Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Time

My kids were all syked about Christmas. Texas asked Santa for a blue Lightning McQueen and Marilyn asked for a pink one right after her brother request the blue one. She's mentioned that she wanted a Jessy doll, but she didn't dare to tell Santa what she really wanted to his face. It's funny what turns into their favorite gifts.
Texas got his Dinoco blue Lightning McQueen and Santa also got him one of those fancy ramps sets for his new Lightning McQueen to drive on but he was needing some new bedding so Santa gave him a Lightning McQueen bedding set that he got at Walmart on Black Friday (Santa had help from Auntie Phat). Texas cracks up when I take the pillow and hit him in the face and tell him that Fin McMissile keeps on crashing. "That Fin McMissile needs to learn how to drive!" He keeps on taking the blanket off his bed and he's ask me to cuddle. He's five so that's getting a little weird but I love him so I'll let it slide.
Marilyn's favorite Snow white shirt was getting too small so Santa got her a bigger one. On Christmas day she changed her outfit eight times (I counted). I think it was mostly because she wanted to try everything on. Instead of telling grandma and grandpa that she got a Jessy doll she told them that she got princess shirts. She wore each outfit for at least an hour and I think everything that she wore got some kind of goobers on it. Her happiness is giving me extra laundry. It's so worth the extra laundry.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

It's Logical

Me, "Miss Marilyn, are you wearing your brother's underwear?"
It's clear that she is wearing boys undies under her shorts. You can clearly see the band of the undies because her pants are always fall down because of the lack of a behind that I genetically passed down to her.
Marilyn says. "No, these are not his underwear".
Then I say, "Who's underwear are they then?"
Marilyn replys, "These are my underwear 'cause they had a two on them".
Checked the size and they are a size 2T. I guess they are too small for her brother and I should of boxed them up. Texas wears a size six. I never boxed them up she grabbed them out of the laundry pile and put them on because she was out of panties. She was out of panties because she's been preoccupied with playing. Texas' briefs fit better than her baggy panties. Maybe she should wear her brothers underwear every day. I'll be giggling about this every time she bends over and instead of seeing her little plumbers crack I see those tractor underwear.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,
There are some helper Santas that are better than others. Let me start off with the ones that my children do not like. They notice when Santa says "Next" right after the last child's picture was shot. They really do not like the Santas that look at the parents right after the child says what they want and then they make a comment to the parent. The kids want your attention. Please do not turn to me and ask, "Do they really make those things?" or "Lets get real, does your kid really want that?". Once you do this my children will start screaming or pouting. Why do they start throwing a fit? Because they can hear you. They now think that Santa doesn't want to give them what they want for Christmas.
The good Santas: Bass Pro has some of the best Santas. They greet the children with, "Oh I've been waiting for you". They complement my kids outfits even though my kids picked out their clothes (and it's obvious that they did pick out their outfits). They act as if they know the child with the strange comments like "I think you've grown a little sense last year". When the child ask for a odd gift, they simply say, "I'll have to ask if my elves can make that for you" or "That's a very rare toy". They excuse the children with something to remember him like, "Be good and I get you that (super rare toy)" or "I hope you come and visit me next year". These things really make a big difference.

This is the FIRST time that I've seen both of my kids with pleasant faces talking to Santa. A week earlier we saw the mall Santa. With the mall Santa, Marilyn was screaming and Texas has a somber face and looked like he wanted to leave.

Most of our other Santa pictures are like this.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

I Must be Effing Crazy!

I decided to take the drive from Houston, Texas to Salt Lake City, Utah without my husband. I have never done a trip this far without any help. I'm thinking that I will have to stop half way and get a hotel.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


I took Texas to the dentist the other day. He has a mouth full of cavities. I'm serious, he has ten cavities! What's the point of me buying him a toothbrush every other month if he's not going to use it? It's going to cost about 2 grand to get his teeth fixed.
On top of all of this we are paying for Texas' private school, we are planing on going to Utah for Thanksgiving, we still need to go Christmas shopping and I would like to send out Christmas cards but who knows if that will happen.
Ugh, I hate it when money gets tight like this. We wrote out a budget and I need to scrounge up a few hundred dollars to make ends meet or we'll have to cancel going out to Utah all together. I'm thankful that it's not a few thousand dollars that we have to scrounge up but still, I should be thankful that my husband and I know math.

Friday, October 7, 2011


I love this Hawaiian favorite. I have people asking how to make it so here it goes.

Look how yummy and delicious it looks!

This is what you'll need:
Sticky rice
Nori: The seaweed on the outside
Spam- save the can
Furikake: The rice seasoning
Teriaki sauce
A squirt bottle with water
A rice cooker

Here's what you do:

First make the sticky rice. It doesn't matter to everyone what kind of rice you use. The trick to make sticky rice is to rinse it well. Rinse it until the water comes out clear. I don't use a colander, I pour water in the dish that I'm going to cook in, stir it with my hand and then dump out the foggy water.
I do not measure my rice with a measuring cup. I know people that do. The way that I measure is by sticking my finger in the water and the rice, the rice should hit the first knuckle and the water hits the second knuckle. I use a rice cooker so I can just walk away from the and not worry about it burning.

Shake the spam out of the can. I slice my spam so it's in the same shape of the top of the can. Grill it in a frying pan. Some people put teriaki sauce on the spam but I think the spam it too salty to add something even more salty in addition.

Slice the nori into 1/4 sheet strips. I use scissors to cut mine into strips.

Get a bowl and mix some furikake with your rice. If your rice is sticking to everything the trick is to use water. Have a squirt bottle of water on hand.

Use your Spam can as a mold. Spray the can that you are using for a mold with a mist of water to prevent sticking and then press the rice in until it's firm.

In this order, lay the nori down, then place the spam in the middle of the nori, then shake the rice out on top of the spam. Then take both ends of the nori and wrap up the rice and spam. Flip over your creation and now you have some musubi. Nom Nom Nom!

I love to wrap up musubi in cellophane and take it as a snack <3 It's good eating!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday!

Do You Remember?

Do you remember when you were in high school and you hung out with those girls that told you that you couldn't wear flower prints or you couldn't wear your hear in a low ponytail because it made you look too "little house on the prairie"? Trust me it was for my own good. Now, do you remember making the voodoo doll with the photo booth picture of the guy that used your for benefits? Do you remember what happened when that voodoo doll lost it's arm and you taped it back on?
I think karma is coming to get me! I can't afford to look super nice. The school that I put my son in is full of all of these super done up Stepford Wives, and then there's me: super frumpy. I need a honest friend that will tell me what I can and shouldn't leave the house in. We all know that you shouldn't leave the house in sweats, and caution wearing flip flops. I WEAR FLIP FLOPS ALL THE TIME. I need a stylist too. One that will play with my hair in the evening just for fun and it might be purple, but it's better than boring mousy brown.
I have two children and whenever dad goes out of town they feel like the rules have just gone out the window. Seriously, my son only had FOUR hours of sleep max last night. He was driving me insane. I need sleep too. Because he's five he was constantly crying and tattling. It was overwhelming. Because of the lack of sleep I didn't let him go to school and I wanted him to stay home so he could get some more sleep. It's not fair for his teachers to put up with a child that is going to constantly throw fits throughout the day.
Ugh, my head hurts. I think someone is pushing pins into the head of the voodoo doll that they've made of me.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cleaning Cheater

A short update: It was taking forever to close on the house so we withdrew our offer and we are now in an apartment. We are NO LONGER HOMELESS!

I wanted to let everyone know how I cheat with housework. I told some of the moms that I stick my kids lunchbox in the dishwasher when it gets too dirty and they were shocked. One of the moms the next day said that she tried it and it worked. I also put plastic toys in the dishwasher and I put dirty hats in there. Here are some more of my household cheats:

How I "mop" my floors: To tell you the truth I really don't mop. I keep my floors clean by sweeping first and then getting some good ol' kitchen cleaner in a spray bottle, squirting it all over the floor, then getting hose from the sink and spraying the floor down. Then I wipe up all of the wet soapy water with the mop or a old towel. I ring out the mop in the sink and I rinse it off in there. There is no need for a bucket with this methood.

