Thursday, January 27, 2011

Today is going to be a good day!

This morning my son took out the dog. I was able to sleep fo an extra two minutes.
I opened a box of granola bars that said that they were chocolate, but inside the box it contained peanut. Called customer service and they are sending me a coupon for three dollars off another box. Sweet! Even better, I think I only paid a dollar a box.
The kids are bathed and fed. They were the ones tht wanted the bath.
My Ebay is doing ok. It's only maiking me a few dollars a day, but it's a start. I'm selling cloth diapers, used clothes, and some of my homemade laundry soap. Yesterday I made over 10 dollars :)

I gave the little miss some new rules the other day and she is folowing them. I took down her crib because she started climbing out every hour. I warned her if she climed out one more time, she wouldn't be able to sleep in the crib any more. Now she gets to sleep in her "big girl" bed. It's working sofar.
On top of that, she only gets pacifires when she is laying down in bed. I don't want any more of this binki in the car, park, or store: Bedtime only!
Another rule: If you take of your diaper, you have to sit on the toilet until you pee.

Sofar the day is going the way I want it.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

What Birthday?

I totaly spaced my birthday. Last week I was scedualing Kenpo and asked what the date was on Thursday. Yesterday my little sister said that she was going to call me at midnight; I just thought she was being weird.
I know that Spencer ordered me my birthday present, but is it already my birthday? I have all of these post on Facebook saying it is. I'll just pretend that I am three days younger and celibrate on Saturday when my hubby is back in town.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Selling Diaper Kits

I am going to start selling diaper kits on ebay. They will be new, not used. I have been able to find used starter kits with different items that one would need to start cloth diapering. I have also found single brands that have starter kits: Brands like Bumgenius, Fuzzibumz and GroVia. They don't have anything inbetween.
So what are the options that everyone has? They can buy a set of the things that they need used, or get a new set of things that they might only use a couple things of the set in.

I want the sets to have 6 prefold diapers, a snappi (they don't use diaper pins any more) a one size fits all cover or a pocket diaper, and some disposable liners. If you perchase all of these seperatly it would cost about 45 dollars or more. I would like to note that I would only sell items that are made in the USA.

Here is the link to my ebay. I ordered everything today to start selling the sets. I'll start selling in a couple of weeks.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Little Bit Boggled

I just got back from Kenpo and I was messing up on every other thing. What is wrong with me? At the class before last he said that we would have the next test in three weeks, that's five or six lessons. Today he said that I know everything and he wants to do a practice test in a couple days. That means that the test is in three lessons. Ugh, I so don't have everything down. Time to get my butt in gear.

Something for all of the people that like to hear about diapering. I have a lot of those micro fiber inserts for diapers. They don't absorb very much. The pee smell is also a bit harder to get out of them because they are made out of polyester instead of natural fibers. Of course they dry fast, but is it worth it?
I was thinking of switching off of my inserts to 100% cotton trifolds and using them as inserts. I have a trifold that isn't 100% cotton, and holy heck, that thing is not fun: It's stained because of the cotton outer, and it doesn't hold much with it's polyester batting inner that you can't scrub the oder out of. Only 100% cotton for me.
For the trifolds that I would use for inserts I would only get the preemie and the newborn sizes so they can fit into the diapers. If I got that size I would be able to use them for the next baby as normal trifold diapers which is also a bonus (if I did that I would also need to buy some "snappis" for the next baby). I think the cotton absorbs more. Right now we use the cotton premium sized (they are in between the infant and the toddler size). We use the diapers as inserts in the "Smartipants" diaper and they work great. I have never used my trifolds as a true trifold diaper. I have the pins for it to be a true trifold, but I've never gotten around to putting all of that effort into a diaper change.
Here's the thing though. I want peoples opinion. I am going to sell all of my microfiber inserts on ebay if you think this is a good idea. If you think this is a terrible reason, please tell me why.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

You Know You're Addicted to Coupons when...

You find your 2 year old daughter cutting up junkmail and she tells you she needs pink scissors for coupons.
You tuck your four year old into bed and he hands you a storybook with coupons in between the pages. He says that he likes it so much because it has coupons in it.
You feel like you can buy something when you don't have a coupon for it.
You got all of your close friends to coupon.
Your 4 year old tells the store workers that we can't get *blank* because we don't have a coupon for it.
You have both kids scrambling for coupons for the place that they want to eat when we decide to eat out. This is the reason that we can't find the coldstone coupons.
You watched a show on TLC and thought that what they were doing was normal.

These are some of the coupons that I have. "Some" meaning that I have more. I was sorting them out and thought, "wow, I do this every week".


My sister just made a forum for parents out there. I think there are many parents out there that started to have a different mindset once they became a parent. So if you have questions about being a parent, and would like other peoples advice; this is for you:

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Coupon Crazy!

So the past couple days I posted some coupons on ebay. This is the second time that I've tried posting anything on ebay. The first time was about four years ago and I didn't make any money. This time around I've made about 18 dollars so far. I'm only selling high value coupons so that might be one of the reasons that I've gotten that much.
I called my husband excited about the small amount of money that I made off of the coupons that I sold. Well, legaly I am not suppose to be selling coupons, I am selling my time and effort for getting the coupons to the person. But still, I had three people give me money for the coupons that I sent them! Happy dance!

How Many Ounces Can a Diaper Hold?

This lady is doing her little experiment in the video seeing how much a diaper with the recommended inserts will hold.
Me being curious wanted to know how much other diaper could hold. I have friends that ask me if my daughters diapers leak. They don't.
After googling how many ounces a diaper holds I found out that Huggies will hold 15 ounces, and Pampers will hold 10 ounces.
Can you figure out what diaper was able to hold the most fluid before they started to leak?

