of my house, the hippies that make organic items are doing this not just for marketing but for our safety, and there are all of these hippies that are trying to control every aspect of our life and tell us this is the way that it should be. To make your home a better environment for you and your family should be your own choice.
I'm trying to make my children's environment better by doing little things like dusting, making sure there is no harmful chemicals in contact with them and things like this (mostly it's because my kids think spray bottles are squirt guns). There are some downsides like the cleaners without the harmful chemicals don't clean as well. You win some and you loose some.
Ok, My sister in law gave me some essential oils to try out. I was sceptical. I tried them anyways. I have to say that they do help. They don't cure, they help. I Was thinking that they would just smell pretty. The oils really do seep into your skin, and into your bloodstream to help medicate you. I wonder if the people that invented cigarettes thought that the harmful chemicals didn't go into their bodies when they inhaled that junk?
This is just something to think about.


David and Alisha said...

Have you ever heard of E-Cloth? I just got some and I LOVE them! There is another company called Norwex that is the same thing but more expensive.

Jen said...

I'm just hearing it from you. They look kind of like a sham-wow.