To clean counters: I sweep all of the crumbs into the sink and then use that handy dandy kitchen spray to disinfect.

For your dining room, breakfast or kitchen table: Invest in some vinyl from the fabric store. It cost about $3 a yard and will save you time and the finish on your table top. The clear stuff is easy to clean and you can put a nicer tablecloth under it. It might look cheesy but it works.

Vacuuming: invest in a stick vacuum and let your kids fight over who gets to vacuum their room. Do not let the kids touch the other vacuum. The big vacuum is off limits because it's yours. This will motivate them to want the vacuum.

Voila! The time you spent reading this you can still have time to go and clean with my cheater tips. You're welcome!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


So we are in limbo right now with our house. We were pre-approved for our home loan and as of friday they wanted to pull a bunch of tricks and wanted seven differnt letters explaining where the money in our checking account came from. That was on Friday, on Wednesday they wanted five different letters. Seriously? They were demanding all sorts of weird stuff: check stubs and invoices and letters from companies that gave us money in the past who knows how many months. Because of this they had to extend our closing date again and I don't even know when the next closing date is. Good thing it wasn't just us that helped extend the closing date. The owner of the home didn't have all of the receipts in for the repairs on the house and he turned those in right before 5pm. I had all of my letters in before 10am. The morgatge company requested this stuff on Thursday night. Goodness gracious, I'm not sure if all of their request are lagit. We have our hotel until tomorrow because that is what the second closing date that was given us was. The 31st is tomorrow.
I called my realtor and asked her if all of these demands were normal. She said it wasn't. I got a print out of all of the hotel receipts to show the underwriters. I'm thinking that they don't believe that we are living out of hotels. The mortgage company wants every check that we have written in the past six months that is over $200. Can you see how this is stressful? We have given them everything that they have asked for and now we are waiting to hear back. They could say no and if that's the case we'll just get an apartment. Or they could say that they need more paperwork. I'm hoping that they will push everything through.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


My son started school on Monday. I really don't have a clue about where the time went so don't ask me that one. I want everyone to be prepared that the first day of school is not the same for every kid. Here is the update:
When dropping my son off on his first day I was hoping that he would act like he would miss me. He put his backpack on his hook, his lunchbox in his cubby and his water bottle on his little shelf and he told me that it was time for me to go. He was not choked up and he didn't act excited. It was like he's done this all before.
After school he acts tired and hungry. Why? I think it's because he's talking the whole time at lunch time and only eats two bites of his lunch.
Texas wants to go to school. He says that it's fun. If I ask him what his friend's names are he says that he doesn't know, but then later on he'll say a name and something about them. For example, "David is funny", or "Samantha says that I'm a gentleman". So he knows the names but doesn't want me asking questions.

His teachers (yes teachers, he has two: Mrs Pate and Mrs Bruins) say that he's doing great in class. I'm afraid that he's being a class clown or maybe a bully. I think that's just me being a paranoid parent. We'll see how the rest of the year goes.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Modest Clothing

Does anyone else have trouble finding modest little girl clothing? My girl is two and it seems like it is close to impossible to find modest summer clothes. Everything is sleeveless, too short or bears the belly.

I kid you not, this is a toddler swim suit from the Gap.

Who are we trying to raise? It's getting harder and harder to find clothes for my daughter.

Friday, July 22, 2011

I Can Coupon Without Even Trying!

I went to Target without any coupons. I wanted drinks, some good chocolate, ice cream and my favorite gum.

I got:
Juice boxes
2 2 letters of soda
A thing of ferrero rocher
A think of chocolate covered bing cherries
A box of klondike bars
2 boxes of wheat thin sticks
and a three pack of my dentine pure gum.

Wow, that shopping list you can tell what time of the month it is for me. That aside, I thought it was going to cost about 20 dollars. I found some peely coupons and I snagged them. I waked off with all of that for less than 14 dollars and then I have 10 dollars in coupons for a future trip. Not too shabby for not clipping any coupons.

Can you tell that I am going insane without all of my coupons? One more month or so and I can have all of my newspapers again!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Long Day = Good Day

I had one of those super long days where you think you will never be able to fit everything in. Today went really well believe it or not. I guess today is more of a journal entry. There is always a first for everything.

To start off with, I re-signed the papers for the house bright and early at 8am. The owner said that he will cover all of the repairs that my inspector finds. That sounds awesome.

We went to a church potluck. Because we do not have a stove we brought some Domino's pizza. The 8 minutes that they told me that it would take to cook turned into 25. Oh well, when we got to the potluck there were still people there. The kids loved seeing friends and being able to run about a play. There was a girl there from the same town in California that I had to get out of. Her parents still live there, but she needed out too. I'm not the only one that has to escape California.

I was able to stop off at the post office to mail off a few packages.

My hubby wanted me to call some of the private schools in the aria to see if we could get Texas in. I called the number one place on my list there was someone there! I was able to hurry over and get a tour. I think I found Texas his school. I should go and look at some of the other schools. But then this school is super close to the house too.

We were able to fit a nice nap in. It was one of those naps where I didn't want to wake up because I was so comfortable. I am sure everyone knows what I'm talking about. The kids woke up so I had to wake up too. Ugh... just four more hours.

We ate dinner outside at Sonic drive in. It was perfect weather. It wasn't sticky outside and it wasn't chilly. It was the kind of weather that you can sleep outside without any blankets kind of weather.

All day long I got some cute text messages from my cute little sisters.

I checked my email. I got one email from a site that I ordered some five dollar swim trunks for Texas on, saying that they had to cancel that one item. They gave me back my five dollars and gave me a $10 shopping credit for me to keep shopping with them. I like that.
Another email that I got was from Etsy. They are showcasing one of my items:

Happy Dance!

Now it time to go to the Land of Nod. I wish every day had just all of the ups. *Yawn*, Good night everyone.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Rocky Start

Who does this happen to? I have never heard of someone withdrawing a written housing contract after it's accepted, but yet this morning it happened to me. On Friday they accepted, today is Monday and they're changing their minds because they want an extra three grand. Now we have the privilege of doing the paperwork all over again.
I tried to call Spencer to cry about it but he had to hurry off the phone because one of the work trucks was stolen. Seriously? My husband can't work today because some tard thought it was a good idea to steal his work truck.

The kids packed a picnic so we are going to try to make this day better. I'm not sure if muscle milk and jello pudding is a good lunch, I think we do a drive through.

Little Heart Breaker

Marilyn broke down in tears yesterday when her Daddy was leaving to catch his flight. He told me that she's a little heart breaker and he wanted to take her with him. She's the hardest part about leaving on trips. Spencer also asked me if I put her up to it.
Both of the kids would love to go on business trips with dad. A couple weeks ago Texas packed all of his bags and told me he was ready to go to the airport. That little boy was serious and thought all that he needed to do was pack his bags and then he was all ready to catch his plane.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Has a person ever told you that you were naive for saying something in a sarcastic tone. The reason that you used the sarcastic tone in the first place was so you could get away with being down right rude. In your head you were serious and they don't see it. They don't want to see the seriousness in it. They'll call you naive because they think that you don't understand what they are going through but you have been there so many times and you wish that they would be able to understand that they are not the only ones that have been through crap in their lives. Maybe a big kick in the balls will show them the way? Who am I kidding? These people are the "woe is me" kind of people that you can NEVER make happy. You'll just keep on running around in circles, stressing yourself out because you are putting all of the energy in to making things right but not getting anything in return. It's a bad investment.
These kinds of people get depressed often. You can try to say things that they want to hear, but that's not going to help them in the long run. These people need to find their purpose in life. I believe that everyone is here for a reason. Everyone is here for a good reason. A reason to make the world a better place.
Ugh, it's so selfish of them to do crap like this. Get on with your life, stop blaming others for your crappy life, and do something about it. The best thing to do is to try to make someone else's life better instead of moping around telling us how shitty your life is.

