Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Coupon Crazy!

So the past couple days I posted some coupons on ebay. This is the second time that I've tried posting anything on ebay. The first time was about four years ago and I didn't make any money. This time around I've made about 18 dollars so far. I'm only selling high value coupons so that might be one of the reasons that I've gotten that much.
I called my husband excited about the small amount of money that I made off of the coupons that I sold. Well, legaly I am not suppose to be selling coupons, I am selling my time and effort for getting the coupons to the person. But still, I had three people give me money for the coupons that I sent them! Happy dance!


dannyscotland said...

Yay for making money!

Jen said...

$27 in one day. It was about 12 minutes of work for me :)