Spoiler alert: The cloth diaper with one insert held over 16 ounces, she said it was at 22 ounces, and the one that was doubled on the soakers was at 24 ounces when she quit. So now you know.

Monday, January 10, 2011

What is this?

So this is how much motivation I have to clean. This is what my front room looks like right now. Marilyn has been ripping up random papers that I keep on picking up and for some reason there's Pepsi on the floor, clean pajamas, shoes, toys, my makeup, and a vacuum that apparently needs to be used more often. What is ironic is that I would blog about how bad it is instead of cleaning it up again.

Something else. If anyone that has been folowing my blog for a while and has seen the video about washing diapers will see that in that video I didn't have this many diapers. What happend? Well, I converted my older sister to use cloth (and she loves it I might add), but my sister gets all of her diapers off ebay from china. So I wanted to try them out.
I have to say that some of the cheap sweat shop diapers are way better than some of the ones that bought at first for 20 dollars. You can get the sweat shop diapers from ebay for less than five bucks a piece shipped; I have gotten a few. . . um, a few meaning 10. I started off with 12 diapers. And when I find good sales on or at I get them there too. Don't worry, I am still coming out ahead. I have spent less than 300 dollars on all of the diapers that I have. The first shipment was the most expensive: 200 big ones. I wanted to try some of each, I justified it then, and it's worth it to see what you like.
I have to say I like the cheap diapers more than a couple of the 20 dollar ones. There are a few known "ebay" brands like: coolababy, babyland, natures love, and sun baby. They all run big: 13-35 lbs, not 8-35 lbs. I have noticed that some of the brands that should be the same look like they were made in different sweat shops. For example: I have a six babyland diapers, they are all one size pocket diapers and all different. One of them the outer is peeling but it has good elastic (reviews say that they don't like the let elastic on this brand), a couple others have the double snaps on the waist (fixes the leg problem), a couple others have a flap for the pocket to hole the inserts, and I have one that the snaps don't work well, and another that the waist snaps are too close to the center. All of the diapers work better than my Happy Heiny's. Downside: they take about a month to ship.
If you want to try cloth diapers, look at reviews at for brands that you are considering. At the site, it's not one sided. You get to see a few different reviews from people that have tried out the brands. I have converted to cloth diapering. It's as easy as disposables. My sister that converted said that she thinks it's easier than disposables, just depends on who you ask I guess.
Ok, so in short; I like the prints of the cheap diapers, and the cost of the cheap diapers, and the fit of the cheap diapers on my toddler, I just like the cheap diapers all together.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Holiday Season.

It's 1:30am, so I am going to let you figure out what picture goes where :)
So the holiday season is pretty much over. There was so much that happened. I am glad that it's over. Every day was a countdown to when things would slow down. Every day was a day that was never ending.
Many things happened:
My baby sister was able to get married in the temple to a nice guy. I think the wedding was more stressful for my mom than anything else. My mom was stressing out like crazy.
Another thing that happened was that my other little sister was able to get her endowments out. For everyone that is not Mormon that means that she was able to go through the temple.
Because my brother in law was on leave and home from Iraq; he was able to be sealed to my sister and my niece. It took some time because my sister was married in the temple before and my sister needed to get approval from her ex that is also now remarried. Funny how that works.
We were able to have a family dinners almost every night that I was out visiting family. That is a lot of dinners because I was out in Utah for almost three weeks.

Because of all of the stress of the wedding my mom did not prepare for me and the kids coming even thought she knew about us coming for months. Spencer had to work so he was only out for Christmas eve and Christmas day so he was lucky that he didn't have to deal with this. Even though I drove 14 hours with two young children, my mother still wanted to wake up at the crack of dawn to help her get things done. Ugh. I am not surprised that she did not organize everything well; I know my mom, but did she really need to throw this on me?
She was unreasonable. I had two sick kids before I left to Utah so I was not able to finish sewing the dresses. I was averaging two hours of sleep a night. i had to finish the dresses before the wedding and all that I had done was the patterns cut out and they didn't sell the right color fabric and any of the shops by me. So in between driving to BFE and doing family events I had to finish sewing two dresses and tending to sick children.
The wedding day my mom was yelling at everyone and trying to change my baby sister's wedding that was getting married. My little sister wanted to get her pictures done at noon because it was light and my mom said that she wasn't going to be there because it's before the wedding and NO ONE was going to be there. My little sister cried. I went without my hair being done because I helped set up the reception.
The whole time that I was out there I kept on telling myself that it was only going to be for a few more days and then I could go home and get a reasonable schedual. The whole time when I was out there Marilyn was sick. I should of just gone to the big events and let Marilyn rest, but when I tried doing that, someone would throw a hissy fit. The day after my sisters wedding was day four of having a sick child that has been going without naps. When she was getting worse it felt like I was abusing her.
The day after was Sunday and because both of the kids were exhausted to the point of vomiting (and they did). I let both of the kids sleep past noon. It was worth it.I had people trying to get a hold of me like crazy but the kids needed to get better and I was giving them medicine, don't think that I wasn't; what the really needed was rest.
My Oldest sister was sealed a couple days later, then Christmas was a couple days after that.
Christmas was great. I loved seeing how excited Texas and Marilyn got over their toys. Texas' favorite things were his pajamas (he got a dozen sets. He loves pajamas!), his lobster, and his Buzz Lightyear. He got a scooter and a ATV but he really didn't care about those things. Marilyn's favorite things were necklaces, play food and a doll that she calls Mini Me because it looks like her. She also received a scooter from manta. I think it's great how my kids get so excited about little things. He likes a rubber lobster more than a four hundred dollar ATV. It's worth all of the work that goes into Christmas just to see their little faces light up in the morning.