No ones life is perfect. Right now people comment on how "things must be hard" for us. For heavens sake, we are living out of a hotel! Two kids, and a mom in a single hotel room for three going on four months. I'm thankful that my kids are young and my husband loves me. For sure it's a pain because we all have cabin fever. We'll live though.
Something else, I'm terrible because I feel like I can relate to the women on "Desperate Housewives". They have the same drama that I do. Dear ABC, If you could see my crazy family, your ratings would go through the roof! I think all of my family could agree with this so it shouldn't be offensive.

I just wanted to get this off my chest because this kind of things eats at me. I had to work hard for everything that I have. Nothing was handed to me on a silver platter. I know that the person didn't mean to offend me but I was a little bit crushed.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

An Update On Myself

I thought things were turning around and they are. After three months of being homeless in a hotel someone took our (fourth) offer on a house and I think it will pass inspections. The house hasn't had any updating and it was built in the 70's. The house was taken good care of so the house doesn't smell, it's just really outdated. When I say outdated I mean that the house has some vintage mustard yellow and orange shag carpet that doesn't coordinate with the baby blue walls.

The kids are growing. Texas isn't growing very fast. He was a big one year old but now all of the other kids are catching up to him in size. Texas is five years old but wears a size six. We had to buy him some new shoes because his other shoes he out grew. I spent some money to get him some school clothes. I let him pick out all of the clothes. He picked out graphic tees and shorts. There were no pants that he wanted or any other kind of shirts. Luckily I had gymbucks from Marilyn's clothes so I was able to afford a few outfits for Texas. $30 for four outfits isn't too shabby.
Marilyn is the one that I had to go and spend money on clothes for. It seemed like she sprouted overnight. I had to get her a whole new wardrobe and some new shoes . The only shoes that were fitting her were her rainboots and rainboots do not count as Sunday shoes.
Because I'm cheap spending 100 dollars gives me a headache. But then I wanted to buy her overpriced dresses that I would see while window shopping. I passed all of those overpriced dresses up because that money could be going to the house or to a trip to see family.

My sister out in Utah wants to sell some cloth diapers at a fair in Logan. I told her ok. I don't have a clue how many diapers to send out there. So far I've sent 24. but then with 24, two people can buy her out and then there will be no more diapers. I would like to get some wetbags and some wipes out to her. With how long the takes I think wetbags are not going to happen. She also said that she would sell some of the bows that I've made. I would like some hard numbers for what she would like but I asked her and her response was "I don't know". After I get some more money in my paypal account I think I'm going to send some more diapers over.

I've been in a painting mood. That's really random. All last night I was thinking of how I want to paint. I want to smell the fumes of acrylic paint. I want to feel the paint go on the brush and the feel of the paint glide over a canvas. I miss painting and I crave it. I know some people think of any kind of painting as a chore. It's stress relieving if you do it at the right time. If it's forced, it's not going to help and you can see the stress in the art. At least I can see the stress and it bothers me. I should be an art critic. I'm no good at design though. Well, I shouldn't say no good, there are people out there that are better than I am. So... does anyone want a cheap portrait or four cheap portraits lol?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Turning Around

Things are staring to turn around. As everyone knows I've had the worse of luck. Seriously, we tried to put an offer on a house that was available sense January and there was a offer put in two hours before I called. Of course I cried about it.
I had to choose the ER or running to the supermarket for super glue to use for stitches in the middle of the night. Yes, now that I look at how hectic toddler energies can be it's now a little bit funny if I think of all of the peoples faces seeing me holding a two year old that is holding gauze to her nose and me asking where the super glue is. Before the accident she thought it was funny pretending that she had no arms until she crashed into the corner of the bed and split open her nose. I took a picture (and now I can't find it), but now after four days and a good job of gluing her nose back together it's healing well.

Hey, Guess what? Great news! My luck is turning around.
The picture was taken on the 3rd. Texas isn't wearing his tie because he dipped it in the peed toilet water. He cracks me up. They are doing a silly pose because they are pretending to be super heroes.

The Independence Day holiday was lots of fun thanks to my sister in law Melanie. She went to a parade with us and we went over to her house for the kids to run in the sprinklers, to eat lunch and dinner. Then at night I left her hanging and we went up and saw some fireworks. I forgot to charge and take my camera but she was nice enough to snap a couple of pictures for me.

Today Texas lost his first tooth!
He was a little bit in shock because he doesn't have any friends with teeth missing. He started to cry when I was taking the picture. He thought that his tooth fell out because he wasn't brushing his teeth well enough. I told him a new tooth would grow in it's place and the tooth fairy would give him a dollar when he's sleeping. The tears disappeared, he took a nap. I had to walk to the hotel's front desk to get the "tooth fairy" a dollar. When he woke up, the first thing he did was look under that pillow. He was excited. And because he took a nap I was able to make some bow clips. Two birds with one stone ;)

I won something! I can't ever think of a time that I won a drawing. I've won awards but that's different. Awards you have to work for. Can you guess what I won? . . . Um, I'll tell you: I won a cloth diaper! I thought I won a swim diaper but I looked and they have two contest going. I guess I'm wining "fun gift packs including wipes, wipe cubes, pail pals, diapers and more". About time for me to try some cloth wipes. Oh, Monkey Doodlez made my day!
I called my husband super excited and he acted like I was wasting his time by calling him to tell him "this" kind of good news. He was hoping that I had better news (like me getting our dog back or me finding a house). It's still good news in my book.

I'm going to look at more house on Thursday. I don't want to jinx myself but I hope I find something. Thing are looking like they are turning around. The past couple days have been good.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Business Trips

My husband is out of town again. He goes out of town often and doesn't like me to tell people because he doesn't want the world to know that I am home alone.
I know it's nothing new that he's out of town. The thing is that I don't know a lot of people out here and people don't really know my schedule. It's boring and lonesome. I know this is the guy that I married. Normally I would only see him on the weekends. It's been different lately. Now it's more of him leaving on the weekends and me seeing him one night every other week. So I see him maybe one day out of two weeks.
Why am I pointing this out? I am pointing this out because I am jealous of all of the families that have their husbands deployed and have a support group. I don't have that and I never will have some nice support group that I can run too when I'm having a hard time. I think I see my husband a smaller percentage of the time than military families. Yes, I see my husband about 40 days out of the year, every year. Most of those days are on holidays. I'm jealous that they give the military time to call their family often. Once they get home, they can stay home as long as they want. He would be less likely to be killed in war. I worry that he'll get in a car accident with all of his driving.
I miss all my California friends that knew my schedule. I thrive on playdates. I realized before The kids were doing four playdates a week. Those things were keeping my sanity.
He's been gone for a week and now I am counting down until next week when I get to see him again and send him off again.

Thursday, June 30, 2011


I'll be honest and I don't do too many of the proud parent picture post because I don't want people stalking my kids. I guess this is my first one.

I caught Marilyn hiding in the corner with a tub of ranch. I told her that she couldn't finger dip because she was suppose to share. She so called dibs on the ranch. "It's not my fingers Mamma!"
Go figure. I've had lots of days like this with Texas. He's more creative. I think I've mentioned long days with him before. I love my silly and creative kids.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Teaching Texas to Count

My husband told Texas that if he could count to 20 with out any help he could have desert for dinner. He can do it if he's looking at numbers and I point to each number. He figured out how to count to ten by the time he was about two. His little sister can count to 20 (but she can't read the numbers) so we thought it would be fair that Texas learns how to count.
I feel like Texas is delayed scholastically because he doesn't show an interest in numbers or letters. He only knows how to write "Tex" out for his name. Most of the time when he makes me a card it's a bunch of "i"'s, "o"'s, "m"'s, and "t"'s. He's great at coloring and art. Most 18 month toddlers can not color within the lines, yet Texas could. Texas has always said that "Marilyn draws fire", because she scribbles. Most toddlers scribble. But now that Texas is five I think he should be able to write his name and count to 20.
We did a co opt preschool last year. Texas is the only kid out of the bunch that can't read. Can you figure out what he would do with the worksheets? He would color in the pictures and doodle in the margins. He's not suppose to be rebelling like this until high school!
Does anyone have any pointers for me to help my child learn to read and write?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Her Own Style

Marilyn is two. She is stubborn. She is a little bit spoiled. She wants to dress herself each and every day with out any help from mom or dad. She throws tantrums if she doesn't get her way. She's two.
She is getting to the point where I let her pick out parts of her outfit everyday. She has her own unique style. She loves the bright colors. She likes all of the cartoons that her and her brother watch together (no problem). She wants shirts with characters from these shows. Lots of the shows are retro shows. The question is how am I going to find a girly shirt with Heman on it? Oh the joys that you don't think of before having girls.
Girls are more emotional. Miss Marilyn has started crying because Texas has more friends, because they don't make dinosaur shirts for girls, because she can't pee standing up. Seriously, my son would just brush it off if I said something like "No Texas, that's only for girls".
I felt like it was time to let Marilyn pick out the clothes that I buy for her instead of picking out the clothes that are clean and coordinating an outfit for her. So I had a few websites to pick from: Disney, Gymboree, Crazy 8, and Janie and Jack. I honestly liked a dress at Janie and Jack and was hoping that she would pick that one. I thought that she would pick Disney, but she didn't: she picked Gymboree.

