Thursday, November 11, 2010


For any one that has children they feel panic when they hear a boom in the house. On Tuesday, around 9 o'clock, one child of mine was climbing on the cabinets that go above the toilets while the other child watched. I was getting ready for the day upstairs in the bathroom. I heard a crash, then I heard two cries right after it. I tried to open the door. The door wouldn't budge because the cabinets the fell over were about the same with of the little half bathroom. In a panic I ran up stairs and called 9-1-1. When I called 9-1-1 both of the kids were under the cabinet. I was afraid to pus the door open more because I was afraid that I was going to injere them. I talked to the operator with tears in my eyes because I didn't know what to do.
They sent over a police officer and the fire department. I was able to talk the kids into crawling out from under the cabinets (good thing it had doors on it!). All that they did was reach on arm into the bathroom and rotate the cabinets enough to pull both of the kids out.
After all of this I called my husband to tell him what happened; he laughed. I had a baby sitter come over to watch the kids and I told her; she laughed. The same thing with my kenpo instructor and my dad.
On top of all of this Texas is telling people that he had firetrucks come to his house.
I also think that the kids might of knocked some marbles loose during all of this. Today I caught Texas trying to teach Marilyn how to kiss: ON THE LIPS!!! I yelled at him trying not to laugh, and told him that he can only kiss the girl that he marries, and he CAN'T marry his sister! It was just funny because he had her in a dipping position with his lips puckered.

Whew, all of this stuff may seem really funny but it's taking a toll on me. I need to be getting to bed. Spencer is sick from the stinking strep bug that has been going around and I told him that I would run to the drug store before he heads off to work for some medicine. I clipped some coupons and everything so all that I'll have to do is throw on some clothes.

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dannyscotland said...

Well, I can tell you it didn't make me laugh, especially about the cabinet falling on them. That is seriously scary! I am so glad they are both okay. I can't believe people laughed about it. They really could have gotten hurt. As for the kissing's probably harmless, but it's good you told him he can't marry his sister. I think kids don't get the idea of marriage when they're little because the idea of love is really just "I love Mommy, Daddy, sister" kind of love. Or friends--I heard so many love songs on the radio that I thought (as a girl) were about two friends who loved each other. Really.

Well, I'm glad the kids are okay, and you should take a little break. Have a cup of tea (or something else you enjoy) and relax for a few minutes.