Out of all of the pink dresses that she could of picked these were her two favorites. She was all sorts of excited to get her blue dresses.
This is the dress that I wanted her to pick. I may cave in and get it anyways. It's really cute.

This is the kind of character stuff that I thought she was going to pick. They didn't have any Jessie from Toy Story, She Ra, or any Snow White so she didn't want any of it.

I thought that she would like these kind of dresses because she rotates through three shirts: her dinosaur shirt, her dragon shirt, and a Halloween shirt. I know that her style isn't too girly but it's her own.
-Texas' fashion is his rainboots, some shorts and a yellow shirt. He wears that almost every day. He's simple. Marilyn is complex.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Busy, Wishing It Was a Different Kind Of Busy.

I have been so overwhelmed with everything going on.
I dumped my realtor and got a new one because of our housing situation. With our new realtor we put an offer on a house but the house failed the inspection. So today we get to start all over again with the house hunting.
As everyone should know I am sick of being in the hotel. My kids are sick of it too. Both of my kids need to get out and play with friends. It got to the point the other day that Marilyn started crying because she thinks that she doesn't have any friends. She was bawling.
Something that I thought wasn't going to happen as a result of living in a hotel: I truly miss chores. I miss vacuuming, I miss having a kitchen, I miss cooking, baking and dishes, and I miss having a washer and dryer.

Ebay is going ok. It's still hard because I have to pick up everything from our PO box and I only have so much space to store everything. I can't list as many items on ebay because I I only have so may items on hand at a time.
This hotel has issues. We pay by the week but every so often something happens. The water is turned off, a bag from our room goes missing, our dog gets taken away, computer glitch in their system and they want to charge us an extra 600 dollars for our 200 dollar a week room. I really want to yell at someone about this. FYI, we are at the Ramada by the Bush air port. Most of the time that I complain about something to the front desk they act like it's not their problem. I seriously don't want to be here, an extra 600 dollars can break us and we'll have to stay in the hotel longer. Both the hotel and I do not want that.
Good news: Today I will be looking at houses again. I hope that we find something good. We need lots and lots of prayers.
I feel naive at times for up and leaving California. We gave our other realtor months before we came out here to help us find a place. We had renters lined up to rent our house. We did everything in the right order so I though. Texas will save us money in the long run. The people out here are nicer. I miss my friends out in California. You can never have too many friends. Texas starts school in the fall and the schools are better out here (but that's not hard to do). There are so many good things about being in Texas. I think I just need to breathe and let everything fall into place.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I Love Mondays!

Just a part of my conversation with my realtor:
Me: "Tomorrow is Sunday, AKA the Sabbath for us so take a break from hearing from us and we'll start everything up again on Monday. I think I'm the only one that likes Mondays. Mondays are good days for me."
Her: "Alright girl that sounds good... Monday appreciates you...because you are the only who likes it! Haha"

Ok, I did get a new realtor and she's awesome. And I really do like Mondays. Good things happen to me on Mondays. Yes, Mondays are busy and hectic, but the at the end of the day Monday is always good to me. I look back at the day and think, "Wow, I got so many things accomplished today". Mondays are never boring. Stressful they may be, boring hardly ever.
Sundays are lazy, and Tuesdays are sometime busy but they never seem as good as Mondays. Monday has a bad reputation. Maybe I like bad reputations. Oh, I can't wait until Monday.
I tried to find some clip art for loving Mondays. All of the pictures were sarcastic. More "blah, it's Monday again", instead of "It's the first of the week", or "get-ur-done, it's Monday". So of the clip art was showing pictures of people loving Mondays because everyone else is miserable. Common now? No fun clip art for Monday.
Oh, Oh! It it weren't for Monday, God wouldn't of created light. God does have good ideas. He started the whole project on a Monday. Mondays are just a start of a good thing.

There you have it. I Love Mondays and you can't do anything about it!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

FYI: Depressing Housing Situation

We are still in a cramped hotel room. It's been a couple months. I've been driving around in circles and calling every for sale by owner sign and my realtor isn't on the ball.
If he doesn't want to show me houses tomorrow I am going with another realtor. All of the post that say that they will take pets, my realtor says that he called and the person listing the house says otherwise. Seriously!?!? I am tired of this run around. I do most of the work trying to find the place's anyways. Most of the time I drive my butt to the place myself and look at it from the outside because he has something else going on. If he wants this job, he needs to work for it. That's why it's called work. I have another lady that wants to be my agent and she is already doing backflips and I just ran into her while I was taking myself to look at homes.

This is what I want in a rental: A place that is cheap but it has enough space for all of us and will take pets. Minimum: Two bedrooms, one bath, one living area.
If we rent and have low rent, we will be able to pay cash for a lot, and slowly start building. In the state of Texas they will let you do one thing at a time instead of doing everything at once. It might be us building a mother in law cottage first and living in that for a while and then building a standard home later on. But the dream of having a home that is paid for is a big dream of mine.
I am thankful that my mother pushed us to finish our basement to save money because I learned some useful skills (even though my mother's basement was ghetto). I feel like I can do most of the aesthetic work on my own and have someone do the electrical and the plumbing (the expensive stuff. Owch).

Spencer and I can not agree on a place to live. I know he wants land, but all of the places that we have looked at they are overcharging. He would like a house, but again, if you want two good things on one lot, it's going to cost you. So we can get a lot with a trailer for 70 thousand, but across the street the house is going for over 300 thousand. We can't get a VA loan and a construction loan, it has to be one or the other. If we do get a construction loan, we can't move in until the house is finished. The VA loan the house needs to be in livable condition.
A vacant lot is running about 30 thousand, but then you need to clear it and that cost about 25 thousand dollars and then you need to put a septic tank in the ground, there's another 5 grand, and a well, another 5 grand. Life is unfair.

For right now I am going to count my blessings. We are out of California. We have renters in our house out there. We are able to afford to stay in a hotel. My husband is working hard to grow the company and I love him for taking care of our little family and many other reasons.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hidden Talents

Marilyn has a hidden talent. She will not have a runny nose, but she will get the biggest eye boogers ever! Most kids get a runny nose, right? Not her, it goes strait to her eye ducts, swells up her eyes for a few days and she'll get massive eye boogers. I've never seen eye boogers this big before! Seriously, they are like the boogers that my son picks out of his nose when he has a head cold. They are that BIG!

Monday, May 30, 2011


My face is breaking out like I'm 15 again. I am sure that it's a combination of stress and diet that is doing this. I have so many stress factors so I think I'm not even going to start telling you what they are. See, I am not telling you any of my drama. This is the only time that this is going to happen.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Stupid Thyroid

My thyroid is acting up. My fingers are all fat. My hair seems to be falling out like crazy and it's starting to look like I am balding. My muscles are sore. I have Charley horses. I think the reason for my skin being itchy is because all of my peach fuzz is brittle and giving me little tiny ingrown hairs all over my body or that my body is finally rejecting body hair. On top of all of these little things it feels like someone is choking me because my thyroid is a little bit enlarged. It doesn't look different in the mirror, it just feels like it.
I guess I feel better than I did a couple weeks ago when I had the flu. I'm just feeling run down. Thanks for letting me vent.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Dinosaur Shirts Coming Out My Ears

I made a shirt for my daughter and I posted it on facebook. Now I am getting request for shirts. Some of the shirts are coming super cute.
The one with the tiara needs some fixing but other than that all of the shirts are cute.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Tap Water Smells Funny

This might be one of the weirdest things you have ever heard but when I'm pregnant tap water sets me off. My husband thinks it's a riot that I can't even wash my hands throughly, because when I try I start gagging and puke in the sink.
What I'm trying to get at is that the water at this hotel stinks. The water was turned off a couple weeks ago and I can not handle the smell of the tap water. Maybe my nose is super sensitive? Or maybe it's that the water smells funny. I am 99.8% sure that I am not pregnant. Yes, I do dry heave when I get a whiff of the smell of the water here. I can't describe the smell to a point. It's a dusty smell not like the smell of rain or an air conditioner. I like the smell of air conditioning with a brand new clean filter. Do you want to hear a secret? I think I get the air filter changed on my car every other oil change just because I like the smell. Gosh, I am weird. The water still smells funny, how do you fix that?

Friday, May 20, 2011

Giving In

So about a week ago I was saying how good I was for not spending money on clothes for my daughter. Now this week my husband points out that all of the pants that she has are too small. Go figure.
We put an offer on a house but they excepted someone else's offer. It was crushing that we didn't get the house that we wanted. I loved the lot. The house was so much better than our California house.
Because we didn't get the house we are able to spend a little bit. Marilyn will be able to get some pants that don't flood. Because I have been selling on eBay I was able to use my Palpal account to transfer money and it won't seem like any money is missing out of our checking account.

Tomorrow we start a background check for renting an apartment. We are sick of living out of hotels. The apartment wants a six month lease. The last time we rented we were put through the ringer. I dislike renting but we need some more room to breathe.
In the meantime we hope to save up enough money to pay cash for a lot, and cash for a house. I guess this is just wishful thinking.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Why do so many white people adopt black babies?

Seriously I have people ask me this question. Both of my kids are mine. The question has only been asked by black people. It's weird.

Answer: Black babies are way cuter than white babies. There! I said it!
Most people that adopt out of their race would love any child that will come into their family. Be honored!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Refrain From What?

I don't know if any one else has this problem, when I get a really good coupon in my email I want to use it. The other day Gymboree sent out 30% off coupons and they are having their earn gymbucks promotion: when you spend 50 you get a coupon of $25 to spend later. I have to be honest and that coupon is calling my name.
I found this cute little dress that Marilyn would like and some shirts that Texas would like. Right now both of my kids have boxes of clothes that are in storage and the clothes fit them. We are also living out of a hotel with out a shipping address and pinching our pennies for the new house that we get. So I did what's best and told myself not to buy the cloths no matter how much they would like them.
I feel like because I did this I am a better person, even if everyone does this same kind of thing every day.
Some of the money that I didn't spend went to supply me with diapers (I am running really low but last week people bought over $400 worth. Sad that my supply is so low, low like 20 diapers when I normally have about 100, happy for all of the cloth bums!). Some of the other money wen't to the house fund.

Wish us luck on everything!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I Miss Him

My husband has been working some crazy long hours the past few week. Normally he works about 70 hours which is above average. I love that he is willing to work so hard for our family. Right now every braking second that he is awake he is working.
Because he's been working so hard I didn't get to have him around for Mother's Day. I am cooped up with two children in a little hotel for Mother's Day: Oh, joy. When I went to church I had a couple of people ask me where my husband was, I said that he was working, and then I said that he was out of town. Why do people need to ask if it's depressing that a spouse is gone? It wasn't depressing until they brought it up. Before they brought it up, the holiday was any other day.
Sorry for the sarcastic tone. At this moment in my life I only get to see my husband for a couple hours on the weekend when the kids are around and then he is off to work again. Because he hasn't been getting enough sleep he's been cranky beyond reason so I am the only one that really wants to be around him.

On a better note: Luckily, because I went to church I got some phone numbers for realtor's in the aria. Because our current realtor isn't on the ball when it comes to getting things done, I thought that we needed a new one. I also hope that this week the kids can go to a couple of play dates before my hair starts coming out in chunks.
Texas told me that the girl that he sat next to in church was "beautiful". She has glasses and told me that she was five: too cute. Marilyn flicked the light switches during sacrament meeting and was making machine gun noises: go figure, she has a brother. After church Texas was playing leap frog in the hall and another mother thought that it was her kid because she was just saw it through the corner of her eye. I think we will fit in the aria just fine.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Soundless Sunday

I Kid You Not!

There are room that are filled with young teenage girls on the same floor as me. You would think it's enough to be knock-knock ditched a couple times in the middle of the night. This morning I discovered why they are here. They are here for Dance competition. What kind of dance? Clogging! I woke up to my neighbors practicing clogging.
I even googled competitions out in this aria and I found it:

I think it's funny more than anything. I am glad that the girls are doing something good for them. It's just really weird that I woke up to clogging.


I first listened to Jessie J - Price Tag ft. B.o.B.
That song reminded me of City High so I listed to Carmel.
The video had Eve in it so I looked up her song Satisfaction.
Her little basketball dress made me think of her in the video with Gwen Stephani.
I skipped "Blow ya Mind" and now I am going to watch her Bananas video or "Hollaback". Thought that I should cool down the mood because it's late and watched her "Cool" video.
I'll admit I have a girl crush on Gwen. Seeing all of the beautiful magazine like faces in Gwen's video I think I should watch one of the newer Spice Girl videos and I can only think of one new song that they have "Friendship Never Ends". I don't have a clue what they mean in that song when they say, "lets make the headlines". Maybe they just needed some words that were not copyrighted.
I thought I needed something more soulful: Nat King Cole, Please be available for me. Unforgettable is a lovely song. I listed to that song.
Nature Boy is a great song too but I think Moulin Rouge did a better job with it. I love how they covered it. Yes. I listed to Nature Boy. I googled that Cover and it was done by David Bowie. Who Knew?
Now it's some Adele. That girl loves some revenge. She's the 21st centry Alanis Morissette. I would hate to be her ex. Adele has some wonderful vocal chords. I would love to see her sing in person.
Going to KT Tunstall, "Big Black Horse and The Cherry Tree". I think I'm done for the night. Well, maybe after some Jackson 5. My mind is all over the place tonight.

I wanted to share my playlist because normally it's just one single genre like Pop, classic or Country. I think tonight my taste for music was well rounded. I started with Pop and now I think I have circled and came around to the opposite genre. Tomorrow I can go back to my Lily Allen and Blondy.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Etsy Shop

I never post anything in my Etsy shop because nothing ever sells. I thought I should give it another go. I just listed some of the clips that I made the other day and stole some photos of my friends children wearing some of the cute little clips that I have made. Sorry that the pictures are so bad. I took all of the pictures with my phone.

I am going to try to give Etsy another go to see what does better. I made ten sets of bows and I personally think that eBay does better for me. My mom started an Etsy shop yesterday and I told her I never had any luck with it. I need to have some more faith in people. I need to have some more faith in me. My clips are cute, I can admit that.

Sick as a Dog

I caught a bug from Miss Marilyn. All yesterday I was super sick. I think I barfed six times. Texas was sick also. So both of us were puking all over the place. I had to call housekeeping to help clean up the messes. When we leave we need to leave her a good tip.
It was one of those exhausting bugs where all you want to do it lay down and sleep. I think I slept an extra 10 hours yesterday.
Texas wasn't doing so hot. He was so dehydrated that he blacked out. He didn't know what was happening. All that he said is, "I can't see". I thought that he might of had something more severe going on. I was about to take him to the ER. But I realized that he was just dehydrated and needed to drink something.
Yesterday I had to drop Spencer off at the airport. It was easy to find the airport, it was a challenge to find a drive through for a drink. We needed some drinks because all of us were so dehydrated. My head is still hurting from being so sick yesterday. I'm feeling better but I hate getting sick like that.
I was going to post some bows that I made on eBay, I was so sick that I didn't even find an hour to post some bows. I guess it's going to wait until Monday.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


For all of you that do not know this yet: right now at this moment we are homeless and living out of hotels.
Why am I doing this? We figured that it would save us money to stay in hotels until we found a place to live. We have put offers on a couple of places and we have not heard back yet. The past few weeks we have been traveling so often that we would not even stay in the same place for over a week so right now we are living in hotels. It only makes sense in my head to live out of hotels and save the money that we would put on a down payment in the mean time.
We still have a house in California but we are renting it out at the moment.

Why being homeless is a struggle:
I have two kids that need to get out and play. Some times I feel cooped up. Then I need to google a park and then it's about nap time anyways.
There is only one main aria and our walls are thin, so when it's time to sleep it's quite time! The drunks by the pool do not understand this concept at any time: day or night, they cannot control the volume of their voices.
I am the one that does laundry. I have to go out to a laundromat to get all of the laundry done. Most of the time my diapers need to go through the wash more than once to get the stink out.
Eating out. I'm sick of it. We have a crock pot and I am tempted to go out and buy a small microwave so we can cook simple meals.
I drive more to get out and away from the small room. Gas prices are at four stinking dollars a gallon. When I go out and drive it seems like there is a weather storm following me. Two weeks ago it was a wind storm with tornado and fire warnings, this week it was heavy rain, rain so hard it got dark outside, then some dime size hail, and then on the fence that I was diving past lighting struck! That got my adrenalin going! Holy cow the weather is crazy out here!
We own a dog. Most hotels do not allow dogs. Picture me, yelling at both of my kids not to run in the road and trying to walk a dog.
The last thing that makes it hard being homeless and living in a hotel: My business that I am building up. The address that I have is a UPS Box. Other than that I do not have a permanent address. I need to spend money to make it because I am in retail. It's hard to rebuild my inventory when I don't have a definite place to ship to and the only place to store the stuff is in a storage unit or in your car. This is why you are not seeing 20 items in my ebay store. Everything that I have in my store are things that I have in my hotel room. Because of this, it makes it hard to do any kind of special order when a customer request one. Half of the time I have everything that they'll want, it's just that some of the stuff that they want is in storage, so the order is never made.

We have this room booked for a week. My hubby flies out on Friday for a business trip and it's just me and the kids in the dinky hotel room for a few days. I know I am not the first person that has lived out of a hotel. I know many people that have lived out of a hotel for months for one reason or another. I just need to keep on telling myself that it's not forever and that we are saving money each and every day that we stay in the hotel.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Taxes and Budget

Last year the lady that was doing our taxes wouldn't let us write everything off. We had all of the recipts: she was just lazy. Last year we came in at the end of January to get our taxes done too. On top of that, on the 14th of April the lady sent all of our paperwork to another office so they could do our taxes. Grrr! Seriosly, we had thousands of dollars to write off and she refused to write them off even though we had all of the paperwork for it! She told us that we needed to work less because we had too many things going on. What a bitch. Seriously, we worked for all of that money and we had to pay an extra five grand that year. Me being a full time mom on a budget and my husband working 80 hours a week isn't enough for the state of California!
The lady that we went to this year was 1000% better! She got everything completed in a couple hours and she got us money back! We were able to write off $38,000.00! SCORE! This year we are getting money back from the government. I did our budget and found out that we will be saving $1600 a month just by moving out here! That is a big number. Going from a $20 dollar a week spending budget and then seeing that is crazy! I think I will still stick to my budget so we can save up some money.

I think we will save up enough to pay cash for a lot so then all that we need to pay for is utilities and taxes. Then all of the other cash we save up, we will pay cash to build a house on the lot. Out here in Texas, if you have a parcel of land you can do whatever you would like with it. The permit fees in Texas are about $6000 to build: California's are over $150,000. California charges you by the foot when you build. It doesn't make sense to me that you would pay more in permits of what your house is worth. It's odd and surprising how different things are out here. I LOVE IT! The State of Texas has welcomed me into their state with open arms in more than one way! I do have to admit that I will miss my friends out in California, but Texas will be better for my family.

Itinerary for Utah

I have so many things to do when I go out there. The last time that I was out there I wasn't able to do everything because I got sick and the kids got sick. Right now I have a cold bug but it's going away.

So this is how the week is going to go:
Thursday and Friday: Driving
Saturday: Wedding
Sunday: Church and Easter Egg Hunt with the Hubby's side of the family
Monday: Spencer goes back to work. Permanent eye liner day. My appointment is at 11am, two of my sisters are getting it done on the same day.
Tuesday: Chill if possible. Hang out with My Aunts, Uncles and cousins.
Wednesday: Grandpa gets into town from Oregon
Thursday: Hang with family. My cousin graduates from BYU.
Friday: My Anniversary. I don't know if we are going to do anything that day for it but I know I'll get a phone call.
Saturday: My little sisters Birthday
Sunday: Church
Monday: Head back to Texas.

We'll see how everything goes. I can stay a couple extra days if I want to. My hubby said that I need to drive the big ol' truck back to Texas. I'm not looking forward to that. I wish we could just take the car but that isn't possible. Wish me luck!

Monday, April 11, 2011

What's in a name?

I get so many questions about my kids names. I just want to clarify what some of the names mean.

I will start off with my name: Jennifer
Jennifer means "White Wave" or "Fair Phantom". That sounds so pretty but if you dig deeper to find on why the name means white wave or fair phantom you'll learn a bit more. The name was branched off of the name Guenevere; the same Guenevere that was married to the King Arthur. The story goes that she was unfaithful and sleeping with Aurthur's friend and greatest warrior, Lancelot. She was said to have been abducted by King Mordred. When she was eventually returned to Arthur, he had her condemned to death for infidelity and ordered that she be torn to pieces by wild beasts. Later on her pail body washed up from the lake. Stories tell the she haunts the lake where she was found.
The other story of her death is that she locked herself away in a tower because of the guilt that she fell for falling in love with the knight in shining armor. She later died of a broken heart. Both are good stories. The name comes from the story of her death.

My middle name is Ruth. Not as pretty as the name Jennifer but the meaning is better. Ruth means "friend". In Hebrew it means "companion". The name Ruth comes from the book of Ruth and shows how she was kind and compassionate to her people.

Now for Texas. The meaning of Texas is "Friend" in Caddo Indian. Why the name Texas? When my husband was out of town in Texas I called him and told him I was pregnant. We were thinking of a different name to name the baby but a couple months before, my sister in law that was expecting took the name that we had chosen. I didn't want two children with the same name. Right after that happened, one night my husband said said, "What do you think of the name Texas?" I said I liked it and we never really talked about it after that. Then when it was time to fill out the birth certificate, I put down "Texas James Nelson" never even asking Spencer if that was the name that he really wanted. Our parents were not too happy on the way that we picked his name. One parent was upset that we kept the name secret, and the other didn't like the name Texas. I love how we chose the name and the meaning behind the name. I love the name Texas.
Texas has started to say that he wants to change his name. I love his name but he is starting to tell people every once in a while that his name is "Tex" and that's ok.
Texas' middle name is James. James means "Supplanter" and it's Hebrew. I think the meaning of James comes from the King James. Supplanter means: one who wrongfully or illegally seizes and holds the place of another. King James was a sneaky man! My husband and I picked the name James because it is my husbands middle name.
Texas' full name is feng shui and has good balance.

Now for Marilyn's turn. Marilyn is a combination of Marry and Lyn. Marry means "Sea of Bitterness". Why would I name my daughter that? Have you ever heard the story how the sea is salty from the tears that people have cried? Or how Marry cried bitter tears when Jesus was crucified. I feel that the name Marry is a powerful name with feeling behind it.
Lyn means pretty. Spencer and I had a bet going on. He wanted to name her Maryland. I won the bet and her name is Marilyn. That is how we got the name Marilyn. Sad but true.

Marilyn's middle name is June. I know she wasn't born in the month of June. The month of June was named after the god Juno. Juno is the Roman "Goddess Of Marriage & Childbirth". She was not the Goddess of Infidelity. She is the queen of all the other gods and that shows power. The name Juno is connected to love. Ancient etymologies associated Juno's name with iuvare, "to aid, benefit", and iuvenescendo, "rejuvenate". Juno was a goddess that showed nurturing. There are many stories of the Goddess Juno. I felt that the name June fit well with the rest of her name other than the Hebrew and Roman mix. I love that the meaning behind Marilyn's name has so much emotion.
I feel that Marilyn June is a name that can be grown into.

I have seen lots of names that work well for little kids but when they get older and get jobs, what are they going to go by? I wanted names that would work for them as children and as adults.

I have so many people ask me why I name my kids what I did. I tried to pick out names with depth and meaning. Most of the time I don't want to explain the meaning of the names. I have gotten bad comments from people with that don't even know the meaning of their own children's names. Seriously, I think those people shouldn't be aloud to speak.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Um, Ok?



卖家保护   不符合条件






I'm glad you understood that. I was thinking I was the only one that didn't have a clue what this email was saying.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


I am officially sick. It seems like I always get sick when there is a lot of stuff going on. I an glad that my ebay is going well. We are trying to move. There is easter coming up. Texas has his birthday next week. My sister in law is getting married. AND WHAT? The state of California is garnishing our wages!
We called our payroll to see what is going on and the pay roll didn't know anything about it but there was a phone number to call. My hubby called the phone number and they said that they can't do anything for three months! The person on the line wasn't even able to tell us what it was for. He was on the phone for an hour and a half! We paid California taxes last year too. GRRRR. That's 300 dollars for three months? Ugh, California is stupid. That amount of money throws us in debt 12 dollars a month before food and gas. We know that there is another guy with the same name as my husband that was born on the same day... if this is because that guy I am going to hunt him down and kick him in his balls! I know that Spencer has not been married before and doesn't have any other children floating around!
This just motivates me to move out to Texas sooner! Texas is going to save us THOUSANDS! There is no income tax, property taxes are lower, we have already transfered some bills out there and our bills are lower out there too. We are saving over $800 dollars every six months and we have an extra person on our car insurance. It's also nice knowing that our utilities are going to be a couple hundred instead of a thousand a month. We know the state of California is in debt, but taking that out on the working people is terrible! It's like a dream to run away from California♥

Friday, March 25, 2011

Marilyn's Easter Dress

Marilyn and I picked out her Easter dress the other day. It's so obvious that she picked out her dress. I even tried getting her to pick other dresses. I kept on holding up two dresses at a time and saying, "Which one? This one, or this one?"
Sure enough, she picked the one that's mostly bright pink.
I made some matching bows. I think she'll just wear one at a time because she can't wear pigtails because of her latest haircut from her brother. I think I got into the habit of making two bows at a time because it's more orderly to have a set of bows. She'll be so stinkin' cute in her dress.

I picked out some pants for Texas. He doesn't need a new shirt for Easter. He does need new Sunday shoes though.

Something else. We are moving and also have a wedding to go to right before Easter. I really don't want the Easter basket junk. I think we'll just do eggs and jellybeans. What does everyone put in Easter baskets?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Payment Unreceived

One of my friends sister in laws wanted some diapers. So I told her I would sell them to her at cost. It's two month later and I still have not received payment for the diapers. She has had the diapers for the two months. I know it's only two diapers, but for those two diapers, I need to make a profit on six sales to make the money back. Do people not see this? Now I can't go on anyones good will and I need to get the money before I send out the item. I know that there are times where I screw up and I'll try to fix my problems.
Maybe I should email her and tell her that I want the price of the diapers at retail price because she's taking so stinking long to pay. Ugh... maybe I should give her what she wants and I should leave her alone and let her feel guilty. What do you think I should do?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm Thankful For...

I have had a bug coming on for about a week now. The last time I was sick was in the beginning of January so I shouldn't complain too much. As of today, I am officially sick but, with the deal that I found a couple months ago I have a year supply of cough drops. I'm glad I don't need to schedule a trip to the drug store and I can just relax at home.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Cuddle Bug

Little Miss Marilyn wasn't in her bed this morning. Most nights she wakes up and tries to crawl into my bed. Right after she crawls into our bed we walk her back to her bed and tuck her back into bed. This morning she wasn't in my bed and she wasn't in her bed. She went to the one place that she knew she wouldn't be sent back to her own bed. Texas is out cold and I am not sure if her realizes that Marilyn is laying right next to him.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Rocksprings, Texas

Half of the town of Rocksprings Texas came to introduce themselves. I think they were just curious to to see what we were doing. With all of the small town pride that there is out there, they invited us to move there.
Rocksprings is a little town that is in the center of Texas. There are about 2000 people that live in the county. I went to the post office and the post office is only open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Those are the only days that the mail gets sent out too. When I went into the post office, there wasn't a single person there, when I walked out there were five.
It is a town that everyone knows everyone. Met the 4 people that worked at the doctors office. The doctor does house calls. While we were there the town electrician drove past and saw a truck that he didn't recognize and wanted to see what was going on.
We went to go pick up some diapers at the grocery store and they had two people working: one was a cashier and the other was stocking the shelves. The same thing, I waled in and there were just the two workers there, when I walked out four old men made a line behind me and started chatting about how one owes him money.
It made me feel special that they wanted to see what was going on but I am not sure if I would be able to take it every single day. Thanks for the hospitality Rocksprings.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fun Bum Diapers

I just started a cloth diaper blog for all of the cloth diapering mommas out there. I picked out a name for the diapers and I was thinking that I'm ready to take another baby step forward. There isn't much on the blog. Now this blog will just be myself venting about one thing or another, the fun bum blog will be about diapers and diapering needs.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

To Do

I have so many things to do this week. I have the normal mom things to do this week like cook and clean and tend the children, but then I have the other things. I need to get out all of my ebay things this week, I am in charge of preschool this week, I need to pack, I need go to Kenpo, we still need to do our taxes and I want to get a mani-pedi like I told my mom I would.
The count down is on. We official move in three weeks, but I only have two week of prep before we go. I have not told any of my family because I don't want to jinx it. So if you are family reading this pretend like never heard anything.
We are in town this week, next week we are going to be looking for houses, and the week after we will be back in town and we'll give Texas a birthday party before we leave. Oh, and a week after we move, we'll be going out to Utah for my sister in law's wedding.

I hope at the end of April I can get a little bit of a vacation. I also want to downsize and get rid of a bunch of stuff that I have. I want to take with us on the move all of the year storage and all of the basics, that's it. All of the toys and things that we never use I want to get rid of.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I was cleaning up some school glue that was dumped on the carpet when my children decided to give themselves hair cuts.
When the school glue got dumped out I was cleaning up yogurt all over the kitchen floor buy a child that jumped on a yogurt cup.
She jumped on a yogurt cup when I was cleaning up some rice that she opened with her teeth.
When I was cleaning up the rice, she decided to dump out a box of teddy grams just to step on them and hear them crunch.
When I was cleaning up the teddy grams that were smashed into the carpet, she was chewing up oreo's and spitting them inches away from the wall to make a art.

After all of this damage that only took about an hour of destruction, I had enough. I called my husband yelling because I couldn't keep up with everything. A day without naps is a day without a break for mother.

The house is not restored to it's original state and I am letting my kids have silly haircuts for a while. I need a breath of fresh air at times and yesterday was that day.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I don't know if any of you readers ever have frequent visitors coming over to use your house as a hotel. Because we are part of a company it's more affordable for us to have people stay at our house than to pay for a hotel. So that is the way it works at our house and that's the way it's been for a long time and I can handle that.
This is the part I can't handle. We have a worker and his little family staying at our home, and the mother is a stay at home mom. She's lazy beyond reason. I admit that I like to take brakes every once in a while, but an all day break never happens.
Yesterday she said that she needed to do some laundry. So I showed her our washer and dryer. This morning she said that she wasn't able to do any laundry because we didn't have the right kind of soap so I invited her to go to the store with me while I was running errands. Nine miles away from the closest El Pollo Loco she ask if we can go there for lunch. I don't have the time or the money so I tell her no.
Later on it's quite time at my house so both of my kids are up stairs while I vacuum and prepare dinner before I head off to my kenpo class. I don't mind if you ask what I'm making for dinner, but if you are going to say that you don't want to eat it, I'm going to agree and tell you that you don't have to have any.
While I an doing my chores and the kids are having "quite time" I ask her not to let her baby upstairs because the kids should be napping. She is playing her games on her phone while her little one crawls upstairs. Sure enough after a few minutes of her baby being upstairs and I am in the kitchen cooking she wanders upstairs to check on her baby and claims that Marilyn was choking her. Choking with a hug, I can believe because Marilyn likes to give hugs, neck-tie no.
She comes down stairs, hides in the bathroom and makes a phone call to who know's. Our walls are thin and I can hear everything! She was taking smack on you know who! ME! She was saying things like, "I'm not getting any help with her [my daughter]", I think the person on the other line asked what I was doing all day and she said, "I don't know? playing on facebook?" and "I need someone to help me with my laundry".
For real? She never asked for help! Why do I need to do your laundry? Anywho, it's your kid, you need to take care of her. Oh, and you know damn well that I wasn't playing on facebook, stop making up damn stories.

I took my time coming home from kenpo to avoid seeing her because I was so pissed off about her making the phone call and not asking me for any help.

To find out after I got home, once I walked out the door she started crying because she's helpless. My husband got home right after I left and sat through three hours of her crying about how it's ok for me to tell her kid what to do in my house but at the same time she can't do anything about my kids. Ugh, I wish she would just listen to me and watch her own kid. I tell her kid not to do things so she won't get hurt FYI. I seriously want to yell and scream at her because of her little pity party. My husband told me that I need to make her feel welcomed because she doesn't know anyone out here. She is not making it easy for me.

She just left so her husband could work in Northern California and I feel so relieved. Just to let you know I am not being a super bitch about this whole thing or exaggeration one bit on this story. I should be thankful that my life is not one bit boring.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Mother's Don't Get Enough Sleep

This is what I get in the middle of the night!

I'm not sure how many mothers go through this. My daughter is a binky child. She likes to sleep with a pacifier. recently she has been wanting to drop the habit. But because she does not have something soothing her to sleep she'll mosey around the house at 1am. I am not joking.
Last night she let the dog out of her kennel, and found some mascara and painted her brothers room. I was awaken by a dog trying to lick my face in the middle of the night.
The night before she got into the fridge, pulled out a tub of butter and sat right next to the dog kennel and was having a little conversation with the dog while having a midnight snack of butter. The conversation woke me up.
The night before that is all in the picture. If you were wondering what that is, it's my eyeshadow. She was eating it. She crushed it and was eating the chunks of my eyeshadow. But knowing her, she was able to find a couple bows to complement her makeup.
So this morning I decided to wake the kids up at 6am. I have been fed up with the sleeping until 9am and not taking a nap and then staying awake after I crash out at 11pm. Today had run smoothly so far. Both of the kids have been sick, but they are both down for a nap. I am going to wake them up in about an hour. And then at 9pm it's bed time :D

Year Storage

So I need to update my pictures. My hubby got me some shelves for my birthday back in January. I've been couponing a little bit and one of my friends in England was wondering how I did it all. I told her I would post some pictures for her to see. i will admit that I am not the most organized person in the world. This is the best organization that you are going to get.

This is all un opened items that we hide in our ottoman.

Our opened #10 cans I store up high in the kitchen.

I don't know why this is upside down. These are six gallon buckets with basic staples like flour, sugar, rice, salt and beans.

Simple minds are easily excited. I got each razor pack for less than three dollars each. I have 19 of them. I think my hubby will use two blades (one pack) a week. This is just one step closer to a years worth.

We have some #10 cans on the bottom, and some water and oils that are "staples". In the tubs they are things that critters can get into and that is why they are in tubs. I found out last year that we had a mouse friend in our garage that liked chocolate bars. I also have some canned foods.

This is some of the bathroom and cleaning stuff. I do keep some of the year supply of bathroom toiletries up in the linen closet separate from this. As you can see I just go myself a year supply of dish soap. I have everything to make my own laundry soap and dish detergent. I have lots of wipes and lots of toilet paper. When I get out of the shower and I am in a towel, I hate having to walk all the way down stairs and out into the garage to get some toothpaste. That is the reason that I have my storage in some of the closets upstairs.

If you can figure out how my system works. These are the containers in my pantry. The big six gallon buckets are not my style to have inside the kitchen.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Busy Busy

Last night I was contacted back by one of the textile company's. They do have some diapers that I like but I really want minky animal prints. So I talked them into making me some. It took about an hour to get the company to say yet to the project. I am so excited!
So today with everything else that is going on. I need to go to Target, go to Riteaid, go to JoAnns fabric to get swatches of prints, and then go to the post office to mail off ebay stuff and the samples to China.
The way that I got them to say yes to making the diapers was that I asked them if I bought a bolt of fabric if they could use that to make the diapers. I can get about 800+ diapers out of one bolt of fabric. That's a whole lot of diapers.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Sad Day For Ebay

I tried to place another order with the factory in China and they gave me some sad news. My best selling diaper is sold out and they discontinued it. They discontinued it because it cost more than the other diapers and most people want cheap from that factory. My best seller is twice the price as their best seller and now they are not going to have it any more. I placed an order for what they still had and now I need to wait a month to get it.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Ebay Update

I guess this is all trial and error. The first whole month that I was selling on ebay I only made 100 dollars. That was with four trips a week to the post office and waiting in line. Looking at that I cringe.
Now that I am getting the hang of the whole ebay thing I am now racking in more money. Like 100 dollars a week (still not much I know, but being a stay at home mom, that's awesome in my book). I figured out that I only need to go to the post office twice a week if I have the auctions end at the right time.
I have my bag full of padded envelopes with different peoples orders. Mondays are my good selling days.
I received my big shipment from China about two weeks ago. Today I am almost sold out of all of the diapers. Because I am almost all sold out, Saturday I need to order more and tell all of the people that some of the diapers are on back order.

Sorry but if anyone would like a minky giraffe diaper, a minky cow diaper, or a retro dot diaper, you'll have to wait a month. I still have black diapers in stock.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fashion Week;_ylt=AjIgbBxJq73oEsUMNLLz_AZpbqU5#photoViewer=15

I found this post on how to get into fashion week. Some of the things that it says is really funny so I wanted everyone to see it.

What I learned:
Drinks that make you poop are highly fashionable.
Wearing a bathing suit over leggings is, 90% vagina and 10% fashion.
Fashion is just dressing like a maniac.
Men don't need to accessories.
Who needs flashcards when you can speak in a phony accent.
Pepsi is the skinny diet.
Dressing like a ballerina with glasses can and will get you in, not just in to fashion week but in anywhere!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Terror

Ugh! Texas is being a bad influence on his sister. All day long I hear him whispering to his little sister to do things that will get her in trouble, then right after he has to tattle on her. It's driving me crazy!
The other day I got rid of a bunch of his because he refused to pick them up. He's blaming it all on his sister.
The last straw: Texas decided to tell his sister to dump bleach cleanser all over the carpet when he was suppose to be in the hall picking up his toys. I walked into the hall when Texas was dumping water over the pile of cleanser. I saw them doing this and yelled, "What are you doing!"
I picked up Texas' Buzz Lightyear that was laying in the hallway and gave Texas an ultimatum. He can stop trying to get his sister in trouble or he can let Buzz Lightyear go to the dump.
I'm so frustrated with the kid. I have caught him doing this whole routine daily and this is officially the last straw!

If I hear the kid telling his sister to: dump out her Kool Aid, mash food on the carpet, pee on the floor, draw on the walls, change her own diaper, paint her own nails or anything else that he knows that neither of them should be doing that Buzz Lightyear is going to have a new home in the city dump! I have used a full 32oz bottle of rubbing alcohol scrubbing up sharpie markers this week already. Momma is FED UP!